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Review #1, by charlotte Reaching the Stars Above

15th March 2008:
i love sirius and remus stories! there so perfect for each other..write more! love it!

Author's Response: Thanks :D . I also greatly enjoy the pairing but am probably unlikely to write more within it myself. Glad you enjoyed this though :)

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Review #2, by JustAnotherWannabe Reaching the Stars Above

29th October 2007:
OMFG. This is just
Man, I hate slashes-well, uncanon slashes that is. But this was so freaking cute

Author's Response: :D Good to know you liked the story enough to overcome not enjoying slash fics. Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #3, by lothlorien Reaching the Stars Above

10th December 2006:
this story is amazing. i love it. it's beautiful. i just don't know how to describe it. sorry, i really suck at reviewing. so i'll just stop now. write some more.

Author's Response: well of course you don't suck at reviewing, I appreciate your taking the time to do it :) . I'm glad you enjoyed the story, I liked writing this one-shot, though there won't be anymore of this story unfortunately. Thanks for your review! :)

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Review #4, by GryffindorGirl29 Reaching the Stars Above

11th November 2006:
I liked it. A lot. 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks, glad you enjoyed it :)

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Review #5, by Marlene McKinnon Reaching the Stars Above

18th October 2006:
Wow. Like I've said before, your writing is amazing. I'm definately not a fan of Sirius/Remus, but you wrote this to be very convincing. I'm off to go read something else of yours now I think. Again, great job =)

Author's Response: Hey again! :) I'm glad you picked this one, i liked wriitng this one-shot though it was well out of my comfort zone and very new. I had a lot of fun with it and I'm glad you enjoyed it. If you do try something else of mine, do not read daughter of darkness. My first fic, written 3 years ago, and quite terrible actually :p . Anything else have fun with :D . Thanks for your review! :)

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Review #6, by FireFawn2 Reaching the Stars Above

11th August 2006:
Well it was good. Good, but I'm not really a fan of S/R, but still, I likked the writing. I give an 8 for the writing.

Author's Response: Well thanks for reading despite not being fond of the ship, I'm happy you could appreciate it in spite of it. Thanks for your review! :)

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Review #7, by Lyn Midnight Reaching the Stars Above

3rd June 2006:
Omg, that was the best, Phoenix!!! *Gasp* And I don’t really read slash! But if it is with those two, sometimes I need to read it, and as it is your story, I really made the right decision. I could just cry at some parts. It’s so fluffy. You know, sometimes, when I read/write a lot angst, and I need something fluffy to recover, this is perfect! Though he died… at least he was happy. Not to mention that the word star is my favourite to use and hear! Oh, and James Blunt is really the greatest. I love his song ‘Beautiful’! Oh, before I forget, here are my #1 quotes:

Promise me tomorrow starts with you,
tomorrow will always dawn with us together.
Entire galaxies could be born in the kiss he gives me.

I spotted only one mistake, a type-oh rather, ‘skilfully’ should be ‘skillfully’. Everything else is written perfectly, I even reckon the beginning and most of the fic poetic :) It’s something really inspiring when it comes to love, no matter the kind of love! So, keep writing those. I love reading one-shots and now I am just waiting for you to write some more :P But whenever you update your other fics, of course!

Author's Response: Lyn!!! Hi! :) I'm so glad you decided to read this even though you don't normally read slash, I promise it can be well done at times (try forsakenphoenix's fics if you haven't already, that's really well written). lol, it is supposed to be happy yes, and yet I have made a couple of readers cry in this fic *rolls eyes*. I'm not sure how I've managed to write fluff and angst, but oh well. And James Blut's lyrics made it easy to write too, I agree he's great :) . Star's a lovely word, and it did play a big part in this fic.

They're some of the ones I really liked writing too, I'm happy you enjoyed reading them :) .

Actually skillfully or skilfully can be written both ways, though I think you're right in that skillfully is more often used. I probably did write it wrong while I was typing, but it turns out it's not a mistake anyway, but thank you for pointing it out :) . A lot of people have commented on the poetic quality of the fic, and that's something I almost didn't intend but I like the way it turned out, this was probably my favourite one-shot to write. I'm afraid my chaptered story is getting my attention for a long while after my exams now, though I have a short story planned that obviously won't be very long. Not sure when I'll get that finished and posted though, not for a few weeks certainly. Anyway, thanks so much for the review, I'm glad you enjoyed reading! :)

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Review #8, by Ghislaine Arsenault Reaching the Stars Above

19th May 2006: I admit that at first I thought it was from Sirius' POV and when I found out it was Remus' I was pleasantly shocked. I really love the balance you have between the present/death, and the flashbacks. It just works. And you don't over or underdo the relationship they first have, when Remus first tells him. It's realistic to me and that makes such a big difference when writing about these two.

I don't know the song, but the lyrics worked for me as well. I loved your sentence "entire galaxies could be born in the kiss he gives me." It really made me want to be kissed by Sirius. Alright, I already want to be kissed by Sirius but that's beside the point!

Very well done on the whole hon, a fine piece of S/R fiction!

Author's Response: really? I think you're the first to think it was Sirius :D . But I'm flad you liked it when you found out it was actually Remus :) . I loved wirting a mix of hte flashbacks and the 'now' and I'm happy you think it worked here. It seemed to fit around the lyrics and they made it easier to change from one to another. And I'm smiling now you said you think it realistic because that's important to me; it's something I always try to keep a grasp on when I write :) .

A lot of people liked that line, and I liked wriitng it :D . That whole scene was my fvaourite to write I think because it just came so easily. lol, well I just made you want to be kissed by him more then :p .

Thank you for hte lovely review! :)

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Review #9, by Trish Reaching the Stars Above

1st May 2006:

Okay, I'm trying to find something to say here. It was brilliant. The whole of it. My favorite would still have to be the beginning, like I told you, it drew me in, making me read more. I also loved this one - "It seemed strange to me, illogical even, that a person can feel so much for someone else, yet they do not return anything of the same nature. Love is"... ah, so true.

It was flawless from the beginning till the end. It had depth that a lot of stories these days lack. Surely, it has a place in my faves! Great one-shot! Definitely one of the best ones I've read! ~Trish

Author's Response: :D hey Trish! Yay! I'm so glad you liked it, especially that you liked all of it too. It's good to hear the beginning is grabbing too, though credit for the very first bit is firefawn's of course. She gave me agreat place to start with this challenge. I like that line too, though my favourite bit to write I think was the kiss, but I did like writing all of this really :) .

oo, favourites material?! yay! :D . I'm so happy you liked it so much and thanks for the great review, really appreciate your comments :) .

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Review #10, by GoddessHope [not logged in] Reaching the Stars Above

12th April 2006:
Oh my.
So beautiful! I like the incorporated lyrics that give a true sense of what you are describing Remus as. The stars, the peace.. I do feel the reality that you are giving, the idea of Remus watching from above. Especially the flashbacks, I love! Schmexy!Hot!Sirius [student] and Schmexy!Hot!Remus [student] was a lovely way to describe how their relationship might've begun. I love this fic ;) --HOPE

Author's Response: lol!! hey! I'm so glad you liked this! And especially that you liked the lyrics as so many people don't like songfics but I felt these lyrics really fit the fic and were necessary. :D ah have to say i think i liked writing that flashback the most ;) . I really liked writing this one-shot (is only all my chapters came as easily as this did). Thanks so much for stopping over and reviewing, you really made me grin :D .

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Review #11, by purewings Reaching the Stars Above

1st March 2006:
Dear PhoenixStorm, this is the first ever fic that left me literally breathless. I got pulled into the story so much (story - it's not really a story - it's some state of mind - a piece of a universe inside one's mind) so... I was pulled so deep in the story that forgot to breathe. It looked funny, I admit, cause meanwhile I chewed my pen to death. You won with your hands down. Congratulations. First I was a little sceptic, for this S/L topic is so much reigned by the fantastic forsakenphoenix, second because I don't usually like songfics. Your shifts in time, shifts in emotions vivified your writing. Talented artists always knew, what 'reality' oriented materialism denies that life is not moving on a line, in strick order of time. Reality is subjective, and it unites past, future, possibilities not realised, feelings, thoughts and a lot of things, which cannot be put into words. You built up a string of associations and passions, yet, it didn't get messy. Besides I like how you use your writing style - after some simple, calm sentences you insert a fascinating picture, like: "the world slipped out of focus, shifted on its axis, and realigned to a new matrix of possibilities and feelings." and "...universe exploded in that gentle touch that contained an eternity more." You know, many people never have this experience, you managed to densify into your sentence, I just pasted in. Everybody (almost :)) longs for it, but only few have the courage to taste it. Some of your sentences sound like poetry, but this poetry (as every masterpiece) is describing the indescribable, the reality. You're talented, but you surely have heard that before. You depict intense feelings without using strong expressions - that is what I try to learn now from you. :) My favourite was your wondering about deep passion feeling like drowning. I was thinking about that for long, really, what makes it feel like little dying? :) Maybe,... I came to the conclusion,... because it is one of the closest states of mind to that. I mean, one lets everything go and dives under, just like when dying. Did you like the theory? :) To tell the truth ancient oriental writings have found out it thousands years before me :) The only thing I don't quite understand, why did you need lyrics? They are good, but you don't really need them. Well, I go and check out your other writings, too. love, wings

Author's Response: wow, this is is probably the best review I have on this story, thank you so much for your thoughts and comments, they mean a lot to me :). And I'm not talking length of review, I mean content.

lol! well I have to say I'm quite pleased to be the cause of such an image :p. What you said about the state of mind, I htink you understood this story better than anyone else who's read it. While there was no mad pen chewing on the writing side of this story, there was that sense of not breathing. I wrote the majority of this all in one go and felt somewhat like I'd run a sprint by the end or something, an emotional one.

Oh yes, I'm a big fan of Forsaken's work, she really is the queen of the ship. I've barely stuck a toe in the water really :D. I'm glad you gave me a chance despite your doubts :).

Yes, reality is definitely subjective. There was supposed to be no time in the place Remus went, and the shifts between the glimpses of moments in his life were merged by the 'now' that was going on.

They were probably my two favourite lines when I wrote this, and I've no idea where they came from *rolls eyes*. The calmness I felt was necessary since I was characterising Remus, and I'm happy you noticed :).

Yes, I do know that not many have this experience, perhaps I will turn out to be one of them for I certainly haven't yet (being only in my mid/late teens, that's to be expected of course), but I felt it was essential to the relationship i was trying to convey between Remus and Sirius. Passion was certainly fundamental, and something deeper than the superficial was necessary. I felt that these two would have the daring needed to lay themselves bare like that.

There certainly was some feeling of trying to describe the undescribable when I was writing this. I tried to find the right things to say to communicate exactly what it was I meant. I found the words on an instinctive level, and really, I let the story write itself. I'm overjoyed that you were able to understand the things I was saying, and the feelings I was trying to get across.

I do like the theory, though really it is hard to say that it is like dying, obviously never having experienced it. I wanted the passion to be something like reckless abandon; wanted to take them to a point where they did just let go and revert to something more primal, felt something innately. I wouldn't know about ancient oriental writings, but I find that very interesting, thanks for sharing it here :).

Well I was trying out a completely new ship for me, and I had never written a songfic (nor am I particularly fond of them either ;) ) so I decided to do both. I enjoyed working with the lyrics, and I feel they were useful in splitting up the different moments, they gave me a structure to the story, though perhaps you do not like that idea. I guess it just came down to liking the lyrics very much, though I am very flattered you think the fic could stand on it's own. I would probably not change anything about this fic now though :).

I am just pre-warning you, the other fics I have written are not like this one. You are, of course, more than welcome to read them, but I'm not sure you will enjoy them as much. As Wings Unfold possibly has its moments when its similar, but I wrote my other two fics a long time ago and they really aren't my best. Again, thank you so much for this wonderful review, I really appreciate everything you've said :).

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Review #12, by elfbwillow Reaching the Stars Above

18th February 2006:
wow!! That was so...amazing! It was so unique and the words you used were so perfect! My eyes were full of tears by the time i finished reading this! You bring the reader right into the depths of the emotions and the story has definately reached the innermost place of my heart! From the very beginning you captured my utmost attention. The opening was so great! You were able to blend the lyrics in perfectly and it enhanced the wonderful emotions that you portrayed within the fic! Your characterisations were written so brilliantly and the relationship was amazing. I wish i had enough words in my head to describe how this story made me feel but i dont think that there are words that exist to describe the brilliance of it! I cant get it out of my mind - it makes you think about things and - wow!! This is just simply amazing! If my computer doesnt play up - you are going straight into my fav authors ( and this is just after one story lol). Wow!! absolute brilliance!

Author's Response: elfie!!!!! oh I'm so happy you like this! I can't believe I actually made you cry! :D, ok so maybe I shouldn't be so happy abotu that but still :p. Your comments are so lovely! I'm sitting here grinning my head off :D. I had never written a songfic (or R/S) before this, and while i'm still not what you'd call a fan of songfics, I found the genre quite nice to write in. I enjoyed writing this very much, and I tried to pour the emotion in, very glad to hear it touched you so much :). well you found quite a few words, very nice ones they are too :D ;) . Ooo favourites after one story?! Thank you! I really appreciate the review, thank you so much for taking the time to read and write one :).

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Review #13, by BJAuth Reaching the Stars Above

12th February 2006:
The best day of my life was the day I died.
What a great first line! An instant attention grabber, given more depth by an excellent first person voice for Remus. You weave the James Blunt lyrics in well.
I sat and watched the dawn as it filled the world with a new hope:... I like this passage because not only is it beautiful and fits with the lyrics, but it also shows the selfless side of Remus well.Life seemed determined to isolate me; I thank Merlin for death. Such a sad line but so true of Remus. The lyric that goes But now I'm high; running wild among all the stars above. is just perfect for the duo. The star reference could be both for Sirius and heaven, and the running wild their animal selves.
I enjoyed the build up to their relationship because you kept them in character whilst weaving in a few excellent lines such as I’d become angry and lost control. I hated that he could make me do that. and “Remus,” he said, correcting himself. He hardly ever called me Remus That last line shows the shift in the relationship well. I liked the lack of small talk, which made it more realistic.
I tried to look for small errors to contrast the gushing of my review but to be honest there are none, or if there are they are invisible to my eyes! You had a great last line and this was enjoyable throughout. On the whole I'm not a huge fan of sonfics, but you carried this off well, and used the song for the piece rather than vice versa. Well done!

Author's Response: hey! wow, completely unexpected lovely review, thank you! Now I can't take credit for the grabbing first line as that was firefawn's prompt for this challenge, but I am glad you think I've used it well with Remus's voice. Someone else commented they felt his voice was a little off but good to hear you don't share that opinion! :D

I liked writing that beginning part, it was while I was impatient to get to the main bit that I'd imagined and I wasn't thinking too hard, I always write better if I don't think too much about it, things flow nicer.

I love the lyrics to this song, I thought they fit Sirius so well and although I planned the fic itself before finding the song, the song gave me the inspiration of where I was going to set this (in the stars).

Everyone seems to like the 'he hardly ever called me Remus' part, it has to be one of my favourite lines too :D. I wrote it, and I could just here Sirius saying it and Remus thinking it and the panic setting in as his breath caught in his throat. I rarely have a lack of small talk so it is good I managed to get to the point ok here :).

lol, I've personally gone over this fic about 4 times and had it beta'd twice so all those small errors are already zapped :p. Very happy to hear you couldn't find any ;). I am really not a fan of songfics either but I was already out of my comfort zone so I thought why go a little further? turned out all right I htink too. I am really pleased you enjoyed reading this and thanks again for the wonderful review! :)

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Review #14, by Cill Reaching the Stars Above

6th February 2006:
Oh dear..
This is oficially the first time ever a fic has made my eyes wet. Seriously.
And this is one of the most beautiful fics I have EVER, ever read. Yuor writing is absolutely fantastic, it grasps you from the very first sentence. I'm not a big fan of slash, the only ones I ever read is forsakenphoenix's remus/sirius. But oh my, this is good. I won't quote lots of sentences, I loved them all to tiny bits. And, well, I admit that I usually skip the lyric parts in a songfic, but these were so small you barely noticed them. They were just underlining the text you wrote around it. And it is so wonderful. I had my 13-year old little brother and his pubertal friends has been running around here on the first floor, up and down the stairs and I was enchanted. I didn't notice a thing. Well, I'm supposed to study for a physics' test, but I wanted to write this first. It's amazing.

Author's Response: thank you! this has to be one of the best reviews I've ever gotten! At the moment I'm just grinning, very pleased it touched you so much :D. I wanted it to be exactly like that, enchanting anf flowing. I wasn't sure I had pulle dit off very well at first, but this has now become my favourite one-shot that I've ever written and I'm so happy to hear you like it too. forsakenphoenix has to be the master of this ship for me, and I am glad you have found my own writing of the ship readable :).

:D, I usually skip lyrics too, but I really thought these were important. I like how you said it, that they underlined the text, that was what I had hoped to achieve and it's good to hear I did a decent job of it. lol, yes brothers can be very distracting (and annoying of course), am amazed the story could hold your attention that much! (though very pleased obviously :D). Thanks you for the wonderful review, and good luck on your physics test! :)

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Review #15, by Sophia Montgomery Reaching the Stars Above

28th January 2006:
One minor problem in 'I was a werewolf in life, and I led the loneliest life imaginable.' I think that there are a too many 'life's in here. You could try 'existence' for the last 'life'. But WOW. That was amazing and beautiful and beyond wonderful. The descriptions and emotions were just so well written, I was nearly tearing up with bittersweet happiness for Sirius and Remus. I was sad that his life had been so painful, yet so overjoyed that they met so perfectly and life seemed the same. Your idea of afterlife, a sort of forever of happiness. . was so nice to read about. The idea that there was no time restricting their romance. . .It was so perfect and. . . okay, I don't usually gush about stories. . . wonderful! I've never liked too many Remus/Sirius stories before, but this definitely has to be an exception- because it is so well written! Wow, again. The way you wrote this songfic was amazing! I don't usually like songfics either, but this has to be a second exception, too. However, where is Lily and James in all of this? Are they somewhere else? That is the only thing that bothers me. . . Where are they? I've always imagined them being there to greet Remus and Sirius when they die. Great songfic!!!

Author's Response: hello again! I think you're right about that sentence and I'll change it when i edit in a min (just got it re-beta'd). :D I am so happy you liked it so much! I really put lots of effort into the imagery and descriptions (not something I'm usually very good at, description is not my strongest point). I really wanted to have a happy ending for them, hence the afterlife portrayed here, but I didn't actually think too much about it. I don't even know if I want to apply this afterlife to everyone, it was more of a I think that's where Sirius ended up (in the stars) and Remus is going to join him. This is why there's no mention of other characters, it's just a R/S one-shot and i wanted to keep it to just these two characters. You're the first to ask about other people actually, and it's a very good point, I guess I just didn't want to distract from the core of this fic. Besides, as there's not really any time there, theres no rush to meet them (ok, I'm making up excuses now ;) ). The genre was very new for me so I'm happy to hear you think I wrote it well (not that I'll be writing anymore songfics, most likely). Thank you so much for all your comments and compliments, your reviews are much appreciated :).

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Review #16, by xobebeox Reaching the Stars Above

27th January 2006:
Oh, this was just beautiful. I absolutely loved this. There was something so unearthly in the atmosphere of this story. It read so well... I think there were a few problems with tenses here and there, but you still have a really amazing grasp over the story. I absolutely loved this paragraph: Indeed, it was stars I felt as he leaned down to capture my lips. The universe exploded in that gentle touch that contained an eternity more. With my lips pressed to his and his hand behind my head, the world slipped out of focus, shifted on its axis, and realigned to a new matrix of possibilities and feelings. Your imagery is outstanding. I loved the way the universe and stars were such important figures. This line gave me chills: “I’ll always be here now; tomorrow will always dawn with us together.” You've just done such an amazing job. Songfics are something I could never quite get a grasp around; could never quite announce my approval of, but this one was simply amazing. I'm so glad that I got to read this story. Wonderful job, dear. You write Remus and Sirius so well.

Author's Response: hey! oh I'm so glad you like it! That is probably my favourite paragraph too, well i just liked writing the while kiss scene actually, my fingers were blurs on the keyboard! Darn those tenses, will have to ge this re-beata'd for that, I said I would in another response and i haven't since. :D very happy to hear you like my imagery, as you know I'm a big fan of yours. This was probably the most scrafted story I've ever written, but I wrote it faster than I ever wrote any other. It all just seemed to write itself almost (why can't it always be like that?!). Both the genre and the ship were new for me, and I probably won't write either again as I like to change after I've done something once. R/S is still appealing though, so maybe another one-shot in a few months; chaptered fics to focus on right now. Thanks so much for the great review! :)

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Review #17, by jynx67 Reaching the Stars Above

11th January 2006:

I'm stunned. This is so beautiful. I'm not really big on songfics, but... wow. This is incredible. The only confusion was in verbs. Most everything was perfect, especially your portrayals of Sirius and Remus. You write them so well.

I can't believe I'm so speechless. Brilliant job. Thanks for asking me to review this.

Author's Response: :D thank you! Yes, someone else mentioned verbs and tenses, pretty sure it was Rebekka. I've been over this for commas once, but perhaps I should get it beta'd again or something. I really liked writing this so I want it to be as perfect as possible. Anyway, I'll look into that one.

I'm so glad you liked it! You said you were big on marauder fics so I was rather anxious on your opinion of my own. I'm particularly happy to hear you think Sirius and Remus were written well, I find sirius a very easy person to portray but have trouble with remus a lot of the time. Couldn't ask for more than to make you speechless :D. Thanks for all your comments and your time in reviewing :).

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Review #18, by StepUpTimneh Reaching the Stars Above

7th January 2006:
That was good, really good. I normally don't particularly like slash- but the way you wrote it made it seem like it really could happen. I used to think that slash wasn't possible in the Harry Potter universe, but you've made it realistic and believeable.

I want to thank you. You gave me a gift, believe it or not. Now I can read new types of stories! I used to stay away from slash, but you wrote it well, so I know it's not all bad. I love learning from fics. It's enjoyable, and I learn something at the same time.

I also don't like songfics all too much. This story was really good, though. I sort of skimmed through the lyrics to get to your story...but your story, I read each and every word. I couldn't stop; your writing is addictive.

Now for CC: It was a little confusing in the flashback scene when Remus came out. I didn't get what was happening at first. In most of the fic, you communicated with the reader very well, but in a few parts such as these, it got confusing.

You got a little excessive with commas. I do that too, I put them in places where they aren't needed. I can't really point out the places where there shouldn't be any, since it's one of my weaknesses, too, but I noticed that there were quite a few.

Despite the bit of criticism I gave you, this was one of the best one shots I've read. Bravo, and well done!

Author's Response: :) hey! wow, you got here quick. and firstly let me thank you for the lovely review! No one's commented before on whether i make the ship believable or not, I htink because most of the people who reviewed are fond of the R/S ship so it's already believable to their minds. That you think I manage to do that is a huge compliment, especially as it's a one-shot and there isn't a lot of time to do things like that.

I'm so happy to here you will read new stories because of htis fic! :). That makes me feel very good about what I've written, and I feel I've really accomplished something if it's inspired you to seek other fics similar.

lol, I don't like songfics either :D. tut tut, not reading the lyrics :P (psst, I do that too ;-) ). I'm glad you think the story itself was good, and no one's ever said that my writing is addictive before. I think that's a big compliment :).

and you are now the 2nd person of all my reviewers on this fic to say something that could need work. Thank you so much! I will definitely be reading over that scene and seeing what I can do about it.

I'm not sure about the comma thing. I'm not saying my grammar is perfect, far from it :D, but I've read lots of guides on comma usage (my long-term beta on a different fic practically rammed them down my throat and forced me to read them :D) and grammar is one of my strengths in the bit of beta'ing I do. I've been over this for grammar 3 times, and my beta has read it through as well, but I will keep it in mind when I revise the section you pointed out.

Thanks so much for all your comments, the review means a lot, and I will look into all you've said :).

Author's Response: Hey again. Just wanted to let you know I've been over the whole fic and you were right about a few excessive commas :D. I believe I deleted 5 unecessary ones, and I've reworked that section a little. Thanks for the CC!

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Review #19, by Darkheart Reaching the Stars Above

27th December 2005:
I really don’t like song fics, but I’m glad I gave this one a chance. This is the first R/S fic I’ve ever read so I don’t have much to go on, but I enjoyed it, it was very touching. You managed to keep Remus in character which can often be hard, and you captured the emotion quiet well. I liked how you incorporated Sirius’ death in the one-shot as well. I couldn’t find any grammar mistakes. Great job.

Author's Response: lol, I believe about 50% of the reviews I have on this start with 'I don't like songfics' :D. I with you on it, though, but I wanted to give one a shot. In the end I liked writing this, but I don't think I'll be writing anymore songfics :-). I'm glad you think I kept Remus in character, I have never written from his POV before this, but I really enjoyed it. You're the first person to mention Sirius's death as opposed to Remus's :-). I wanted to show what happened to both of them after they died, so in a way it is just as much about Sirius, and I hope he comes across enough in this fic. Thank you very much for your review :-).

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Review #20, by Rebekka Reaching the Stars Above

13th December 2005:
First, I don't like songfics. Second, you convinced me to like at least one of them. :) I didn't see a songfic here; the lyrics were so well-hidden. They fitted perfectly to the story. My favorite part was their first meeting after Remus had told Sirius... it was so sensual. I really liked the kiss and the drowning analogue (correct word for that?). But to me the most powerful sentence was the first one. It really touched me personally.

You had some tense problems at times and this sentence: "But what was worse was when Sirius was returned to me only to be snatched away in barely any time at all." has three 'was' in it. It cut the flow a bit. Otherwise this was a very beautifully written and quite error free story with a unique use of words. I really loved "You ask too many questions." It's those small things that make the difference. Excellent job, dear.

Author's Response: :D I do like to convert people (pssst, I don't like them either ;-) ). I think you mean analogy, perhaps. Nearly everyone has commented on that, I didn't think it would quite so popular a line, but I'm glad you like it :-). It made sens ein my head when I was wirting and found its way into my fic. I enjoyed writing the kiss, possibly the most perfect kiss I've ever attempted to write (and admittedly pretty unrealistic, I'm trying to go for the real approach nowadays, but still make it as touching). You are officially the first person to point out something wrong, and I love you for it :D. You're quite right about that sentence, and I will have to change it. Perhaps "But even worse than that, when Sirius returned to me he was snatched away again in barely any time at all." Yeah, i think I'll change it to that, thanks for pointing it out! Anyway, I'm so glad you liked this, you're a great R/S writer so your opinion means a lot, thank you for reviewing :-)

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Review #21, by Jaydah Reaching the Stars Above

12th December 2005:
Wow. Right from the intense opening paragraph, the story wraps up with an intense closing paragraph. It was really sweet to see the relationship form, but even more romantic to see how Remus could only wait to die so he could be with Sirius. You captured a delicate topic beautifully and it was a treat to read. I've recently become interested in R/S stories so I'm glad you suggested this one! Great job! I'll be looking out for some more fics from you.

Author's Response: :-) thank you very much, I'm glad you liked it. As soon as I read the challenge, I wanted it to be about Remus, he deserves a happy end. R/S is a ship I've never written before, but I've read a few. It's a pretty interesting one if the writer does it right (I like stories to stick to canon), and there's some really good ones out there. Thanks again for reviewing, I really appreciate your comments :-)

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Review #22, by forsakenphoenix Reaching the Stars Above

10th December 2005:
Okay, the references to stars and everything is fantastic. I love it to little pieces. Entire galaxies could be born in the kiss he gives me. He holds my heart in his hands, but I know he won’t break it; he’ll take me flying with him, hand in hand. And I know I’m home, finally, among the stars. Also, when they first kiss and how the universe simply explodes, that was such lovely lovely imagery. “You ask too many questions,” he murmured into my neck. This is something I can picture Sirius saying when he is kissing Remus. It's also a Remus-thing to do - asking too many questions when they are kissing. It's so very lovely how Remus now feels home. After a life of pain and death, it's finally his time to be happy and to be with the ones that he loves forever. I'm not a big fan of song-fics but I think the song you picked fits beautifully with the story. You weaved the lyrics with the story itself which a lot of song-fics don't achieve. I seriously hope you plan on writing more R/S stories in the future. :)

Author's Response: hey! wow, you got to this fast, logged on and just grinned for several minutes over your review :-). I actually wrote all the star imagery and stuff in without realising the connection with Sirius *smacks forehead*. It just happened while I was typing and seemed to fit, I just didn't realise how well it fit until after. I'm glad you think my Sirius and Remus are in character, you write them so well that's a real compliment so thank you :-). As soon as I read the challenge I just wanted to give Remus a happy end after all he's been through, and Sirius fit in pretty perfectly, too. I used to hate songfics with a vengeance, and I can only tolerate them now that I wrote this, but I was already out of my comfort zone with R/S so I thought, why not go all the way and write seomthing completely different to my usual. If I wrote another R/S it wouldn't be a songfic mind :D. And I did have a great song to work with on this one, of course. I may write another one or two R/S one-shots when I've done with my chaptered fic, but there is still another good three months worth of writing to do on that. Afterwards, who knows? Thanks so much for the review, I really appreciate your comments :-).

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Review #23, by WickedWitch25 Reaching the Stars Above

10th November 2005:
BRAVO! I've been meaning to read this for so long, but the first few paragraghs didn't comprehend with my short intenstion span... Anyway, I'm really glad I read the rest. This was so beautiful. The kiss was written amazingly, just like the perfect kiss. The details to everything were wonderful. I know exactly what he meant, not knowing i something would be snatched away once more. I can understand that so well. (Poor Remus! :-( ) Great Great job! You should write more R/S fics!

Author's Response: :-) well thank you for such a lovely unexpected review first of all. I particularly liked writing the kiss, and everything seemed to flow very quickly as I wrote up to the end of the kiss in one sitting. My fingers were blurs on the keyboard I'm telling you :D. It was that initial surge of inspiration when I absolutely had to get everything down, so I'm happy to hear you thought so highly of it :-). lol, well maybe I will take a break sometime around christmas from my chaptered fic and write another R/S, but it is not a ship I'm used to writing and I'm not sure I could do something like this again. Thanks again for your review!

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Review #24, by Lucid Reaching the Stars Above

10th November 2005:
This is amazing, really I have to say this is the best songfic I have ever read, and I don’t like them that much, I have been trying to but finding one that actually moved me in the same way as the song has, has been hard, but this is clearly an exception. I like James Blunt, and I love this song too, and skipping over the lyrics? People do that? I haven’t, I can assure you. Anyway, on to the endless gushing because I love this so much :) Ok it's from Remus’s perspective, which I like immensely; it's a favourite POV for me. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone weave the lyrics so seamlessly into the text, it's the hardest hurdle for me usually, but I found myself not thinking about it at all when I was reading, which is a good sign of how well you did that. You truly made me feel the heart of the man, you say so many things that I felt with such intensity that it weighed on my chest the whole time I was reading. You capture Sirius so very well, even through Remus’s eyes, it's terrific. I like where Sirius said “Well, sorry about that, Remus,” he said gravely. “But they’re going to have to.” My stomach went all funny, like it does when you know something wonderful is going to happen, a terrific bit of speech. I love the star description that you have laced throughout the piece; it's prominent and really quite beautiful. It's almost as if you have used it to underline certain part of the story, to add emphasis. I just feel like I don’t have enough words to say how beautifully this reads, because this really does inflame the heart and make a reader feel so much. I really loved it, it's credit to you :) Ok, gushing over :)

Author's Response: :D hey! wow, customary check in of unanswered reviews and I'm met with this wonderful one! I'm so happy that you think this is so good! You write Remus so very well that your opinion on a remus fic is very much appreciated. lol, yes people skip lyrics (I do, shh), but it was kind of important to the fic that you didn't in this case. I'm very glad you think I wrote them into the story so well because I have never written a songfic before (least favourite genre actually), so it's good to hear I did a good job. I have grown to appreciate Siirus as a character, so thank you for saying I captured him well in this. You're the first to mentiont hat line I think, which was one I particularly liked saying, there was this grin on my face as I wrote it because I knew exactly what was going to happen but had to keep with Sirius's character. I'm not sure where the stars thing came from, I had chosen what was going to happen before I chose the song 'High' so it amazed me it fit so well. But I like descriptions that include things about stars and iniverses and that, so it seeme dto slip naturally into the piece and i ended up making it a repetitive point throughout. Thank you so much for this wonderful review, and I'm very happy to hear how much you liked it (you gush extremely well :D ), and that it drew you in so much :-).

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Review #25, by Sam M (not logged in) Reaching the Stars Above

2nd November 2005:
Oh, wow. I loved this piece. So eloquently written. Remus is an amazing character :) And the lyrics fitted nicely into the story. Very good :) ~ Sam M

Author's Response: :-) hi! Thanks so much for the review, I need to get over to read some more of your story. Everything is just a bit busy at the moment, there should be more time in a day I'm telling you. I loved writing Remus, and I'm glad you thought the lyrics well intergrated, I've never written a songfic before. Thanks!

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