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Review #1, by Fire Maiden Smile

5th April 2007:
AGH! hes alive!

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Review #2, by sweet gurl Leave Us Be

14th June 2006:
that was nice!
update soon plz

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Review #3, by Life after death Leave Us Be

2nd May 2006:
Love it! Its so good, please may Draco be ok, update soon please. I have to know what happens next.

Author's Response: Ugh, I have jsut been so busy. I keep saying to myself that I have to update more, But I never get to it. Someone smack me!

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Review #4, by cedric_diggorys_girl Leave Us Be

24th April 2006:

Author's Response: Great! =)

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Review #5, by Dracos_Gurl A Sick Letter

18th April 2006:
hahahaha, not the letter, that was sad, but the whole,
" Lucius Malfoy, Your loving father." hahaha, loving father, ya right!!! Luv it still!

Author's Response: =) Lucius is just a laugh.

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Review #6, by Dracos_Gurl Change of Heart

18th April 2006:
ohh...who is it??????

Author's Response: =)

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Review #7, by Dracos_Gurl The Confrontation

18th April 2006:
aww....poor Harry...Luv the story!!!

Author's Response: Keep reading! =)

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Review #8, by fairgirl Leave Us Be

19th March 2006:
yihiiiiiii finally you have updated lol! Well that chapter was good, and I hope that Ginny and Dumblodre will arrive just in time to help Draco

Author's Response: Keeehee hee...I'm glad you still check if i update! =)

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Review #9, by rawr_nohee Let Me Go

9th March 2006:
no_moshing you are a genius.. all these stories are always interestings and always keep me coming back to read on.. keep on goin! <33 rawr_nohee

Author's Response: :) Thank ya Lee! I made this one fooor yoou! <3

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Review #10, by Dream Let Me Go

23rd January 2006:
Nice story. A little more chapters would do perfectly.

Author's Response: Thankies! Will do soon!

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Review #11, by romancewriter Let Me Go

18th January 2006:
sad oh so sad but its a great story and this chapter will make the story last longer unless they like die bu ti love it!

Author's Response: I know, I was aiming to do that. I was comtemplating on whether i should make it end right away or just keep on writing, thanks your support makes me happy! and inspired!

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Review #12, by Rain What Just Happened?

4th January 2006:
Excellent story, can't wait to see what happens between them. Draco seems somewhat out of character. But I like the changes.

Author's Response: Eh. Welcome to my coruppt mind i guess? I tihnk I've always wanted a guy to be this way to me. I'm guessing thats whats happened to my story. LOL

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Review #13, by dragonbait457 Let Me Go

3rd January 2006:
ahhhhhhh....its so good but tell me how often do you update because its really not enough but i'm not pressuring you just i like the series

Author's Response: Oooh, Im sorry, well, the submissions have been down until today. So I will be starting on this series again. I started writing several one shots and got carried away. So currently I am working on 2 one shots, But I will work on this seires tonight. Sorry!!

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Review #14, by Snow_Beauty Let Me Go

2nd January 2006:
aaaawww :(

Author's Response: I'm a fan of sad endings. so i tihnk this story will probably have a sad ending to it. ooo.. i'm bad

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Review #15, by fairgirl Let Me Go

1st January 2006:
oh my god.....that chapter was excellent, very beautiful but soooooo sad, poor Draco and poor Ginny too...Hope Draco will find out why she acted this way...update asap please

Author's Response: I will, as soon as submissions are opened once again

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Review #16, by Snake What Just Happened?

31st December 2005:
i hope so!

Author's Response:

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Review #17, by lenny_131 Let Me Go

29th December 2005:
OoOoOo!!! thats sad why must you make the endings sad, u cruel person!!!!! I loved it!!! Its funny cause i started reading it and was like "hey didnt I already read this before" and was all confused and wat not!!! loved it!! Much Love --me

Author's Response: LMAO

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Review #18, by shero Let Me Go

28th December 2005:
Oh. I can't believe Luscius would do that 2 them. They deserve each other. Update!

Author's Response: Hehehe....Luscious...lucious, my favorite villian

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Review #19, by Snake Let Me Go

28th December 2005:
wtf?your kidding me right?this is so not fair!whofing cares about what others think, they are wrong wrong i twell you! these two are ment to be together!*makes potion*even if i have too force them to be!*so yeah i had to much candy and its a lovely chapter*

Author's Response: lol. im glad you feel this way about it. Imm still working on that story you wished to see about james and the polyjuice poition. HEhehe...its gona be good.

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Review #20, by AReviewer Realizing Reality

19th December 2005:
It was okay, but it doesn't seem too realistic...but hey, its good to read at least. Great job!

Author's Response: Eh? When was life real? I mean really. You think you see something in one spot and then its just suddenly on the other sidee, its surreal. This is a surreal fantasy for the two.

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Review #21, by Anonymous Homecoming

19th December 2005:
This is a great story! Keep it up no_moshing.

Author's Response: Thank yah! I will thanks for reading!

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Review #22, by chryshelle Homecoming

18th December 2005:
Noooooooooooooooo! i dont want then to be that way. i want them 2gether. she doesnt need harry and why didnt lucious die!?!?!?!?!?!

Author's Response: Hehehe...Ginny, is the one to give up to quickly...I'm almnost done with the chap 11. so it should be up soon. Think about Harry's feelings!! Lol. Oh Lucsious doesnt die because he has tis evila auora of perfection around him from joining the Death EAters. I dono, That sounded like a logical reason, does it not?

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Review #23, by chryshelle Smile

18th December 2005:
that last bit waz kinda freaky and scary.

Author's Response: LUcious won't give up. Its such a good charcter to have in one, if the character is a good one. Unfortunately in Lucious case, he is not.

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Review #24, by chryshelle A Sick Letter

18th December 2005:
oh man! i feel bad for ginny!

Author's Response: Yes, Lucious is a pig, is he not?

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Review #25, by chryshelle Rude Interruption

18th December 2005:
awww i feel for ginny.

Author's Response: Yes, every girl has their special moment with some, just to be interrupted my an unsuspecting person. It really does suck doesnt it?

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