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Review #1, by Chelsie Loving the Dragon

27th August 2011:
Brilliant the whole story brilliant the finale I have to admit was spectacular a brilliant ending from a brilliant mind I bilieve.

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Review #2, by XenaMalfoy41 Loving the Dragon

19th February 2011:
Great story! There was a lot of suspense till the end,and the end was really,really cute!

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Review #3, by Dramione_4ever Loving the Dragon

4th June 2010:
well done the style was excellent and the twists and turns absolutely brilliant :)

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Review #4, by Kiersten1218 Loving the Dragon

12th June 2008:
I loved the ending :) It was amazing!

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Review #5, by groteskq_fatality Loving the Dragon

6th May 2008:
aw that was soo cute.
short and sweet! :D

loved the plot.

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Review #6, by malfoymistress9894 Loving the Dragon

3rd March 2008:
hmph. you stopped there. that is sad. I loved the story. I wished you would have completed it more thoroughly. The only reason i gave it a 9 out of 10 was because of the many spelling errors. Otherwise, it was very good!

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Review #7, by ferretluvr Memories of the Dragon

7th October 2007:
she asked the journal q twice?

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Review #8, by anonymous Waking the Dragon

23rd August 2007:
you should have them call each other by their last names first.

Author's Response: Yeah, I probably should, but in the beginning this was only going to be three chapters long until I changed my plan and I just haven't gotten around to editing the first few chapters...I probably should, but we'll see. Thanks for the review!

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Review #9, by silverstrand1 Loving the Dragon

7th August 2007:
Oh my goodness that was beautiful *Tear* I like how you had Dragon in every chapter name that was very creative! The entire story was very creative! I really do hope ypu make an epilouge because I want to see Ron's and Harry's faces of shock although I hope Ron is all right! Any who excelent work!
Thank you.

Author's Response: Oh wow, what an awesome review! I'm glad you liked my story so much! Sometimes I forget why I even wrote this thing and then I get reviews like yours. So thank you very much! =D

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Review #10, by FayeMalfoy Loving the Dragon

5th August 2007:
god i hate you, you made me cry :P but i love your mushy love story, but i hate that it made me cry, and smile (jk jk i'm a happy person ^-^)

Author's Response: So...I did good or bad? *blinks* Haha, I'm glad you liked my story, but I'm sorry for making you cry! Thanks for the review! =D

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Review #11, by RachelBee42 Loving the Dragon

2nd August 2007:
Wow. Great story. What else is there to say? Creative story line, great writing, and you managed to make Draco in love without becoming a wussy! Bravo! That's something that most Dramione fan fics don't do. A perfect 10! :D

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! This fic was super hard for me to write, but I'm so glad you think I made Draco falling in love believable. Thank you so much for your kind words AND a perfect ten! Thanks for the review! =D

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Review #12, by Bracken Saxon Loving the Dragon

2nd August 2007:
I loved your fan fict! You have to do an epilogue! * starts to hold breath*
Bracken Saxon
PS: *Starts to turn blue in the face from lack of oxygen*

Author's Response: Breathe, breathe! I'm really glad that you liked my story so much, but I don't want you to pass out! I might or might not do an epilogue, as I said. First I need an idea for it, then we shall see. But thank you for reading my story and thanks for the review!

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Review #13, by ^_^ Loving the Dragon

2nd August 2007:
I LOVED IT!!! Write an epilogue PLEASE.^_^

Author's Response: Awe, glad you liked it so much! =D If I get an idea for the epilogue, I'll probably write it, but as of now I have no ideas. Thanks so much for the review! =)

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Review #14, by gangsta_lOver Loving the Dragon

2nd August 2007:
O_O last chapter? buht yuu barely explained about the Summoners and stff.ohwellz; nice story nwaiiz =) hehe thnx XD laterz =]

Author's Response: Last chapter. As I said, I hate this thing and I've found a somewhat ending. Like I said, there might be an epilogue, but who knows if/when that'll be. But I'm glad you liked it and thanks for the review!

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Review #15, by Great_story_XO The Past of the Dragon

2nd August 2007:
I really hope her bushy hair goes away I hate it when its like that...o well stories great by the way

Author's Response: I don't think I dwell too much on her hair...but it IS bushy, so I would keep it that way in later chapters. I'm glad you like the story, thanks for the review!

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Review #16, by velatrix Loving the Dragon

1st August 2007:
So, normally, if this were a d/hr shipper, it'd get an awesome review BUT because you HATE the idea of d/hr and are cannon through and through, let me just say that you are amazing and I love every inch of your "I hate leather and libraries" body. But not in a creepy way. Well, okay, maybe just a little creepy. You are amazing and fantastic and even though there were a few missing letters, it was not only readable, but lovable and the ending was so cheesy that I microwaved it and melted it over crackers. I loved it, I love you, and maybe for my birthday (19th, next june) you can write me an epilogue? Luff fluff luff?

Author's Response: YAY! I did gooders! And now I can revert back to my R/Hr ways...well, I never left them. I just don't have to write this fic anymore. YAYS! And there were missing letters, dang it. I thought I caught all my dumb typos. And believe me, I make a lot of them. Poor microsoft word must think I'm the dumbest thing alive. And we'll see about the epilogue. Currently I have no ideas for what I could do for it. But I do love you, in both creepy and non-creepy ways, so we'll see. =D

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Review #17, by ginnypotternic5 The Past of the Dragon

1st August 2007:
what was in the note? So this was all a plan with Draco, for the dark lord? love it

Author's Response: *shifty eyes* Who knows? Oh right. I DO. Glad you like it so much! Thanks for the review! =D

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Review #18, by ginnypotternic5 Thoughts of the Dragon

1st August 2007:
Poor Draco. love it

Author's Response: Torturing Draco is fun! *cough* Ahem. I mean. Poor, poor Draco. Thanks for the review! =)

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Review #19, by ginnypotternic5 Waking the Dragon

1st August 2007:
Yay she saved him! That was cool how she just had to sing to wake him up. love it

Author's Response: Oh right. I so don't remember this chapter. Well, I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for the review! =D

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Review #20, by ginnypotternic5 Finding the Dragon

1st August 2007:
YOu can save him! Love it

Author's Response: Glad you like it! Thanks for the review!

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Review #21, by velatrix Following the Dragon

31st July 2007:
So, PS, I love you, and I want to see how this ends. Also:
Knock Knock.
Who's There?
You Know.
You Know Who?
*tee hee*

Author's Response: Hahahahahahah. You've made (what little there is left of) my day. I wrote litter instead of little. *sigh* It's been a long day. ANYWAYS. I love you too and final chappie shall be up sooooon. I promise. And this isn't the soon where I don't write for a year. Heh.

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Review #22, by Ashleycook234 Following the Dragon

31st July 2007:

Author's Response: Haha, glad you liked it so much. Thanks for the review! =)

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Review #23, by looky2 Following the Dragon

31st July 2007:
hurry up and do the last chapter they shuld kiss at the end u are a talented writer

Author's Response: Last chapter's written, just being edited. It should be up later this week. And I'm glad that you like my writing, thank you! =D

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Review #24, by Christy86 Following the Dragon

31st July 2007:
keep up the good work and update soon

Author's Response: Thank you! Last chapter is in the process of being edited, it should be up later this week. Thanks for the review!

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Review #25, by Christy86 Meeting the Dragon

30th July 2007:
update soon can't wait for chapter 14

Author's Response: Thanks, update's on the way, almost done editing! Thanks for the review!

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