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Review #1, by Yiva Potter The Failed Detention

15th February 2006:
lovely, just lovely!!!! buh-bye ttyl

Author's Response: Thank you. I am glad that you enjoyed it! I am hoping to be able to post up a new story here soon. Please keep checking for new updates! Hoping to be able to stay on the ball of them. TTYL!

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Review #2, by Yiva Potter The Title, Part 2

15th February 2006:
LOL!!!!!!! Awesome job reuniting the friends!!! i knew they'd bond over something like crushing their arch nemises...much like us, wow, amazing! anyway, great job ttyl ~Eva

Author's Response: Oh, why, thank you! I appreciate your reveiw! I am glad that you enjoyed the story. I will ttyl!

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Review #3, by CarlaBlomst A soreness of 2 friends

13th December 2005:
Hm. Interesting=)

Author's Response: thanx! this was one of my first stroies, so i understand that it wass probably not as good as the other stories. i hope that you enjoyed it, though!

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Review #4, by harry_luvs_hermy_and_u_no_it The Title, Part 2

29th November 2005:
Harry....complaining about dessert? As if! But I like what you did to Darco.....BOO-YAA!!! Say hello to my Favorites List!!

Author's Response: YAY!! oh, good! i thought that Draco needed to be taught a lesson! i am glad that you enjoyed it!

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Review #5, by believeintrees_emfl The Title, Part 2

28th November 2005:
well, after u had the A/N about the white tux, i sorta figured it out. i like this chappie the best. why they have to go?

Author's Response: um, yeah! They caused a big scene and they didn't want to be confronted about it. you know, i am confused by this chapter posting thing. they poted chapter 5 before chapter's 3, 4, and 6. oh well, i will get used to it soon, i hope! =)

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Review #6, by believeintrees_emfl Breaking the News

28th November 2005:
yes, writers block are definitely not fun...ummm, how about a ff with james and lily? u seem 2 be good at fighting ff, so u could have them fight...i dont know, maybe read a couple ff, it always helps me. lol, i like Ron's thoughts.:)

Author's Response: thankyou! i think that i will write a story about James/Lily. i enjoy writing the fighting scenes. i think that it's kinda fun! do you have any recommondations? if so, pleze just contact me. THANX!!

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Review #7, by believeintrees_emfl A soreness of 2 friends

28th November 2005:
does that mean i get 1,000,000 dollars? if so, yay! if not, thats ok. oh, yeah, the story...its good. But who's maggie's boyfriend???

Author's Response: no, it doesn't. i am sorry! it's just a saying that i've heard a lot. oh, yeah! that would be ron. i hope that you had enjoyed it.

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Review #8, by SweeT!! The Plan

8th November 2005:
That was totally awesome!! Please, keep up the great work!! I hope that you add more soon!! I don't want to wait any longer!! PLEASE!!!! Well, just keep up the good work anyway!!! thanx!

Author's Response: Well, thank you! i will try to post up another one here soon!!

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Review #9, by Yiva Potter The Plan

24th October 2005:
So, what are you trying to say? I have a bad temper? Well you know what? No! LOL!!!! WTG, great update. Maybe I need to give you some new puns? Lets see, the Seriusly's been done way to much...I'm just kidding, I promise, It was awesome. Seriously, though, The fight thing? Try it out? ......I'll give you a whole bag of french fries!!!! LOL wtg!!!

Author's Response: *laughs* Oh, thanks!! Your so funny!! And, he's crazy!JK! Thanks for your reveiw. Oh, and I'd like those fries golden brown! JK!!! Well, good luck with that pun thing! Thanx, again, for your reveiw!!TTYL!!!

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Review #10, by lillys_best_pal The Plan

21st October 2005:
HA! I have fights with my brother over nothing too and with my friends. And then I see that the fight was over nothing so i start laughing. And the other people don't see it coming so they get creeped out and I laugh even harder at their expressions and they start saying stupid stuff so i go into a laughing fit I don't come out of for about ten minutes.

Author's Response: Well, thank you *laughs*. I am glad that someone finally understands me. I get into fights sumtimes with my friends over nothing, too. I am glad to hear that someone finally understands where I am coming from.

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Review #11, by mudbloodgirl123 The Plan

18th October 2005:
what is with the long abenses(sp) sorry anyway really i have never had someone out up more than one chapi a month!!!! anyway great story just keep going okay!!!!

Author's Response: Thank you. Sorry, I know, I am REALLY behind! I will hopefulley be able to post my 3rd chappy soon. please keep reding, hoping to be able to acc more for you're reading delight.

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Review #12, by ? A soreness of 2 friends

14th October 2005:
What was that?!?!

Author's Response: *smiles* Excuse me, but i do NOT recall telling you to read my story! if you did not like it, then why waste your time revewing it! I would appreciate it if you would not reveiw and waste your preciuos time if you didn't like it!!! thanx a lot! !*still smiles*

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Review #13, by ginnyevenstar A soreness of 2 friends

11th October 2005:
wow...Maggie and Yiva have a strange friendship. it's interesting to see Harry and Ron with new people, besides the ones we all know already. keep it up, but it would be great if you could bring in more of the good old characters!

Author's Response: thank you! i am planning on bringing in more characters in the next few chapters. I just wanted to introduce these new ones to you all! Hope you enjoyed! i am hoping to add more soon!

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Review #14, by Siriusly Obsessed A soreness of 2 friends

10th October 2005:
Very interesting story... Keep up with your writing!

Author's Response: Thank you, and i will do that. keep checking fo new updates!

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Review #15, by Yiva Potter A soreness of 2 friends

10th October 2005:
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED IT!!!!! Add soon!!! Please? I'll be your best friend!....wait I already am

Author's Response: Thanks stranger=))) I am glad to hear that you enjoyed it!! keep checking!!

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