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Review #1, by looneylovegood Ginny And Jessie At Loggerheads

23rd May 2007:
pls write qwikly

ps (said in a meek tone) if you wanna read my story and tell me what you think from one auther to another it would be greatly appreciated

Author's Response: Thanks! Just waiting for the new chapter to be validated!

I'll take a peep at yours in a day or two - the next few days are a bit difficult for me to get onto the computer

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Review #2, by looneylovegood The Halloween Ball

4th May 2007:
omg this is soo good!!! pls keep on writing!

luv it!

Author's Response: Just waiting for the next chapter to be validated :)

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Review #3, by Narcissa48 Chapter 4

3rd March 2007:
This is good but i think you need 2 check your spellin in all the chapters and check some sentences cos they dont make sense and some parts of it are a bit rushed. otherwise its v. good so far!

Author's Response: Thankyou! Yes, I need to check spelling + grammar.. I have all my fanfics written on my website so I just copy and paste from there

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Review #4, by stacey_elayne A Day Out II

25th May 2006:
not my fave chapter...lousy birthday gifts! heheh just kidding!

Author's Response: HAHAHA Hey! I should be the one complaining! My character is the one that faints! LoL!

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Review #5, by stacey_elayne Chapter 6

25th May 2006:
lol poor poor harry i really was terribly mean to him!

Author's Response: Hahaha you most certainly were!! Oh well, he deserved it :-P

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Review #6, by stacey_elayne Chapter 4

25th May 2006:
YAY i'm in this chapter!!! LOL let's see in mine this would be where i take a nasty tumble down the stairs! lol of course you know i love the chapter anyway. i'm just a big fan of...well.. me! lol good job! you know i love ya girl!

Author's Response: LoL! I love you too girl!
And yeah, you KNOW you love this story :-P Just because its connected with yours =D

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Review #7, by stacey_elayne Chapter 3

25th May 2006:
stupid stupid Fudge...did you HAVE to leave him as in there? couldn't you have sent someone else? okay i know i like this chapter, just not a big fan of stupid people

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Review #8, by stacey_elayne Chapter 2

25th May 2006:
LOL SAFE?? we're talking Harry here remember?

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Review #9, by stacey_elayne Back At Hogwarts

25th May 2006:
hey girl this is one of my fave cause it's one of the best parts in my story...dang i can't wait to get my portion of this story up!

Author's Response: Girl, I know you love the whole lot! Hahaha!

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Review #10, by stacey_elayne Chapter 1 - At Home

25th May 2006:
lol you know that i love this couldn't i seeing as i have one that runs alongside it!

Author's Response: Hey chicadee! Yep, you better put your view of things up too :) Looking forward to seeing YOU get reviews too

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Review #11, by Kat Chapter 3

12th May 2006:
It was great!!!!!!!!!!! + i think J.K should use it for the 7th book.

Author's Response: Awww thanks :) Your too sweet!
Dont worry, its still being updated and the next chapter will be up shortly :)

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Review #12, by Fawkes the Red Phoenix Chapter 4

18th October 2005:
I like the story!You should post more.What happened to Aunt Petuina

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reminding me bout this story! I totally forgot and just kept writing it, but on my own personal site! LOL! Petunia comes back in later - ALOT later on

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