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Review #1, by bronnie5 Their Story

20th October 2007:
... wow... I'm speechless... what can I say? It was beautiful, it was captivating, the emotions are so strong... I love it!

Author's Response: Thankyou very much! xxx

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Review #2, by zrose Their Story

29th March 2007:
really really good. I liked it a lot

Author's Response: :D

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Review #3, by Teardrop Their Story

6th December 2006:
That was a great story. But Lily and James didn't know Molly or Arthur yet in fact i dont think they ever met.

Author's Response: haha yeah i know about that, but I needed something exciting, a twist...
they may have met.. i mean the wizard world isnt that small...

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Review #4, by :SDKLHFKLHS:L Their Story

2nd September 2006:
me likey the end ... like that last sentence is really cool! Do you ever check these things anymore?

Author's Response: sometimes.. lol
thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by darksideofthemoon Their Story

12th February 2006:
wow this is really good! really well written. it makes a lot of sense that they would have been friends :)

Author's Response: thankyou very much!

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Review #6, by Noblevyne Their Story

31st January 2006:
This is very moving, Evelyn and very beautiful. I loved the fight scene, I loved all the little memories that added to it, Molly and Arthur's relationship and how it was James and Lily who broke the news. Wonderful piece of writing.

Author's Response: wow! thankyou very much lauren! i have to admit i wrote this story to go with the banner, because i was in such a creative mood i had to make something. I have no idea where i got the ideas, but some people say that it doesnt really go with the banner.. oh well! (i'm rambling here.,. sorry!) again, thankyou very much! love evelyn

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Review #7, by Anastasia Their Story

7th January 2006:
Great story! Well done Evelyn! By the way, have you started making the banner I requested? I hope there aren't any problems with it... ~Anastasia

Author's Response: hey there! thankyou very much! sorry, no, i havent started on your banner yet.. i still have a few more to get through before yours! lol.. -evelyn

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Review #8, by icy_cool_hermione Their Story

26th December 2005:
Hi Iced, it's icy. Lol, I'm reviewing trish, yours and hopefully soon, others...but anyhow, I really liked this! I loved how you connected Remus with this, and I loved the ending, although it was sad. Just a note, there were a few typo/spelling and grammatical errors...but no biggie. I would have loved more details of the fight, though...but although this was a bit short, it was good^^. I must add, I spent a good few minutes admiring the pretty banners on your author's page, lol. You are an amazing graphics artist, and also a good author! Anyhow, nice job!=)

Author's Response: wow! icy!! thankyou very very much!! i know this story is very short.. and its has a HUGE amount of spelling and gramitcal errors.. but with out them.. its wouldnt be me!! lol.. i always have mistakes.. no matter how many times i look over it!! lol!! thankyou very much for the beautiful review! i shall review you soon! -iced

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Review #9, by A Lily Their Story

11th December 2005:
Beautiful! I really liked it....there are so few stories that deal with Gideon, Fabian, and Molly. Lily and James were incorporated so well too-anyway, good story!

Author's Response: thankyou very much! agree, i read a story like this one and had to write my own! lol! thanx again!

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Review #10, by emily43212 Their Story

21st October 2005:
Fantastic one shot!!!!! I love the sytle of how you write!!! Keep writing brill stories and your banner goes great by the way!!!!

Author's Response: you think so? thanx very much!

Author's Response: you think so? thanx very much!

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Review #11, by RavenMaiden Their Story

17th October 2005:
hello evvy how are you I am stuck in japan and my acount wont let me log in *grumble grumble grumble* very touching story, I cant remember If james and Lily had anything to do with the weaslys but who cares, and yes it does match the banner

Author's Response: Yay! thankyou brenna, i hope your having a great time.. bying lots of presents.. *hint*.. just kidding.. i hope your account lets you log in soon! :D love evvy

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Review #12, by Ginevra Potter Their Story

12th October 2005:
I'd like to apologize, for my bad assumption, I felt awful for that unessisary comment. I would liked to say that I whent back and read it and truly enjoyed your story. Their arn't many out there that take on the story of Gideon aand Fabian and I'll take anything I can get.

Author's Response: i might appologise too... i got a bit.. umm.. let me say annoyed at the review.. and fully attacked it... but anyhoo.. its just a review! hey that rhymed! lol -iced

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Review #13, by descendingdove Their Story

10th October 2005:
Incrredible. :P I was completely enthralled by the perspective you put on Molly. It was amazngly original as well as creative. Zee banner is to die for, BTW.(and I reeeally hope you don't mind me asking this via review, but my email server is a dunse... do you think you can make a banner for a story of mine?) And again, wonderful fanfic. Keep it up!

Author's Response: thanx for the amazing review! I will make you a banner, but i do need an email to send the banner to you... jsut contact me with the details.. you can find them on my actual website (under my name on my pen-name page). thanx again! -iced

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Review #14, by tonksgirl4eva Their Story

10th October 2005:
The end was a bit short-when Molly was informed of Gideon and Fabian's death i think you should of described it in more detail it was a great story though i loved the idea of the story

Author's Response: thanx heaps! yeah i suppose it should ahve been.. oh well!

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Review #15, by Ginevra Potter Their Story

10th October 2005:
first off I hate when people cannot get their canon right. Her last name should be Prewett not Weasley.

Author's Response: first off I hate it when people crisitisise other people... I dont care about canon... so why should you. its my story. but thanx for pointing the weasley thing out.. i've chnage that now.

Author's Response: Secondly, how is it out of a canon. We all know that it took 5 death eaters to kill the prewett brothers... so thats right... they were part of the order.. they used patronus's to comunicate, as it explains in the 6th book... we all know that Remus Lupin was bitten when he was a very little child (if you cant see the conection to the story.. i feel very sorry for you), and we no nothing of Molly weasley's past.. so i see nothing off canon there except the simple mistake that i amde of writing Molly Weasley instead of Molly Prewett... now thats changed there is not reason for you to hate it!

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Review #16, by Sam M (not logged in...) Their Story

9th October 2005:
Very beautiful. I love all the emotions. Poor Molly. Gods, I'm going to cry... I would've liked more details off their last fight, but I like it anyways. Love the banner too :) ~ Sam M

Author's Response: i sort of got a bit bored with the fight.. so i made it... well short.. lol! dont cry!!

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