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Review #1, by hunting_hero White Lilies and Fallen Tears

20th December 2009:

That was a great story...very touching & Lily sounds cute...Thanks for this lovely story.

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Review #2, by Moondanser83 White Lilies and Fallen Tears

26th October 2008:
I kept telling myself that I would not read any really sad stories tonight (its been a long week and I'm really over sensitive right now) So now I'm sitting her sobbing because I couldn't resist your summery.


Wonderful story...


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Review #3, by jenna White Lilies and Fallen Tears

20th October 2008:
aww,, im crying :( your an amazing writer!

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Review #4, by dolly White Lilies and Fallen Tears

11th December 2007:
very good but very sad i must say right another

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Review #5, by PixiePower White Lilies and Fallen Tears

29th November 2007:
This is going to sound really corny, but I was practically crying when I read this. Absolutely brilliant, I love your stories!

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Review #6, by Ofelia White Lilies and Fallen Tears

14th June 2007:
wow, this was short but so beautifully written that I cried. My favorite line "For the world she was Lilian Weasely, but for Ron and I she was and always will be, Lily Potter." wow just wow, I am deeply impressed by your writing, this is the first I have read of yours and now I believe I will read all your other stories.

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Review #7, by Belle_Rose White Lilies and Fallen Tears

11th April 2007:
Aw... that was so sweet.

Even though I don't like Harry/Hermione, I still loved this story, it was so innocent and heart-breaking.


~ Leah

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Review #8, by upshegoes White Lilies and Fallen Tears

1st March 2007:
I loved the implied H/Hr. Great story.

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Review #9, by xmenfan117 White Lilies and Fallen Tears

17th November 2006:
Nothing makes me cry except for Titanic. And now this story. It's so sad

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Review #10, by Cheeky Monkey White Lilies and Fallen Tears

17th November 2006:
Aw that ws so sad it made me cry

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Review #11, by nads White Lilies and Fallen Tears

15th November 2006:
aw thats so sweet i love your writing its so heart felt so passionate you are a genius 10/10

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Review #12, by puppylove192 White Lilies and Fallen Tears

19th September 2006:
awwww... it's so sad!!!
tear,tear you made me cry!!!!!!!!!
but it's really well written.

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Review #13, by prongsie_potter_rulez White Lilies and Fallen Tears

12th August 2006:



'nuff said

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Review #14, by the know it all White Lilies and Fallen Tears

5th August 2006:
this story is amazingly good!!! I luv the banner too, the way Hermione's shedding tears, which look like she was wearing mascara cause they are black, but your banners are amazing and I really wanted one by u, but I don't want to have to join another site! Sorry! Your story is now in my favorites, i say again, terrific story! Try reading mine, I think u may like it! Chapter 2 is being but through valadation this second!!!

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Review #15, by Cheeky Monkey White Lilies and Fallen Tears

14th May 2006:
Awwwwwwww that was sooo sad but so gd

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Review #16, by Chaz4Harry White Lilies and Fallen Tears

30th April 2006:

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Review #17, by lotrqueen451 White Lilies and Fallen Tears

30th April 2006:
that was beautiful. I'm amazed, great plot, very believable. And I love your banners too, they're gorgeous. wow *tearing up here*...keep writing!

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Review #18, by Joy White Lilies and Fallen Tears

25th April 2006:
This was such a beautiful story. Not many people can put that much emotion into a piece without it seeming melodramatic, but this was perfect.

Well done :-)

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Review #19, by unknown_force White Lilies and Fallen Tears

19th February 2006:
I can see the Harry/Hermione but I'm not so sure about the Ron/Hermione, sad, but good story.

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Review #20, by jondy White Lilies and Fallen Tears

19th February 2006:
oh that is so cute

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Review #21, by HermioneG White Lilies and Fallen Tears

11th February 2006:
I think I've read this before... And I haven't got that much to say right now. It was okay. It didn't give me much, to put it that way, but it wasn't bad, either.

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Review #22, by Rachel White Lilies and Fallen Tears

10th February 2006:
awwww... that was so sad... but i could never see the H/Hr happening... it's just too weird. but the part about Harry dying, right on the money, love. it would flow nicely with the story, even though i dont thinkit would happen. i, myself, prefer R/Hr, or D/Hr. But this is a great story. Love it. Xoxo

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Review #23, by The 5th Marauder White Lilies and Fallen Tears

26th January 2006:
Beautiful story. Its very sweet and sad. You are a wonderful author.

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Review #24, by Lella White Lilies and Fallen Tears

23rd January 2006:
omg, you made cry! incredible story!

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Review #25, by aradhana108 White Lilies and Fallen Tears

7th January 2006:
omg! i wanted to cry so badly!!!!!! you're a great author and keep up the awesomeness!

Author's Response: aww thanks!

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