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Review #1, by witch_in_training Deathday

30th October 2009:
Hey Lisa, happy HPFFSAD!

This was an interesting idea for a missing moment. The interactions between Nick and Sir Patrick are wonderful. :P And the ending -- brilliant. So Harry, Ron, and Hermione missed the Feast and got framed for attacking Mrs. Norris, all for nothing!

There were several typos throughout the piece, so a quick beta wouldn't go amiss. The most noticeable ones are probably when you typed the characters' names wrong (Mick rather than Nick, Frair rather than Friar) and the dialogue (Hes not that great anyways. Said a red haired one.) should be "He's not that great anyways," said a red haired one."

I love the Friar's and Nick's friendship, too, by the way. I imagine it must have been difficult retaining a close relationship for several hundred years!

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Review #2, by Elf_ears13 Deathday

7th August 2007:
I'm a sucker for missing moments, so I just love how you blew this tiny little detail into a full story - not just moping about, either, as it had an actual storyline! I loved how Nick's Gryffindor courage pulled him through in the end, and you really made it clear why he was such a good choice for the house ghost. There were a few misspellings that a good spell check could fix up if you took the time, but other than that I just loved the story. The characterization - the worrying, the drama of being a ghost and finally the courage - really brought out the best in Nick, and I sympathized with him in a way that you normally wouldn't with a ghost; I mean, he's dead. How much sympathy does he need 500 years after the fact? But I felt sorry all over again that he couldn't join the Headless Hunt.

So many lovely details to comment on! The idea of a ghost band is incredibly cool, and I can almost see a short story coming from reading this. The varied words and phrases that you used to refer to death and the way you changed from 'man' to 'ghost' added a certain humor that I wouldn't associate with death, but that really made the story come alive. I just loved the gossiping ghosts - the boy who lived. That was so clever and just darling!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you! Yeah, I wrote this with my old computer and the spell check for English didn't work there. Maybe I should go over it again some day. I'm glad you liked it so much, because I had tons of fun writing this, especially with all those little details. I tried to speak and think like someone who has been dead for 500 years and is more dead than he ever was alive. Challenges can really bring out the best in me. :) So thanks again for another wonderful, long review!

xo Flissy

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Review #3, by jenniiiiii Deathday

15th February 2006:
Aaw, very cute. It was unusual too - few people write about missing moments or ghosts, so it was a nice change from the fics I normally read. Again, there were a few errors, but I enjoyed it still. It really makes you sympathise with poor Nick! It was interesting to see into the life - or death - of a ghost, so good job!

Author's Response: heehee, one of my few fluffy pieces... i'm glad you enjoyed it, and once again i want to apologize for the typos... well, it was a challenge to write a missing moment and that was the first one i thought of, so tadaa! ^^ thanks for the review, you made me very happy, and i'm glad you enjoyed this!!

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Review #4, by jynx67 Deathday

5th October 2005:
“Even the bloody Bloody Baron is here!” I LOVE THAT LINE! This was great, Lisa! A few minor spelling/grammar mistakes here and there, but it's perfect, exactly how I would have thought Nicholas would have acted at the party. I love his interaction with the other ghosts, the mention of Myrtle... it was really great! Nice job! And thank you so much for writing this in response to my challenge.

Author's Response: wellll i tried to make it longer, therefore all the other ghosts ^^. the spelling mistakes come from me trying to write as fast as i think and my hands just can't keep up, and my spell check for english doesn't work, so i better go over all my stuff at some point ^^ THANK YOU! for everything, i mean ^^

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Review #5, by sauerkraut_poet Deathday

1st October 2005:
wow you're a prolific writer! i seem to see something new of yours everytime i log on here... this was wonderfully original, taking such a minor event in harry's life, and giving it such big importance to someone else... i loved it! you should do my mirror of erised challenge too! =)

Author's Response: muaahaahaaaaa *chest blows up twice its normal sice with pride* thank you thank you thank you! ^^ well, the challenge was to make a minor character missing moment fic... and the muse just hit me straight in the face... during second period. ^^

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Review #6, by magpie quill Deathday

1st October 2005:
this was really good. i always feel so sorry for harry at nicks death day, but now when i reread that chapter i feel sorryer for nick. this realy is a very creative story.

Author's Response: thank you! ^^ ya... it must be really hard to live for all eternity knowing that no one likes you... that's also why i made them stay, i felt so sorry for him i wanted to him to be a little happy.

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Review #7, by MadameSnape Deathday

1st October 2005:
That was very cool - I'm always so happy to see the missing moments and minor characters used, and it's marvelous to see the House Ghosts treated as characters in their own right.

Author's Response: THANK YOU! for reviewing and liking and wel... generally reading this story ^^ yay for you being the first!! hehee

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