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Review #1, by spencefa Back to where it all started

26th June 2010:
the story was pretty good, the ending was too sudden.

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Review #2, by Robyn Back to where it all started

6th January 2006:
No offense, but thats a bad ending...harry cant die

Author's Response: there is no offense....i just wanted Harry dead...anyway...would u live in a world that will never be as it had been...where everyone is a complete stranger...even thou they worship u? i don't think so...

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Review #3, by Anastasia Back to where it all started

5th January 2006:
Very good story! I loved Hermione's sacrifice --it shows her strong friendship with Harry. Umbridge a Death Eater? Original idea. Good job Christina. By the way, I spotted a mistake:''... didn’t succeeded'' It's didn't succeed.

Author's Response: yeah...tks for mentioning! a lil error! my apologizes. glad u liked's one of my favorites too.

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Review #4, by R0M3 Back to where it all started

30th October 2005:
Good job sis'! This is a nice story...sad, but nice. Keep writting, i wanna read more.

Author's Response: tks bro! glad youliked it

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Review #5, by blue_krik Back to where it all started

29th October 2005:
OMG!!! this is so good.....kinda sad....very sad.....but very,very good....I especially liked the last line.Kisses! and...keep writing!

Author's Response: tks a lot blue-kirk. i'm so gl;ad you liked it. keep reading, cause i'll keep writing

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Review #6, by just annother stupid idiot Back to where it all started

14th October 2005:
please say this isn't a one shot...

Author's Response: Actually, it is. sorry to disapoint u.

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Review #7, by Unicorn Girl Back to where it all started

11th October 2005:
This is way to depressing...but I liked it.

Author's Response: tks, glsd u liked this one 2. i written it in a depressing moment so .. that must be the cause.

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