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Review #1, by Galtha Harry Potter and what Love May Bring

28th September 2004:
Uh, god. Sorry, but this really sucks. It's way too corny and fast. I'm sorry, but it's terrible. Separate your quotes, they need a paragraph of their own. Ugh.

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Review #2, by twinkletoes Harry Potter and what Love May Bring

26th April 2004:
hmmmmm well that went kinda way too fast. they kiss and it's i love you?! slow it down

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Review #3, by latinchick Harry Potter and what Love May Bring

25th June 2003:
hey! its a cute story, keep writing! I\'m looking forward for the next chapter!

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Review #4, by Kai Harry Potter and what Love May Bring

21st June 2003:
...........uhh....lets see...this is a bit too fast. Also come on! Hermione totally loathes Draco!!!! I mean I could see these to getting together but uhh...it takes time. Even if they didn\'t hate eachother it still takes T-I-M-E! (unless that is they softened up during their seventh year, but the least you could do is state that!)Oh and I absolutely could never see Draco saying \'Hon\'.... And another thing. What i\'m gonna mention kind of centers around their hatred towards eachother but it\'s not reallly a big deal...Hermione would never address Draco by his first name and neither would Draco address Hermione by her first name. When they develope a really close relationship then possiblly they would call eachother by their first name but this also ties in with your fast growin\' plot. To me this is kind of unrealistic really.Well sorry if I hurt you or offened you in anyway. It\'s just really advice but anyway...laterz.... Hugs ~*Kai*~

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Review #5, by Anon Harry Potter and what Love May Bring

18th June 2003:
It\'s awsome. Please write more,it\'s a great story!!!!

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Review #6, by Anon Harry Potter and what Love May Bring

18th June 2003:
Please write more asap!!!!!!!!!!! It\'s the best story Iv\'e read so far for Draco/Hermione!

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Review #7, by mariteri Harry Potter and what Love May Bring

4th June 2003:
Oh, where to begin? You really need to separate the quotes. That way the people reading it know who is talking. The way you have it looks like a muddle and is very unappealing to the readers eyes. Next, what you have here as far as the characters is all too sudden! Realationships take time in real life, never mind in fiction. Take the time to develope it. Make the reader relish what\'s happening between your two main charaters. And as far as how they are speaking, but I\'m sorry Hermione would never call anyone \"Hon\". It is totally uncharateristic of her. And I don\'t care how in love they might be, they would NEVER be this sappy. So bad that I would have to warn diabetics to stay clear. Love and tender feelings are great, but this bubblegum romance is, well, best left in the circular filing cabinet.

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Review #8, by Baby Goo Goo 2 Harry Potter and what Love May Bring

2nd June 2003:

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Review #9, by erika Harry Potter and what Love May Bring

1st June 2003:
i like that so far...although it went a little fast...but ill definately wanna see what happens next! =)

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