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Review #1, by MCD muffins or rubies

10th February 2005:
what!? You haven't updated in two years.

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Review #2, by Athelwyyyn muffins or rubies

10th February 2005:
Please hurry with the next

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Review #3, by Panther Eyes muffins or rubies

3rd March 2004:
ok, peter likes her cuz her bust size is big, that not it works if he plans to fall in love w/ mione. draco might not stand a chance since mione likes peter. any way please continue.

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Review #4, by Dracos_Chick muffins or rubies

22nd December 2003:
Hello!!! Loving the story!!! Your a great writer!!!whens next chapter due out?

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Review #5, by Beccan (SplashOColor5) muffins or rubies

14th November 2003:
It seemed a little rushed, but besides that... *deep breath* YAY! *cheers* THIS IS A REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY GREAT CHAPTER! ... ::sudden realization:: Oh my god! I have to call my wraiths! You see, whenever I want someone to write another chapter--Sally!--- I send a wraith and a grim reaper-- Bob!--- to inhabit your computer. I sent them off a few days ago to another author... Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, for you) the grim reaper inhabited the wrong computer and I haven't heard from Bob and Sally since... SALLY! BOB? WHERE ARE YOU GUYS? ::Bob and Sally appear behind her:: Oh! Well, hi Sally! Sally (who would have been named Bob, but the name had already been taken): I still don't see why you didn't name me Fred. Me: Well, what's the point? Besides, Sally is a much purtier name than Fred. Sally: ::whining:: But I don't wanna be purty! I wanna be like Bob, and I wanna take this stupid bow off my hood! Me: Oh stop whining. Sally: ::continues whining:: This stupid bows is what getes everyone mixed up! I'm _not_ a girl, but everyone pets my head and gives me a lollipop! Really! It does nothing for invoking terror at all! You really should... Me: Bob, you didn't hurt the author _too_ bad, did you? Bob: ... Me: Bob? Bob: ... Sally: ::still whining:: ... the drapes on our windows? I mean, come on! I know you liked Sound of Music, but do we HAVE to wear floral cloaks? Holocaust cloaks are much better, and maybe a little armour too. Haven't you seen the movies, yet? It's the big thing! We DEFINATELY need those cloaks. Oh! And, have you seen the... Bob: ... what author? Me: BOB! THE AUTHOR I SENT YOU TO _GET_? Bob: Oh yeah... umm... ::dissapears:: Me: Bob! ::runs after Bob:: Sally: ... And their POTASSIUM! So you see, _that_ is _really_ the _real_ reason why Bannanas wear pajamas. Well, I guess the wraiths won't come after you this time... but you better write more... or... ummm... oh hell, BOB! COME BACK HERE!!!

Author's Response:, yeah once i read over it i thought it was a little rushed but ohh wellllll ill try and make the next one a little better....that is ill try to hurry up with the next one! thanx for the review...if you want u can tell ur friends....then maybe ill have more reviews for the next one ;) —remi

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Review #6, by Clara_Wellington muffins or rubies

12th October 2003:
I really like this story keep updating and writing.

Author's Response: sorry...iv'e been away from the computer for a while and I actually wasnt really sure the site had posted my fanfic so I kind of forgot about it but thanx! I'll try to think up of something else for the next chapter..

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