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Review #1, by Anonymous The Breath before the Plunge into Madness.

30th September 2009:
I wasn't going to review at all, but since you've begged and begged, here it is.

You write like a fourteen year old kid. The grown-ups in your story behave more like children than the teenagers.

If you ARE a fourteen year old kid, then well done, I suppose. However I would stay away from adult characters like Narcissa, Snape and especially Voldemort until you get a little more life experience.

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Review #2, by MisUndrStood18 Stepping to the other Side

26th August 2009:
Love it. Hope you update soon

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Review #3, by the_elder_wand A plan and a apology

12th August 2009:
god even though dracois evil i feel sorry that his dad ied:((
anyways i hoep you update soon:)))

Author's Response: thanks so much for your feed back! the next chapter is waiting to be validated, i hope you enjoy it!

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Review #4, by the_elder_wand The Breath before the Plunge into Madness.

12th August 2009:
very very good i loved it heaps plz plz plz update:)

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Review #5, by the_elder_wand Another Chance

12th August 2009:
very good i am exited to see how and what they will do:) also i am exited to see when hermione and all will come into th story which i am sure will be brilliant:)

Author's Response: o thanks!! you are too sweet. I can't wait for everyone else to get into the story either!

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Review #6, by the_elder_wand Recollections

12th August 2009:
oh malfoy is soo evil god git! although i love him but still lol:)
very good chapter i am interested so keep it up:)

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Review #7, by Ginevra "Ginny" Weasley Potter A plan and a apology

11th August 2009:
Well, the story line is okay but it didnt really grab my attention...most of the time Draco talks to himself and the story line doesnt move along as quickly as I had hoped...The chapters are pretty short, and I think you need to work on the quotes a bit. Quotation marks come at the beginning and end of when a person says something...not after every sentence.

Author's Response: Thanks for the the feedback! Sorry if it seems to be moving slowly, things should start to pick up soon. And thanks for pointing out my error with the quotes, I'll work on that for future chapters :)

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Review #8, by kris932 Recollections

21st August 2007:
Your chapter isn't bad. but at the same time it didn't grab my interest. But I'll keep reading it. The Flash Back was the best part.

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Review #9, by stunned_writer A plan and a apology

10th August 2007:
Very good Em!!! Just still veryshort

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Review #10, by stunned_writer The Breath before the Plunge into Madness.

10th August 2007:
Good but still short and like right here fof example“Damn it!” “Why does it have to be so dark?” you don't put these “after every sentence only when they start and finsh speaking

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Review #11, by stunned_writer Another Chance

10th August 2007:
Well my dear sissy. this chapter i like better than first something happens in it which is good! but they're still really short!

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Review #12, by stunned_writer Recollections

19th July 2007:
Emma, it is good but, just so youno u said tell you wat waswrong s here i go. It is WAY to short! Nothing happens the whole time he is thinking and talking to himself and i finshed this chapter while mommy was changing come on Emma you can do better than that! I have seen you write could you not come up with anything more excitiing you are supposed to grab the reader here but you arn't it is good don't get me wrong just make a little more happen
AKA Clair

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Review #13, by s Recollections

1st February 2006:
Awesome! Please keep it coming

Author's Response: I will try

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Review #14, by Lau The Breath before the Plunge into Madness.

15th January 2006:
I liked the story... it's interesting seing things on Draco's point of view..

Author's Response: THANK YOU!! so much! you are first, favorite and only reveiwer. Thanx

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