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Review #1, by aminna Raining Daffodils

6th February 2009:
hey that was awesome it was like i was luna being kissed by neville so real and deep I LOVED IT!1

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Review #2, by blimey Raining Daffodils

10th June 2008:
This is very Luna-y. I'm a big Neville/Luna shipper, and I think this is a perfect way for them to get together. It's one of the sweetest stories about this ship that I have ever seen.

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Review #3, by Kaiora Raining Daffodils

29th April 2008:

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Review #4, by Ed the Ravenclaw Raining Daffodils

3rd July 2007:
Aww... so sweet! I usually don't read romance, and I virtually NEVER read fluff, but I've looked so long for a good Neville/Luna fic that I couldn't resist... and I'm glad I did. You have the two characters down perfectly, especially Luna. 10/10!

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Review #5, by LadyJane Raining Daffodils

21st January 2007:
aw.that was so cute!

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Review #6, by Snowstarr Raining Daffodils

22nd April 2006:
Fabulous is all I have to say. I'm a huge Neville/Luna shipper and I think you've finally done them justice. Keep up the good work!


Author's Response: Oh, yay a fellow N/L shipper! Thank you so much for the lovely review!

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Review #7, by L<3 Raining Daffodils

6th March 2006:
Thats was so sweet. Its romantic, but not too mushy. You set up the scene perfectly and kept them in character. Your names for Luna's "animals" were so creative, and seem fit in with the cannon ones. =]

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad it turned out okay and that you liked it!

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Review #8, by jennifer williams Raining Daffodils

21st February 2006:
This story was great! You've written Luna and Neville very well! Luna as the forgetful, always in a daze, slight ditzy girl that she is, and Neville as the clumbsy, very shy self. Nothing more to say but great!

Author's Response: Wow, and I have nothing more to say but thanks!

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Review #9, by EvilSmurfa Raining Daffodils

18th February 2006:
That is so increadibly CUTE!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks=) I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #10, by iloveron14 Raining Daffodils

17th February 2006:
Awww, My goodness, Icy! That was sooooo good! I love this so much. I heard Lauren talking about this and so I checked it out and I'm very glad I did. This is really one hell of a one-shot!

You've written Luna and Neville to perfection! I never imagined that pairing would appeal to me but this story certainly made me love that ship so much. It's cute and fluffy and funny all at the same time!

I specifically loved this line "I suppose I can be wrong…Neville might harm me sometimes. Not on purpose, though. Neville’s too nice." Haha, I laughed out with that! It's just what I think Luna would say in such a situation. Well done with this, Icy. It doesn't seem to be Out of you Realm since you've written this like an expert. Keep it up!! <3 trish

Author's Response: OMG, wow, thanks so much, Trish! I'm totally gobsmacked that you thought it was good, and that you even rec'd it on the forums...but thank you soo much. I have written Neville once in a one-shot before, but not Luna, and not fluff certainly...but I'm glad that you think ths worked out even though it wasn't really 'my realm'. Thanks again, Trish.

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Review #11, by angel007 Raining Daffodils

13th February 2006:
Ohh how I love N/L fics. This one was one of the best.

Author's Response: I'm absolutely flattered that you think so! Thank you for the review.

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Review #12, by musicsetsmefree Raining Daffodils

30th January 2006:
I love the last sentence of this story... "It's finally raining daffodils." Neville/Luna is the cutest ship in the history of man kind. Awesome story!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review=) Glad you liked it and neville/Luna is indeed the cutest ship ever!

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Review #13, by Noblevyne Raining Daffodils

27th January 2006:
Very few people can get Luna right and you have certainly achieved it with ease, she's so straightforward and state the obvious...even if the obvious to her is oxel eared wolverines. The characterisation, the descriptions and the little deatils make this a wonderful piece of writing.

I loved the kiss, Neville was perfectly in character, all blushing, stutters and awkwardness. I was thinking of writing a Neville/Luna, but I think you've cornered the market. This is definitely going into my favourites

Author's Response: Oh. my. God. Excuse me while I recover from my heart attack here, Lauren. I never would've dreamed of a review from you, yet here's one that's so amazingly kind and wonderful. Wow, I'm still in shock here. This is my very first time writing Luna and'm so pleased it turned out okay. If you ever write a Neville/Luna, do let me know; I'd love to read it. And wow...your last comments just totally made my night. Or week, or month even. Thank you so much, Lauren!

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Review #14, by rainbow92 Raining Daffodils

22nd December 2005:
This was a really good story, you have great talent for writing.

Author's Response: Aw, thanks, you're too kind!

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Review #15, by tonya_malfoy Raining Daffodils

7th December 2005:

Awww! That is so sweet. Neville/Luna is such a cute ship. :)

Okay, I am really upset that you put the terrible piece of insane writing. That was NOT terrible. It was great. I loved every minute of it.

But there are a couple of things that I need to tell you.

First off, there are a few mistakes. Spelling, grammar, and typo combined. So it's not much, but something worth looking into.

I love how you have written Luna. I haven't ever read a fic with Luna as the main character...but I really enjoyed this. :D It made me giggle in the beggining. :P

So, overall, this was a great fic. It was very cute. Good luck in future writing.

:hearts: Tonya

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! Guess I didn't proof-read ths too throroughly, I'll take a look and fix those mistaks, thanks for telling me. Glad you did enjoy it=)

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Review #16, by flutterby Raining Daffodils

6th November 2005:
eee! i NEVER find any good neville/luna fics! hurrah! great story. luna was very lunaish the whole time. it was very cute. i liked it a lot. great job!

Author's Response: Thanks! I never find many Neville/Luna fics around either, or maybe I just didn't look=) lol....glad you liked this. I really like your d/hr fic...and let's all celebrate for managing to survive this challenge (hope you don't go insane anytime soon^^)!

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Review #17, by lucielle Raining Daffodils

5th November 2005:
whao! for someone who has never written fluff... this is GOOD! is this a one-shot? please! if youevery deside to turn this into a story... email me. i absolutely luv the piece.

Author's Response: Yes, this is only a one-shot. I may decide to expand it someday...dunno. But for a while, I'm sure this'll just be all. Thanks for r/r though: you've just brightened up an otherwise really bad day for me=)

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Review #18, by timeturner Raining Daffodils

23rd October 2005:
Should I run and hide for fear of being hunted? Sorry it took me so long to get over here. This was a wonderful, piece. It doesn't read like you had any problems whatsoever. It's a sweet, touching tale and Luna comes off so very Luna. you've done an excellent job. Thanks for joining in and I'm glad you survived and were able to learn about your own writing in the process!

Author's Response: Yes, maybe you should run...Lol, nah, don't worry, won't hunt you down..thanks for reviewing, and as much as I 'hate' this challenge, it really has helped me. Thanks for creating the challenge, I'm glad I survived!

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Review #19, by beautiful_tragedy Raining Daffodils

22nd October 2005:
pretty. < 3

Author's Response: thanks..

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Review #20, by BJAuth Raining Daffodils

16th October 2005:
Icy, I think this is wonderful and I've added it to the recommended author section on forum. Superb!

Author's Response: Like I said in the other review, thanks so much. You are too kind!!

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Review #21, by harrypottersangel Raining Daffodils

15th October 2005:
That is such a cute little one-shot! I am a huge supporter of Luna and Neville, and that was a perfect discription of what I think their first kiss should be like! You are a fantastic writer. Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #22, by AzkabansMostWanted Raining Daffodils

15th October 2005:
WOW!!!! How can you not llike that! That was an amazing story! You did great! I'm adding this to my favorites! Wow! I really liked it! much love~AMW

Author's Response: Wow, thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it...and even adding it to your favourites? Wow...thanks so much. =) I'm speechless.

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Review #23, by La Petit Coquette Raining Daffodils

15th October 2005:
I loved this. Just adored it. Perfect characterization and the imagery was fantasticly done. Brilliant job. Favorite.<3

Author's Response: Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. I really wasn't too sure about this. Thanks for the review!

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