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Review #1, by jenrabbit All A Dream?

25th March 2008:
YES I WANT A SEQUAL, DUH! Excelent, totaly a 10/10, and I'm off to see if you've written that sequal, but if you haven't (shakes finger in warning) you'd better get to work on it. Totaly luved it, you're a VERY talented writer!!!

Author's Response: Haha, we'll see about that sequel. I still need to work on all my stories that have just been left up. But haha, I'm glad you think so! It makes me happy to hear that!

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Review #2, by sunshinedreamr All A Dream?

29th May 2007:
That was incredible!! Did you ever write a sequel?? Your stories are always so amazing!


Author's Response: I'm afraid its another one I never got around to writing a sequal to :P there for a while I didn't write AT ALL. it was really depressing. and thanks so much!

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Review #3, by mbstargirl123 All A Dream?

11th February 2006:
That was pretty good and I personally, would not mind a sequal!

Author's Response: lol, I'll think about that on spring break or summer ^_^

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Review #4, by ravenclawprincess All A Dream?

5th January 2006:
i want a sequel!!! idk what happens, surprise me. ;-)

Author's Response: lol. When I have time I might. Probably summer would be the soonest. Screw school -_- It'll be the death of me. I'm glad you liked it

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Review #5, by PaMuggles All A Dream?

19th December 2005:
Very interesting. I really liked that you kind of hinted that Draco is a Seer (at least that’s what I got out of it). Well written, I really enjoyed this story, and usually hate Draco/Hermione stories. I hope you write more and make this a longer story. Good Job!

Author's Response: I was hinting at something similar to that, and I would like to write it out more! I might do it over Christmas Break..tomrrow's my last day..

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Review #6, by blacksouledbutterfly All A Dream?

30th November 2005:
Hmm.....scary dream...I would freaked out if I were him

Author's Response: lol, it was a random story written when the doctors had me on like....6 different medicines

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Review #7, by real_life_rules All A Dream?

24th November 2005:
I love Hermione/Draco fics. Go Dude=)

Author's Response: lol. I love your username. Its so similar...yet so different than mine =)

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Review #8, by daydreamr09 All A Dream?

12th October 2005:
This was good and it sounded like Voldemort from what we've read in the books.

Author's Response: yay! I just kinda wrote its good that it sounds like voldemort from the that means I'm evil though...AGH!

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