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Review #1, by descendingdove Out of the Darkness

8th May 2006:
Sorry guys... I guess I'm what you call a "zombie author" who starts a fic and then dies only to resurrect some times after.... anywho, the update will come. Sorry for the wait.... LONG LIVE THE UNDEAD!!! *coughs*

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Review #2, by Wierd_Sisters Out of the Darkness

12th April 2006:
Uhhh.. Dude.. When are you gonna update?
I really

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Review #3, by Wierd_Sisters Out of the Darkness

25th January 2006:
*once again

ew. typos.

Author's Response: tis okay. typus arg cook. :)

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Review #4, by Wierd_Sisters Out of the Darkness

25th January 2006:
I LOVE the way you write the actions of people, like the backflip. Dunno why, but I love it <3

A wyrm.. o.O;;
Do I want to know?

Please tell mee? ^^
or update soon, yes, that'd be better

Or both..

Yes, ahem, anyways, one again: love it. Der. How could I not?

Author's Response: *le squeee!*Thanks, I wanted to somewhat replicate the way Durstrang entered Hogwarts in the fourth movie... Durmstrang guys... *swoons*. Anyway, I left the story on a semi-cliffie so it's be polite to update, no? Well thank you for reading, I'm hoping to post a few new stories and re-write a few so that they are less rushed and more... what to you call it? Professional suppose. ;)

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Review #5, by ihaveprettysocks23 Out of the Darkness

15th January 2006:
ooo...sketchy(thats my word of the day)...great job! :)

Author's Response: Sketchy? lol. That's an interesting thing to call my fanfic! Well, I'm glad you liked it and very happy that you left a review. ;)

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Review #6, by ihaveprettysocks23 Arrivals

28th December 2005:
mmmm....hott russian!! update soon i really like your story....alot :)

Author's Response: .... yesh, I know.... I'm rather fond of Russians. Don't ask me why. And thanks for the review!

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Review #7, by Wierd_Sisters Born Contenders

25th December 2005:
Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year <3

Author's Response: You too!!! <3333333 Sorry that I've been dead for the past few months... I need to update don't I? It's only polite. ;)

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Review #8, by Wierd_Sisters Arrivals

15th November 2005:
You are simply brilliant <3 What more can I say? You have an undenying, intensifying, vocabularywondermous, writing brilliance in you. Talent is what I see. ^_^ Keep it up; I'll be looking for the next chapter soon.

Author's Response: ......

I'll need to do my re-write of Quills first. And I promised I'd do an extra long chappie of Frigid Night..

But I will update! Come heck or highwater!.

<3, Sorcha.

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Review #9, by Wierd_Sisters Born Contenders

15th November 2005:
Thhhat's right. i'm just NOT going to review.

Hokai, so... your writing is brilliant.

And I love that idea so much.

And you really do inspire me.

Le brilliant Sorcha <3

Author's Response: Ah, I'm planning to do a re-write on quills, but I think I'll just do uber long chappies for this one since I believe the plot needs to be supported by looooots of info..

But that's just moi.... and I'm typically viewed as insane O_o..

Thankies ;).

<3 Sorcha

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Review #10, by Wierd_Sisters Born Contenders

15th November 2005:





Author's Response: Argh! Don't die!.

I'll kill you if you do!.

.... wait.... that doesn't.... nevermind....

<3, Sorcha

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Review #11, by Penny Lane Arrivals

22nd October 2005:
I can not believe this story doesn't have more reviews! Brilliant, marvelous - I'm probably totally inflating your ego right now but I'm not lying. I love this. Keep it up, I can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: lmao! Well, the lack of reviews is a bit frustrating... but then again, I just began writing fanfiction a few weeks ago. There is still hope... *reaches for light* Anyways, I'm flattered by what you say regarding my stories. I believe yours are rather awesome as well ;) <3, Sorcha

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Review #12, by Penny Lane Born Contenders

22nd October 2005:
"...crossing her arms and looking into her daughter rather than at." At what?

Aside from that I can find nothing wrong and I think this is absolutely brilliant. I love your writing style, also :)

Author's Response: Eep! An error! Thank you for pointing it out to me and for leaving such a wondermous review ^_^

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Review #13, by ScienceGeek Born Contenders

20th October 2005:
omg omg omg this is amazing!!!!

Author's Response: OMG OMG OMG! Thank you soooo much for the review! I'll update asap just for you ;)!

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Review #14, by Witch-a Born Contenders

10th October 2005:
handsome Russian? Finally! I've been needing to hear about more guys other than Riddle. What is it with you and that charrie anyways? He's not going to pop up in this story is he? is he? well, anyways, I love the story thus far. You really ran away with yourself here, Sorchita. ;)

Author's Response: O_o I'm not even going to go there, Esme.... Anyways, Voldemort MAY have some influence in this story. Maybe a Death eater or two 'll show up. I'm glad my story gains your approval... ^_^

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Review #15, by Kained but Able Born Contenders

9th October 2005:
Well done. This is an imaginative and confident opening. keep it up!

Author's Response: Thank you sooo much for the glowing review :) The next chapter should be out in the very near future. (unless ofcourse my computer breaks, I get struck by lightning, etc.) It's just that I'm hoping to bring in a pethra of new fanfics, so I may be delayed. O_o

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