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Review #1, by Rose Wilts A Riddle Halloween

8th January 2008:
He he. This was really fuuny. You write very well. Everything flowed nicely, I loved the humour.

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Review #2, by Princess Di A Riddle Halloween

22nd November 2007:

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Review #3, by balloonspell A Riddle Halloween

13th November 2007:
hahaaha! Cute story, and yet so typical of Tom Riddle to think that way, of simply being the best. Keep up the good work!:)

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Review #4, by Silver_Pheonix A Riddle Halloween

7th November 2007:

perfect ten coming your way

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Review #5, by x0xcaitlinx0x A Riddle Halloween

13th September 2007:
Wow that was awesome, really well written and pretty funny. Little Tom in a pumpkin suit, haha!

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Review #6, by Strix A Riddle Halloween

17th August 2007:
Excellent. I can just imagine young Mr Riddle sitting on his bed and vowing to be 'the best damn pumpkin the world had ever seen'. Very well written.

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Review #7, by CJ_Black A Riddle Halloween

21st June 2007:
Absolutely brilliant! I loved it, everything was great, th was awsome. It was hilarious, just to think about Tom Riddle, dressed as apumpkin...oh, lol. Great job, it was fantastic. It totally cracked me up. I haven't seen such good humor in years.

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Review #8, by joojoo A Riddle Halloween

17th May 2007:
Wow! That had me laughing all the way through. Tom Riddle - a pumpkin! If the wizarding world only knew what the man they are terrified of got up to as a child.
*snickers silently*.
Great job. Loved it.

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Review #9, by Weasley twins rock A Riddle Halloween

25th January 2007:
Oh I was hoping that we would get to read about him actually trick or treating. I wish that you had carried it one. I alsos wanted to know what Tom needed that woman for as well. I really liked how he acted and what his thoughts were like although, I thought that he wouldn't give in. I would be surprised if he ever gave into anyone.

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Review #10, by Teardrop A Riddle Halloween

23rd December 2006:
Loved it.

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Review #11, by HalfJamesPotter A Riddle Halloween

13th December 2006:
Nice story. 10/10.

Most of the Voldemort stories I read all seem to follow the lines of a kind of perfect person bent on taking over the world etc, but this story shows his personal side a bit more, eg I like the part where he said he'd be the best pumpkin the world had ever seen.

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Review #12, by Diane Artemis A Riddle Halloween

7th December 2006:
Wow. Interesting premise. This story is quite cute, but in a slightly dark way. Wonderful descriptions; great dialogue.

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Review #13, by Fallstar A Riddle Halloween

30th November 2006:
Lauds on an amusing and great short story. It could use a little darkness though to make it funnier.

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Review #14, by sweetie_face 14 A Riddle Halloween

27th November 2006:
Fantastic. Hilarious stuff.

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Review #15, by Ultimate_Trickster A Riddle Halloween

25th November 2006:
What an aspiration... the world's best pumpkin! And he wonders why he hasn't killed Harry yet. It's a good story with a great characterization of Tom Riddle.

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Review #16, by superstar_12 A Riddle Halloween

24th November 2006:
you are off to a great start, I luv it. if u know how to make a banner do u think u can make me one? I hope u don't think i'm greety, but i'm just asking. Keep writing.
Oh, I have a story called the Revenge and another story called The New Headmaster, i'd luv if you would read em'

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Review #17, by SilverShadow04 A Riddle Halloween

10th November 2006:
". . .the best damn pumpkin the world had ever seen.", lol that was priceless great line ^_^. Good story I like the originality and the idea.

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Review #18, by ashladon242 A Riddle Halloween

10th November 2006:
:D Lol!!! That was REALLY good!!! I think you wrote Tom perfectly! :D I LOVE it!!!

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Review #19, by tjwhermione A Riddle Halloween

4th August 2006:
Great story! I really enjoyed it! You should make a sequel or something...It would be very interesting! My story's about Voldemort and Halloween...That's weird...But still cool! I give it a 10/10

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Review #20, by Lucius_Malfoy_Must_Die A Riddle Halloween

1st August 2006:
Tom Riddle, a pumpkin, that's random all right. I love it great job. 10/10

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Review #21, by sammy lupin A Riddle Halloween

5th July 2006:
im crying from laughter! good job!

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Review #22, by FirePearl A Riddle Halloween

2nd May 2006:
Heha made me laugh!

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Review #23, by WildHolly A Riddle Halloween

23rd April 2006:
That was hilarious! Good job.

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Review #24, by Lyn Midnight A Riddle Halloween

10th April 2006:
How is it possible that I cannot find even one little mistake??? Whines... Oh, well, you should really write more about Voldemort. You have a knack for it. Also, judging by your other one-shot, I think you are better at angst. Don't get me wrong. You really made me laugh with that last sentence... damn pumpkin...

So, this was really something new. You have a pretty original thinking. You should develop it further. Don't stop now. Write more fics and you'll see how people will absolutely love your style! Well, just try to write them longer. This one did not feel incomplete but maybe it would be even better if it is longer:)

So, really great job! really funny. And to write a funny fic with Voldemort is a feat! There are no other fecs about him being in that orphanage so what you have here is one of a kind! Don't forget to post more :)

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Review #25, by MirrorOfErisedx A Riddle Halloween

26th February 2006:
Ha ha, funny story. I especially liked the last line. Great job!

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