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Review #1, by MsErrol You WIll Be Great!

24th September 2013:
That Was Great!!! :):);)

Author's Response: Thank you MsErrol. Appreciate the review.

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Review #2, by gliter girl You WIll Be Great!

26th July 2009:
squib not scib

Author's Response: I know. Very silly of me. I am so ashamed. Ah well.Thanks for letting me know. :)

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Review #3, by kittykat3824 You WIll Be Great!

30th October 2007:
heyboo, this is a really great one-shot. it might be a good idea to turn it into a longer story?? well enjoy your day!!

Author's Response: I have been thinking about it- but i need to finish my other stories first.

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Review #4, by moongirl You WIll Be Great!

12th June 2007:
God reading this makes me really, REALLY wish that things had turned out that way. Minus the abuse of course!

Author's Response: Poor harry.

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Review #5, by slytheringal22 You WIll Be Great!

30th March 2007:
this is the first story i have read since i just made an account and it was awesomly awesome. but this was only my first story so... yeah.

Author's Response: Thanks. Go luch finding others, because they are plently well written ones.

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Review #6, by Muggle394 You WIll Be Great!

24th March 2007:
awww. poor harry. the durslys beat him up so bad he almost died? gosh thats reminds me of Concrete Angel by Martina McBride. thats a song. anyway great story

Author's Response: Thank you. I'll check out that song... later

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Review #7, by Lord Lugos You WIll Be Great!

21st February 2007:
Oh my god, that was so awesome! I love Sirius rescues Harry stories. Can't get enough of them. I tend to write those kind as well, with a million more ideas. One shots are great because they get resolved quickly. Definitely an add to favourites story.

Author's Response: Ah thank you, very much. I'll have a look at your stories, i am interested in new stories.

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Review #8, by GangsterBob You WIll Be Great!

3rd February 2007:
Awww. Cute.

Author's Response: Fanx

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Review #9, by mrsmolly You WIll Be Great!

25th November 2006:
that was SO sweet

Author's Response: Thanks. I am actually thinking of improving it. I.E. lengthening it a bit.

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Review #10, by blue dragon You WIll Be Great!

30th October 2006:
I really like the story. BUT, the ending wasn't good. It didn't have a sense of conclusion. If you'd just go back and work on some other endings, just that last paragraph, it would leave oyur reader with a MUCH better impression. The ending is almost as important as the begining! Well, other han that, I loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you for that! I guess that makes sense. I am planning on redoing that and maybe adding a couple of chappies to it, but i want to finish of Haunted and A Different Edge first.

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Review #11, by hagen5690 You WIll Be Great!

12th August 2006:
wow that was great! u may have writen it long before i have read it but still goood job. lol

Author's Response: Thank you. Very much.

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Review #12, by kaydi crookshanks You WIll Be Great!

7th August 2006:
sad at first but i liked the ending.

Author's Response: Thank you. I am thinking of making it into a short story (i.e. a few chapters) but it'll have to wait.

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Review #13, by Sky Goddess You WIll Be Great!

26th July 2006:
I love this story, AU, right? I like that he remembered everything when he got all the stuff from Sirius. He moved in with them, and I like how he still contacted his doctor after EIGHT years, and he told her about his life, but kept it in muggle terms. You really capture a lot of emotion, and I like the whole Sirius was cleared of charges type things. I really hope you keep writing.

Author's Response: Just check out my other stories and thank you.

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Review #14, by inside_im_crying (not logged on...oooops:)) You WIll Be Great!

16th July 2006:
wow, a brill idea and very well written.... so perfect... just wonderful, altough unlikely that he'd remember everything in one night... still beautiful

Author's Response: Well, it all came rushing back. But, i am thinking, that when i finished a couple of other stories i will come back and lengthen it to a few chapters.

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Review #15, by tjwhermione You WIll Be Great!

11th July 2006:
That was really great! You did a good job!! :~)

Author's Response: Thank you.

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Review #16, by smile2006 You WIll Be Great!

12th June 2006:
i loved that every bit! it would be really good if you turned it into a full story!!

Author's Response: I might, lots of readers have asked for that.

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Review #17, by siobhan_malfoy You WIll Be Great!

6th June 2006:
omg that is so sweet

Author's Response: Thank you

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Review #18, by gemdragonfly You WIll Be Great!

24th March 2006:
I really loved it. -Gem

Author's Response: Thank you.

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Review #19, by Bama You WIll Be Great!

2nd March 2006:
Awwww...that just*slams chest with fist*. *cough*Sorry! Hit myself to hard. lol. I love this story, so cute. Bit confusing at times, but oh so adorable!

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it. My first one-shot.

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Review #20, by Misty Willow You WIll Be Great!

8th January 2006:
WoW This Fics the greatest! I've put it on my favourites before I even had the chance to review!!! !Ebs!

Author's Response: Thank you very much. Glad you liked it.

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Review #21, by Lynx Silverhawk You WIll Be Great!

29th December 2005:
that was really good! i loved it!

Author's Response: Why thank you very much.

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Review #22, by karin You WIll Be Great!

27th November 2005:
I really really loved it. You are really good at it. If you can, could you PLease make a sequl. THanks

Author's Response: I am thinking of deleting it and making it longer, just a few more chapters longer. But longer. I am just waiting for my computer to get fixed.

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Review #23, by BiTCH_FRoM_H3LL You WIll Be Great!

12th November 2005:
this is a reallyy great story, well writen and thought out. i was wondering if you could add more to it, i would love to find out what happened after he left the hospital with sirius and how hogwarts was. anyway keep writing your good at it. p.s. i've just started reading your other fic The Rage of Potter graet work!!! ", x

Author's Response: Well, it was supposed to be a one-shot, but i can maybe change the ending and add one more chapter. I'll think about but right now i want to finish Haunted, A different edge and revelations because they have been running the longest.

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Review #24, by charmed ravenclaw You WIll Be Great!

9th November 2005:
Ah, don't you just hate it when people read your stories yet don't review? This was a nice what if, even though we know it is never gonna happen. By the way, you spelt 'squib' as 'scrib' here and there is 'two' here which I think is supposed to be 'too'.

Author's Response: Woops, i think that computer corrected squib without my knowledge. As for the other... *blush*.

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Review #25, by Kyleigh You WIll Be Great!

2nd November 2005:
What lovely closure at the end. I thought that was very thoughtful of you... It must be hard working with clients and then wondering what happens to them cause you'll never see them again... okay off topic... but hey. It was a nice little one shot. OMG I just used 'nice'. Okay Well written. Would have like to have seen a little more Dursley abuse next time. (your insane serial reviewer) : ) Kyleigh

Author's Response: Well, keep it up, insane serial reviewer, that is acceptable (wink wink). Thanks.

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