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Review #1, by Aluminata Preago Pranking, Potions and Halloween Balls

21st November 2007:
A very well written first chapter. Great little twist to end

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Review #2, by hmmmimapixy Punches, Thunder and Near death experiences

6th August 2007:
oh i liked the bit in the bed ;) lol. im in love with sirius you know. lol. i liked this chapter. and i think ill read the rest. and maybe ill comment again after ive finished. who knows.
keep up the good work.

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Review #3, by _siriuslove Libraries, Ice Cream and Races

23rd June 2007:
wow i love this story
please update son im begging you!!!

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Review #4, by hp4eva786 Libraries, Ice Cream and Races

15th February 2007:
this story is one of the best. please hurry up and update soon coz i've been waiting for ages

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Review #5, by hp4eva786 Running, Rain and a Sympathetic Ear

15th February 2007:
last time i read this tory i had no clue what an oxymoron was but we learned about them in english last week. im not stupid i just hate english. essays and that eeehk. yeas that was random get over it. the story is fan-bloody-tastic

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Review #6, by innocent lily Libraries, Ice Cream and Races

7th February 2007:
This is a really good story!!!
I can't wait to read more.update soon please!!

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Review #7, by kali*g/nost@lgia Libraries, Ice Cream and Races

3rd February 2007:
OK i gave up on reviewing every chapter just because life is depressing me now.
I would like to say this though: Black and Eva should just run away from home together. They both have been wanting to do it anyway. Besides it would be so awesome if they could just travel the world together and fall in love away from everyone.

Also, I think it would be fitting if Eva just commits suicide in the end, after she and Black fall in love, out of love, make-up, move on in friendship, their parents still try to force them into marrying, and she just says screw it all.

Thats it, I'm done.

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Review #8, by kali*g/nost@lgia Secret Missions, Broom Closets and Temper Tantrums

3rd February 2007:
You said "please REVIEW" (I'm just saying /that's/ what /you/ said):

The discussion between the Mauraders on the 'doting wife' thing was...superficial. Why didn't you dig deeper. I really, really, really wanted more insight into whether Sirius was into the seeing others thing or if he was going to do anyting about the Blonde.

James and Lilly's relationship is very unsatisfying. I mean Lilly is more of a cold-hearted bitch than eva ever could be. I know it's hard to do more than one relationship at a time but don't suggest more than one if you're aren't planning on developing them.

Never ever ever ever say whilst when everything else you're writing is in common slang.

OK so the Barbie comes up and makes eva laugh at her funny club names and then all of the sudden she gets terrified that they're ganging up on her when she didn't even flinch when a sixth year Slytherin pointed her wand right at her AND she doesn't even think to say "You all can have him" when she JUST made a pact with Sirius to see other people?

Can you say INCONSISTENCIES (plural!)!!!

And speaking of... when are you going to bring up Bellatrix Black's "I'm going to get you, bitch!" threat AND that copy of the Maurader's Map eva has, hm?!?!?

O.K. last thing I promise. If Eva and Remus have a past, which would be super interesting by-the-way, why are you down-playing it?!? I mean wouldn't that be so cool if they could be going out while she's engaged to Black and making him all jealous!?!

This REVIEWing thing takes alot out of you. I wish I could just be your Beta or something.

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Review #9, by kali*g/nost@lgia Punches, Thunder and Near death experiences

3rd February 2007:
What's this you made all this big deal with the Halloween Ball and suddenly you drop it? What's up?

Also, the play-by-play on eva's attire is good once so we can kinda get a picture of her style but...what can i say, you're kind've starting too over do it.

OK and who's room were they in exactly? Evas or Sirius'?
Also I don't like how Sirius simply fixes her up and woo-hoo she's all better now; where's the pain, the agony, the parents having to realize what she is capable of? Not just /all our problems will just go away by magic so we can spend an awkward night together/ (and what is the deal with that, pah-leez, god what purpose did that serve the plot anyway other than giving you goose-bumps over what /could/ have gone on between them).

Oh well, you asked for it. I'm kind of exasperated with this story and I have a lot of time on my hands, so get used to these long ones - also, I don't really mean for any of this to hurt, I'm going for 'constructive crtiscism,' but sometimes I get carried away so don't take it personally. i'm just ranting.

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Review #10, by kali*g/nost@lgia Pranking, Potions and Halloween Balls

3rd February 2007:
Ok I have a couple qualms with your writing structure. Every now and then you'll say super redundent stuff like, "She had yet to meet her perfect guy, maybe then she would think about something more than a fling, maybe. But she had yet to meet her perfect guy, so she didn’t know."

Can you say 'duh'?

I mean come on, couldn't you have at least said something like, "But she hadn't really met anyone remotely close, and besides she didn't really care. Teen years were meant to be her personal fling years and she was not going to mess it up with any search for a 'seriousrelationship.'"

By the way I think your story line is very cool and just by the amount you've written I can tell that you've put a monumental effort into this stuff. I know I could NOT even come close to this, especially on top of college work and everything.

Kudos for you!!!


I love how you set up the Eves Dropping scene with Eva's and Sirius' different perspectives, but I thought your reason for her standing up Sirius was a little cliche. It would have gotten around the school her brother died and besides /just/ being stood up would NOT have caused Sirius to have a burning vengence that would last YEARS!!!

A better excuse would be that her parents had tried to betroth her to Snape or someone else gross once before and she had spent the whole day (and weeks afterwards) fighting them about it.
("My parents tried to betroth me to Severus Snape that day, and I'm sorry that my wish NOT to marry him interfered with YOUR date plans." And have it happen recently.)

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Review #11, by Pafoots Princess6 Libraries, Ice Cream and Races

13th January 2007:
WOW!! I loved this fic so much!! Please, please, please update soon!! I"m BEGGING you!! LOVED it 10/10!!

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Review #12, by x_KatieKathryn Libraries, Ice Cream and Races

1st December 2006:
Haha! I love it. Alot.
Update soon? Yes, I really do hope so [:!
This story, My first love... Ahaha!
No. Its not but i dont really want to be telling a stranger this...
When i was reading the chapter whur Eva ran away from the wedding i was list'nin to a song called 'Listen to your heart' by DHT and relised it fitted in rather well!
Just felt like sharing that bit of information as i am in such a good mood [:!!
10/10 Yep!

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Review #13, by Skiagrlk35 Marshmallow dresses, perplexing tears and tender girly moments

26th November 2006:
I absolutley love your story! Where did you get that picture of the dress, it's beautiful

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Review #14, by bethyyyy Libraries, Ice Cream and Races

4th October 2006:
Wowb i reli like it!!! plz plz update soon!!

Author's Response: il be updating very soon xxx

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Review #15, by saba Libraries, Ice Cream and Races

22nd September 2006:
HEY!!! where is next chapters?!? you have done a beautiful work, but you need to finish it... please? ;)

Author's Response: il be finishing this story soonx xxxx

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Review #16, by phobia_of_seaweed Libraries, Ice Cream and Races

19th September 2006:
WOW!!! This is an amazing story! please continue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Olivia.

Author's Response: thanks (^_^)

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Review #17, by Opal_Unita Libraries, Ice Cream and Races

7th September 2006:
brillaint i Love it loads
i loved it so much when i saw that this was the last chapter i got a little disapointed!
Eva is so lucky!!! *green eyes* i don't know what she is complaining about!
Marrying Sirius whould torture! lol
i think Eva will warm up to Sirius now that they have agreed to be "friends" i think sirius has more in mind LoL
when Eva stood sirius up again i felt so sorry for him!
i love your o/c all as much as the origianal charicters,accept for Amy (a.k.a future plastic barbie!)she's a bitch!!!
this story is great and i can't wait to read more
110/10 :D :D :D :D

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Review #18, by wickedwon09 Pranking, Potions and Halloween Balls

25th August 2006:
liking it so far!

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Review #19, by lia Libraries, Ice Cream and Races

14th August 2006:
please update soon

Author's Response: i will be :)

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Review #20, by abolitionist Libraries, Ice Cream and Races

12th August 2006:
Love it! Update soon!

Author's Response: il be updating really really soon!!!

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Review #21, by SiriusBlack___x3 Libraries, Ice Cream and Races

4th August 2006:
I love this story..Eva is awesome.I wish I was getting married to Sirius I love him!! You're an awesome writer, keep it up.

Author's Response: Yessss eva is awesome! i love Sirius black too!!! xxx

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Review #22, by Diamond_Pearl Libraries, Ice Cream and Races

2nd August 2006:
hey i luv your story , and the way you make it like real the plot and the characters personality..keep writing.. and update soon please...!!

Author's Response: aw wow thank you, i always try my best to give my characters depth xxx

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Review #23, by Tinkerbell Libraries, Ice Cream and Races

18th July 2006:
i love this story please keep writing

Author's Response: Lol I will deffo keep writing.

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Review #24, by glPiItTtAer Libraries, Ice Cream and Races

30th May 2006:
Yeah! This is an awesome story! Update really, really, reall soon! Please!!! love, aglPiItTtAer

Author's Response: Im updating right now!

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Review #25, by glPiItTtAer Pranking, Potions and Halloween Balls

29th May 2006:
This is really good! It's really well written and everything! You're a fabulous writer! :) Okay, going on to next chapter... love, glPiItTtAer

Author's Response: Lol thank you, im pretty much a critic when it comes to my own writing so its always nice to read things like that.

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