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Review #1, by elena Quiet Eyes

13th July 2004:
wow.wonderful story. please carry on writing

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Review #2, by elena Quiet Eyes

7th June 2004:
oh my god!!!! that was soooooo brillaint and beautiful- no words can describe pls write MORE!!!

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Review #3, by Cornelius Eastmore Quiet Eyes

10th March 2004:
Brilliant story, as are your others. Please, please, please submit "The Love That Shattered a Man"!!!

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Review #4, by endofall Quiet Eyes

19th December 2003:
very nice. very nice, indeed. Well-written. good work!

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Review #5, by Portia Quiet Eyes

4th October 2003:
Oh gosh... I don't know what to say. I am in a state of awe. Bravo. Bravo...

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Review #6, by chencha Quiet Eyes

10th June 2003:
it was really great. no it was beautiful and brilliant. this is probably the first story to make spring a few tears. i just have one question, are harr and malfoy ,well, kinda together. dont take it as an offense im just curious. well thanks overall it was beautiful. reminds us that everything is beautiful in some way. muchas gracias y buenas noches

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Review #7, by loseriffic Quiet Eyes

17th May 2003:
wow. that was *so* amazingly well written. it almost made me cry, heh. :) good work. the light.

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Review #8, by Crystal Quiet Eyes

27th February 2003:
*sob*so-*sob*- good -*sniff*-nice-*sob*-job-*snif*

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Review #9, by Anon Quiet Eyes

15th February 2003:

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Review #10, by Exploding Snap Quiet Eyes

22nd November 2002:
Wonderful. Amazing. Touching. The fic reminded me of all the triumphs and sorrows the world has, and will have to face. And we must face it. To the Light.

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