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Review #1, by bizinhavieira A Pair Of Woolen Socks

8th January 2008:
Well, I have to say adorable! That was a very, very sweet story! It's a bit sad, but that's just what makes it so good. And the leght was just perfect, sometimes it's better to cut a story short so that you don't loose the main point.

Kisses and Hugs
~~Little Bibi~~

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Review #2, by Alex A Pair Of Woolen Socks

3rd October 2007:
why do u write these? are these story made up or what?

Author's Response: *blinks* erm... what?

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Review #3, by Ripley A Pair Of Woolen Socks

28th September 2007:
Very sweet! I don't think that you made it too short, btw. You did a good job with the simplicity of the introduction and the image in the mirror.

Author's Response: aw, thank you! i'm glad you liked it this way. looking back at it now, after it's been on here for a while i start to like it more and more and i think the length was just right. :) thanks a lot for the review!!

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Review #4, by Harrypottergirl4eva A Pair Of Woolen Socks

27th May 2006:
This story is so good and very mysterious. I didn't realise s_p had already set a mirror of erised challenge but oh well - it's not on the master thread so I assumer mine is alright! This is exactly what I meant when I set the challenge anyway although I was looking for people to uncover the mystery whereas yours is left open which is just as good! Well done, I truely believe that this is the albus dumbledore we all cried for in book six and I hope to read more of your stories!

harrypottergirl4vea (u_had_me_at_hello)

x x

Author's Response: hehe thank you, i'm glad you liked it!! oh, and don't worry there's plenty of stuff around that i wrote. ^^ thanks a bunch for the review! it means a lot to me! sauerkraut's challenge was to write what dumbledore really sees and i simply kept the idea of what he said and took it a step further.

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Review #5, by Anonymous A Pair Of Woolen Socks

10th May 2006:
Really Good, youre a great writer.

Author's Response: rofl, thank you very much, this means a lot to me!!

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Review #6, by Anonymous A Pair Of Woolen Socks

10th May 2006:
Really Good, youre a great writer.

Author's Response: same ^^

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Review #7, by jenniiiiii A Pair Of Woolen Socks

15th February 2006:
Hey there! I decided to review something of yours seeming as you left such a lovely review on my F&G fic a little while back. Anyway, I really liked this sweet short piece, it was very different to my own take on what he saw in the Mirror. It was well written, and somehow very touching, in that you showed how Dumbledore isn't infallible after all. However, there were quite a few typos and errors that were a bit distracting. I don't have time to list them but if you want to get rid of them, have a read through, and if you want me to check it over as well, feel free to email me through my author page. Beautiful job, very touching, and I'm glad I read it!

Author's Response: aahahaa, jenni!! that is nice of you, thank you, i haven't gotten any reviews in quite a while, so you just made my day! oh, jenni.... i am so aware of the typos and mistakes, but i cannot make myself not make them... the other errors might be because i tried to say something that was too difficult for my foreign mind to translate into english... i am glad you enjoyed the story, i was scared people wouldn't like it because it was so different from what you normally hear... yay, thanks again!

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Review #8, by antlers A Pair Of Woolen Socks

28th October 2005:
okay. when i put memehemme in my last review, it looked like i was saying ME. but i wasnt. i was just putting random letters ... mkay. my cricket isnt yelling at me anymore .. haha.

Author's Response: i got that, but thanks for cleaing it up! you've got a cricket that's yelling at you? must be annoying... ^^

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Review #9, by antlers A Pair Of Woolen Socks

28th October 2005:
mkay. i liked this. but i dunno. i mean. dumblydore is always lecturing harry that you shoulnt be sad about people that had died ... mehememme .. haha, stuff like that. and now hes like dying about it? but i liked how you expanded the little sentence about the socks into a whole story ... clever. haha. liked it alot.

Author's Response: yaa..... i know it was prety far fetched but i had fun imagining it. he's not really, like, being lost in mourning for her, but he loved her (i guess) and therefore he misses her... he's an old man, let him be nostalgic ^^ thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #10, by sauerkraut_poet A Pair Of Woolen Socks

6th October 2005:
that was beautiful! your writing really gets better and better with each story. i love this line: "For a person like that four years should be no more than a blink, a little blink of an eye, nothing worth sparing great thoughts about. Someone like Albus Dumbledore who had lived through noumerous years of change and danger should not be affected in this way by four simple years." you made dumbledore so human, and gave us a wonderful glimpse into his past. it was really effective how you had most of the flashbacks occur before he looked into the mirror, rather than while he was looking at it. i honestly thought he was lying when he said he saw socks, but you made such a beautiful reason for it that it was really believable. thanks so much for doing my challenge!

Author's Response: thank you for being first to review me! i was scared because it's very short and sad and not very.... em... dumbledore like to have whatever she was... i just thought it was funny to go on with the thought of the socks, and tadaaaa there was lucinda ^^ lol.... i cam see that i seem to hit the likings of the readers more, because my more recent stories have more reads and reviews ^^ i feel that if i don't really know where to ake a story i take my time and then i'm able to create things like these or Loony Dragon's first chapter ^^ thanks so much...

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