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Review #1, by Wierd_Sisters Awakening to a Nightmare

15th November 2005:

Something just occured to me....

A while ago I told my friend who has a story about a girl in love with Ron but kinda has some relationship with Draco going on - she had a dream about this little girl giggling in high pitched giggles x_X *shivers* And my friend said that the little girl was her as a younger girl...I told her that it could be that girl and Draco's love child and she was like "O____________________O.............actually, I like that idea. DRAMATIC." lmao. Yeah, I was just reminded of that. Thought I should share. ^^

Author's Response: I shall meditate on that... Thanxies! I really do like the idea.... *scribbles down something on a paper* I believe I CAN incorporate it rather nicely into this story... thanks again for the idea! You're a genius, I tell you ;) <3, Sorcha

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Review #2, by Wierd_Sisters Awakening to a Nightmare

15th November 2005:

Viktor. So, he was all 'lovey-dovey' with Hermione when she could have been snogging with Ron whilst he was engaged?!

The prat.

Am I allowed to kill him, yes? Viktor doesnt deserve to live. He deserves to be hit. Very hard. Yess.

Very. Good.

*falls over from laughing*

*coughcough* ahem. Right. YEah. Sorry. ^^;

ANYWAYS, Yeah. the story is brilliant. Can I ask of a question? Does Viktor like, die? It'd make good drama, I can assure you! *nods eagerly*

Author's Response: Kill off Viktor??!!! ‘Tis sacrilegious, I say! Yet I like that idea for some strange reason… it would have to be dramatic, though. Lot’s of fireworks and bombs going off in the background, the onslaught of noise shattered by the uttering of his final words to his true love… *gesticulates fervently* Well, thank you for the review and the insight. You're so wonder-mous!! :) <3, Sorcha

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Review #3, by Shii and Nel Awakening to a Nightmare

23rd October 2005:
update soon ^^ this will be interesting! =D *gives marina a band-aid... receives only a reproachful look full of disgust* ..O.o why do we keep receiving the look of scorn?

Author's Response: I don't think a band-aid would help poor Mari right now... but the thought I'm sure will be appreciated! And maybe those looks of scorn are because people are jealous of your awesomeness ;) Well, thank you for the review. Update shall come soon... when inspiration hit me... (hopefully not too hard this time O_o)

Author's Response: *hits ...what is it with me and spelling..>.<

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Review #4, by Penny Lane Awakening to a Nightmare

22nd October 2005:
The only thing wrong with this story is its shortness :) Let me know when you update.

Author's Response: Eh... yesh O_o. The length is annoying. I intended it to be more of a prologue, and I'm also busy writing a new fic about the little-known life of one of the main charries of HP... an update should be out soon, though ;). Thanks for the review! <3, Sorcha

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Review #5, by ginnyevenstar Awakening to a Nightmare

11th October 2005:
interesting...i never imagined Krum with someone else.

Author's Response: Yesh, well, that's just my strange imagination for you ;). Thank you very much for the review. An update should be up in the near future.

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