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Review #1, by miley cyrus Having Second Thoughts?

21st April 2008:
hurry up with the next chapter brilliant absoloutley adoring it mcx

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Review #2, by Terri West Having Second Thoughts?

16th September 2007:
i liked it!! its really good, please keep writing! i want to know what happens! great job so far

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Review #3, by luvinfredweasley Harry and Ginny

10th August 2005:
Hehehe, Ron is soo cute

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Review #4, by Kristen Having Second Thoughts?

15th April 2004:
Well done! Hope to read more soon enough!

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Review #5, by rachaelfaith13 Having Second Thoughts?

13th April 2004:
your fic is absolutely adorable! i can't wait for you to update, but take your time - i expect this proposal to be good!

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Review #6, by Manda Having Second Thoughts?

30th March 2004:
OHHH more more!!!!! I guess you dont know that Ginny's middle name is Molly, but oh well!

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Review #7, by ALYSSA Having Second Thoughts?

27th March 2004:

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Review #8, by katsumi_leostar Having Second Thoughts?

4th January 2004:
very cute

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Review #9, by Kelly Harry and Ginny

3rd November 2003:
I loved it! Definitely the best I've read, by far. I kid you not. The whole Harry?Ginny thing works out so well.

Author's Response: You serious? I doubt it's the BEST but... ; ) it is my favorite out of the ones i've written too. Thank you soooo much! -Ms_Evans : )

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Review #10, by Emerald W. Having Second Thoughts?

2nd November 2003:
ADD MORE!!! I really like your fic!!

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Review #11, by Jenn Having Second Thoughts?

12th October 2003:
This is a great story! I hope you update soon! I wanna know how the ball goes!

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Review #12, by Arual Having Second Thoughts?

5th October 2003:
Very good so far! I spotted a few grammatical and spelling errors, but other than that it was a lovely story. Cute plot, and I can't wait to see how Harry proposes! Update soon, and thanks for reviewing my story! If you'd like, check out my other story, "And I See Your True Colors..." and review that one as well! -Arual

Author's Response: PLease remeber i will be editing my stories after they are finished so dont take my bad grammar and mistakes personally and please dont put them against me. i dont know if my stories are all that good, but i think they are at least worth reading so please give them a chance! thanx - Ms_Evans:)

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Review #13, by HisGirl Harry and Ginny

3rd October 2003:
Hey that was good! I like the whole give a black eye and nose bleed to Draco. Wish I had the heart to do that to every guy that was mean to me! Keep up the writing! -HisGirl

Author's Response: Thanx so much 4 reviewing my story! its my first fanfic but nobody's reviewing! : ( Thanx again! PS--->i also have another story up in the general section, but it's still got some H/G (especially in chapter 3), "Untitled - at the moment" if u wanna check it out. i really appreciate ur opinion. Thanx!

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