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Review #1, by Ms_Malfoy Background Information

27th December 2006:
it's a bit blunt for my flavor

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Review #2, by blondie94 All grown

26th December 2006:
email me when next chapture is up -
thanks - 10/10

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Review #3, by brokencryingangel All grown

22nd July 2006:
this is great! do more soon!

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Review #4, by Heather All grown

28th June 2006:
Hey! question: is draco or draco and some of his friends foing to come to the club sometime? i'm just asking because i think it would totally make an awesome scene!!!

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Review #5, by June Riddle Background Information

21st March 2006:
hey when are u going to update

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Review #6, by dracoismyhottie55 Background Information

14th March 2006:
hope u update soon

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Review #7, by dracoismyhottie55 Background Information

3rd March 2006:
hey.. glad 2 know u updated both of ur stories.. YAY!!! update this one fast 2!!!

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Review #8, by dracoismyhottie55 Background Information

14th February 2006:
UPDATE FAST!!!! also update twins till we die fast 2

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Review #9, by June Riddle Background Information

7th February 2006:
is your e-mail back up yet? I assumed not b/c i still haven't gotten the story but don't worry i want to be ur beta still.

Author's Response: yeh im still trying to get it under control lol dw ill deff email u when its up thx

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Review #10, by faith_united Background Information

3rd February 2006:
hey this story is totally wicked! please update soon an di love the banner! Also can't wait till you and pedro_lee1990 update twins till the day we die you two are my favourite authors!!!!!!!!! I was wondering could you please read my story and tell me what you think of it because i asked pedro_lee1990 to read it and she gave me some great ideas and a name i just want your opinion aswell ~faith_united

Author's Response: lol thx ill update soon thx for the review

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Review #11, by dracoismyhottie55 All grown

1st February 2006:
u no da drill UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE great story so far btw

Author's Response: lol imglad ya like it ill update as soon as i can]

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Review #12, by June Riddle Background Information

29th January 2006:
Hey I haven't gotten your story yet. Did you send it?

Author's Response: no not yet as my email is down cause some 1 hacked it ill send it as soon as i can dw thx for everything btw

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Review #13, by pedro_lee1990 All grown

26th January 2006:
omg UPDATE NOW!!!!!!!!!! did you like change this story cause i remember it but i swear it was longer and i little different but it might just be my imagination! keep it lol Ciao Bella ;)

Author's Response: lol yea it was longer but u read it on a differ syt cause they accepted the 3rd chappie is too rude for diz syt so im turning it down luv ya mwaa thankz for da review jess

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Review #14, by June Riddle Background Information

15th January 2006:
It they haven't been aceppting chappie 3 then i'll beta for you my e-mail is

Author's Response: ill email u soon promise thanks again for doin it 4 me

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Review #15, by June Riddle All grown

14th January 2006:

Author's Response: i will soon promise

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Review #16, by ashley5895 All grown

12th January 2006:
i like it. upfate soon. its a great ideia and i cant wait fo more.

Author's Response: thank u soo much i will try it hasnt been accepting chapter 3 thank u soo much for the review i love to know ppl like my stories

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Review #17, by June Riddle All grown

31st December 2005:
if your chapters won't be excepted then you might have to spell check and if you don't have spell check i will gladly be your beta at

Author's Response: thank u soo much omg thank u i have been summitting this chapter about 50 tymz and it still wont accept ill email u asap but here my email just in case thank u soooo much

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Review #18, by ateensfan All grown

29th November 2005:
hey chapter 16 is up in my story

Author's Response: thanks for teklling me

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Review #19, by Misunderstood Miracle All grown

23rd November 2005:
You need sentences and periods, like in grammar, not the other kind of periods

Author's Response: meh ohh well i write for fun not to be proper and its not hurting any1 soo yea and i cbf lol thanks for reviewing ill try harder in the next chapters to do beta but i no i wont pro im not the best &heart soo yea

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Review #20, by Caity All grown

20th November 2005:
Cant wait for the next chapter please update really really really soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i really like how this story is going i liek how different hermione is from her normal self......UPDATE!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: awsome review thanks soo much i relli apreciate it ill update soon soz i havent in a while i have been so busy

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Review #21, by Monkey789 All grown

16th November 2005:
lol plz update update update its really good!

Author's Response: thx heaps ill update asap i have to edit the chappie coz they wont except it = s lol but yea ill do that asap thx for the review

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Review #22, by DarknessWithin All grown

5th November 2005:
finally, u've updated!

Author's Response: what i posted them at te same time chappie 1 and two lol r u talking about 3 thats in valadation

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Review #23, by June Riddle All grown

5th November 2005:
he this is really good right more

Author's Response: thx i will soon i have riiten the first chappie but it wont accept it soo i might have to change it a little i think coz it might be a bit rude lol but yea il update as soon as i can

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Review #24, by romance lover All grown

4th November 2005:
I loved it! I cant wait for more!!~Jessica

Author's Response: thank u heaps my name is jess too ill update as soon as i can i think i may need to fix it coz the site wont accept my third chappie it might be a bit rude lol but yea ill try and update fast

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Review #25, by pedro_lee1990 Background Information

23rd October 2005:
hey great story!!!!!! can't wait till you update!

Author's Response: lol thx hunn hehehe!!!! - JeSs

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