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Reading Reviews for Anything But Ordinary
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Review #1, by lunafan3997 Caricature of Intimacy

27th October 2008:
please continue the story its awsome

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Review #2, by T_mara Caricature of Intimacy

18th May 2008:

those last few lines were totally awesome

im a softy ,, and those last lines made me melt..

he wanted her to wait for him naww

keep going with it

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Review #3, by napoleonsolo Caricature of Intimacy

25th March 2008:
aw, i wish you would've continued this story, i would've really liked to see where you went with it. it was rather good!

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Review #4, by napoleonsolo Far Away

25th March 2008:
loved the dialogue between the marauders and also sirius & kelsey. it all seemed very 'real'

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Review #5, by napoleonsolo Where Is Your Heart?

25th March 2008:
i thought kelsey saying that she just wanted some friends was really sweet. amos diggory is awful!

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Review #6, by napoleonsolo Everybodyís Fool

25th March 2008:
‚ÄúAmos Diggory? You do realize that last year he asked me how to spell parchment?‚ÄĚ Lily reminded her friend

haha, that was funny.

i feel sorry for sirius, he was trying to talk to her

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Review #7, by napoleonsolo Beautiful Disaster

25th March 2008:
nice interaction with the characters

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Review #8, by napoleonsolo You Learn

25th March 2008:
interesting beginning!

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Review #9, by Sittingduck Caricature of Intimacy

28th October 2007:
This is an amazing story and if you ever decided to start writing for it again I'll definately continue to be an avid reader!

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Review #10, by Winni3 You Learn

10th July 2007:
I like out this has started and has some of the Marauders POV in it as well :)
Nice job!

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Review #11, by SabinaBoo You Learn

29th May 2007:
Hm, wondering what'll happen next. :)

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Review #12, by IRMELIN You Learn

16th January 2007:

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Review #13, by fredfanlol Caricature of Intimacy

5th December 2006:
oh my God, that is so sad, but your a great author! im a big fan of your stories!!!

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Review #14, by x_voodoo_x Caricature of Intimacy

5th December 2006:
Absoloutley beautiful writing.

Love it.


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Review #15, by Leoanna Caricature of Intimacy

12th November 2006:
nice story
but I don't like the fact that she just becomes like all the other girls...
but still I like the story its... well kinda interesting

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Review #16, by ForgottenSoul_14 Caricature of Intimacy

18th September 2006:
OMG! I love this story lots. As long as you update, I'll review, 'kay?

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Review #17, by prongsy_baby Caricature of Intimacy

3rd August 2006:
aww i really like it. this part was really sad though !! :-(

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Review #18, by ForgottenSoul_14 Where Is Your Heart?

4th July 2006:
What the blody hell is wrong with my penname? A few second ago it was working fine. Jeez-oh-man. Anyway... enough rambling. I like this chapter, a bit fast paced. I liked the way you wrote when they were readying for the dance. It seemed calm and beautiful. Like you didn't have to describe it all to get the general idea that it was a splendid time.

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Review #19, by ForgottenSoul_14 Everybodyís Fool

4th July 2006:
I love it a lot. It's in my favorites... yes, for once a story is in my favorites, for I actually took the time to sign in.
The only problem i find with it is that it needs a bit more detail. Like, what she's feeling and what he's feeling. Or even the events hapening around them.
Please read my stuff if you get the chance. Leave a truthful review, honest to god I will not get mad.

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Review #20, by IluvDraco777 Caricature of Intimacy

4th July 2006:
Very nicely written! I'm putting tis in my favorites, so PLZ keep updating!!

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Review #21, by i_love_padsie Caricature of Intimacy

2nd July 2006:
good story......but pleeeeeeeeeeasseeeee update soon

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Review #22, by crazy_purple_hp_freak Caricature of Intimacy

22nd June 2006:
*sniff* This story is really good! I hope you update soon, and I hope Kelsey changes for the better :(

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Review #23, by ilovepadfoot Caricature of Intimacy

15th June 2006:
This story's really good, update soon!

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Review #24, by Firia Caricature of Intimacy

19th May 2006:
Wow, wasn't really expecting that one, but I wasn't really NOT expecting it either. I love reading your stories because I can get into them as though I'm there, watching everything going on. I feel Sirius' despair and Dorcas' anxiety and Kelsey's confusing that she won't get out of unitl Sirius allows himself to love again and bare his heart to her breaking it again. I know that there willbe more trouble and it will probably get worse before it gets better, and that makes me sad because I can just feel the pain adn frustration coming off of the page. But I am enjoying this story even with it's frustration. I really look forward to the coming chapters.

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Review #25, by nickelei Caricature of Intimacy

13th May 2006:
Ah,so sweet and sad, and makes me want to go through and re read the entire story, at first it didn't seem that it would be so sad, but it really is. And i'm actually feeling for kelsey, and Sirius I don't want them hurt, but I love to read them that way. Great story, update soon.

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