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Reading Reviews for Kryptonite Sisters
43 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Angel_Potter Halloween Sweets

27th December 2007:
WOOT! GO CHARMED!! Love your story btw.

Author's Response: Thanks

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Review #2, by Tae_Kwon_Do_Gal Classes

25th November 2007:
I thought that Tonks was Sirius's cousin, becuase her mother is Andromeda BLACK. Kinda inscest. But otherwise good :)

Author's Response: Yeah, she really is but my story is an another universe story as I state in my summery. In this story Tonks and Sirius are not cousins

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Review #3, by Kiena Classes

23rd September 2006:
This is a good story, but your quotes are kind of confusing.

Author's Response: Thank you, sorry about the confusing quotes.

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Review #4, by marauderswillrule4ever The master plan

18th August 2006:
I think I like where this is going and I love your song choices!

Author's Response: thank you so much for reviewing

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Review #5, by Phoenix_girl22 A record low

12th August 2006:
i luved this fic it rocked!!!
you do know that Nymph would be like way younger than the Marauders!? anyway i luved the Kryptonite Sisters they were so 'i dont take crap from anyone' kinda thing and i luved it!!!
the songs at the begining, Ironic is totally my theme song. i really like how it was put together and i cant wait to read more of you fics!!
rOcK oN!!!!

Author's Response: thanks!!! Yeah I know Tonks is a lot younger, but I couldn't leave her out of it. So as a part of my Alternate Universe story she's instantly become older.

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Review #6, by Nazozink The master plan

4th August 2006:
Sorry i'm not loged in oh well you story is going good so far and i love tonks song!!!! it is ausome!

Author's Response: Thank you!!

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Review #7, by hermionewanabe628 A record low

3rd August 2006:
good story but is this the end?

Author's Response: for now, I know it rushed but it has to be for my sequal to make sense, sorry! You'll have to wait a while before I get to th sequal though.

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Review #8, by Bookbear The master plan

23rd March 2006:
You know, Alanis doesnt sing Im a btich. Meredith Brooks does.

Author's Response: Oh thank you very much! I'll fix that like right now.

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Review #9, by Demon Dementor A New Outlook On Life

20th March 2006:
I like this story I really do, its just that its a L/J fic right? well there isnt much L/j in it, so please add lots more in here I mean all i am reading about is Remus and Alex, hurry up and get them together the focus the story on Lily and James! I mean that's why I read Lily and James fics_ To read about Lily and James!!! but keep writing it!

Author's Response: Don't worry i am but I have to start with Remus and Alex before I can get to James and Lily they are all in the master plan. thanks for reading.

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Review #10, by Demon Dementor I'm glad I said yes,"

19th March 2006:
So sorry about my mean streak before... you see today is my birthday and all day ive been doing chores for my mums work partner to come over and have a nice dinner party for me, but I hate all the people that she works with! yeah so your story is great, even if i didnt say it before it truly is! And I am so glad that Lily and James are together! Some stories just drag it out far too long and I hate stories like that! but this one is great! you have perfect timing!

Author's Response: thank you very much and have a very happy birthday, I had a lousy 13th birthday, I had only one friend come over and he was two hours late and a mouse was stalking us.

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Review #11, by Demon Dementor She said...

19th March 2006:
She said what?....that is the title is it not? So what did she say...

Author's Response: he he he he he I can't tell you.

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Review #12, by Demon Dementor Detention with the Marauder

19th March 2006:
Humph, is all I can say Humph...

Author's Response: oh you know it was funny

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Review #13, by Demon Dementor Severus' Final Straw

19th March 2006:
Very short that was very short...

Author's Response: I couldn't think of enough horrible things to do to Snivellus

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Review #14, by Demon Dementor Halloween Sweets

19th March 2006:
Ooo ok that was fine...but confusing may I add... It seemed that you skipped parts like one thing will happen then with in another paragraph something very different will happen

Author's Response: okay thanks for the review

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Review #15, by Demon Dementor Qudditch Match

19th March 2006:
I'm not in all that good of a mood so im afraid that I'll slam you so yeah I might not review the next chapters because I dont want to be mean when I dont mean it...

Author's Response: I love your reviews, your review a lot!

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Review #16, by Demon Dementor Classes

19th March 2006:
Wow that was good, but it is just on the brink of being blan...although I cant stop reading, you leave your chapters at some sort of pause that i cant really explain, they arent cliff hangers but oyu cant stop reading them...i confusing myself now... But yeah so sorry for the short review last time. your story has some mistakes but hey you can still understand what is going on. you get me? Yeah well im off to read the next chapter!!! till I review next!

Author's Response: have I mentioned I love your reviews? because I do, and I completly get that pause but not cliffhangers argument even though i have now clue how I do it,

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Review #17, by Demon Dementor Classes

19th March 2006:
Wow that was good, but it is just on the brink of being blan...although I cant stop reading, you leave your chapters at some sort of pause that i cant really explain, they arent cliff hangers but oyu cant stop reading them...i confusing myself now... But yeah so sorry for the short review last time. your story has some mistakes but hey you can still understand what is going on. you get me? Yeah well im off to read the next chapter!!! till I review next!

Author's Response: woah desiavue (spelling) well you get what I mean right? That's the exact same review as the one I just replied to, oh well, great reviews.

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Review #18, by Demon Dementor The master plan

19th March 2006:
Good Im off to read more so expect a longer review next time!

Author's Response: okay

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Review #19, by Captain Chemo A New Outlook On Life

17th March 2006:
thi story is confusing at times but most of the other times it is very good...minor spelling and grammar. good job, though

Author's Response: thank yah

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Review #20, by roxy A New Outlook On Life

15th March 2006:

Author's Response: thank yah! thank yah very much! Elvis has left the building!

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Review #21, by ella She said...

9th March 2006:
great story, really funny!

Author's Response: thank you very much

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Review #22, by Anita The master plan

18th February 2006:
Hey! I'll be your beta reader. Unless you want *ahem* to be your beta reader.

Author's Response: Thank you!!!!! I need a beta reader. By the way when we get to school can you tell me who *ahem* is? Wait, you don't mean Jeffery do you? cause that's just awkward. Email me soon kay?

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Review #23, by hogwartsgirlhg Detention with the Marauder

12th January 2006:
wow that is one aweird posistion

Author's Response: yep

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Review #24, by PUNXITOUT247 Detention with the Marauder

12th January 2006:
awwwwwwwwwww This is jsut so cute, it was all a set up and now they are falling in love.. awwwww Update soon please. ....xLOVx.....

Author's Response: definatly gonna

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Review #25, by squaredancer The master plan

30th December 2005:
This story bothered me. Quite a lot actually. First of all, I realise that this is an AU fic, but all of the good AU fics I've read still have an element of reality. Tonks wouldn't have even been a lustful thought on her parents mind when Lily and James were at school. And neither would she like Sirius. She's his niece, and though the main Pureblood houses are all interrelated, it's illegal to marry to someone that closely related in Britain.
Secondly, Lily is (dare I say it?) Completely out of character. As is her mother. Even though it isn't necessarily canon for Lily's parents to view her magical powers with fondness (and I do congratulate you for taking a different direction as it's the first fic I've ever seen where Lily's mother doesn't like it) but there are some contradicting actions. Such as where Lily says "My mother will never let me out of the house in this." If her mother truly doesn't like witches, and thus doesn't really like Lily, why would she care what Lily was wearing? It seems to me that she really wouldn't give a hoot, and only go so far as to perform necessary 'motherly' duties such as feed her, provide a roof over her head and transport her. Little else. In regards to Lily's OOC-ness, shouting "<<tag not allowed="red">tag not allowed="red">censored" after her mother's just dropped them off at the mall? Uhm, no. That does not seem like something Lily would do at all. Canon in the books leads readers to interpret that Lily was a lot like Hermione - studious and courteous, not an insult-hurling, mother-hating wench with barely any clothes on. Furthermore, when her friend comments on the new spell she's made for Severus and his grimy underwear, they all laugh. I thought this was extremely odd, seeing as Lily goes to some pains to help Severus and keep the Marauders from harassing him. To me, her attitude in that section seems contradictory. Surely she wouldn't harass Severus herself for fear of being accused of being a hypocrite?
And I lived in Britain for a short while, my whole family lives there - I never once heard it referred to as a Mall. A cacauphony of other things such as Shopping Center, Shops or The Big Place Next To The Chippie, but not the Mall. I'd also like to point out that your grammar needs a little bit of work as well. Have you considered a beta-reader?
Finally, I've been reading through your reviews and I've noticed that most of the reviews that are constructive criticism, you have misconstrued to be flames. This is NOT a flame. A flame is wholly derogitary and follows the lines of "Your story suxx mannnn and it should like DIE!!!!!!!!!!111111!!!one!!!!!!!!!!!!1" Please don't mistake this review to be one. I'm merely offering advice to further improve your fic.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for your comment I will take it into consideration when I re edit my story. I do not currently have a beta reader and I am only just getting ready to have one, when I finish the story I will get one or I will do it me self, I am sorry for the missunderstanding on my part in the differense between constructive critisism and flammers. I thank you for your review.

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