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Review #1, by Hermione1817 Book of Shadows: Ron Weasley

12th August 2006:
What was the point of copying out sections of a published book and just changing a couple of names?

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Review #2, by sweetredrose Book of Shadows: Ron Weasley

24th August 2005:
Ooh Mary K? Weird ... I read a story called 'The Glass Lake' with someone called Mary Katherine(A.K.A Kit) in it and there were also two people called Kathleen in it. Creepy. And the author was called Maeve. I'm scared.

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Review #3, by sweetredrose Wicca Introduction

24th August 2005:
Ok thats fine. I have never read The Wicca Series so it doesn't really matter to me. As long as the story is good. I'm sure it will be, I'm quite enjoying reading all your stories! i mean, long chapters take the piss! You're just sitting there at the computer for about three hours on each chapter! =P x

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Review #4, by InsaneLeprechaun Wicca Introduction

3rd June 2005:
Good story, but i thought Mary K and Morgan were from Sweep.....

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Review #5, by evilcourtney Wicca Introduction

30th June 2003:
Good so far. By any chance are you a fan of Tamora Pierce? Luv her books - especially Numair.... Just ignore me if you don\'t know what I\'m talking about.

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Review #6, by erika Wicca Introduction

1st June 2003:
ive never read the wicca series(but maybe ill check em out)but this is a pretty good story so far. you should continue, i think its pretty cool sounding

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