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Review #1, by drinny1997 Dishonesty or Truthfulness?

12th June 2012:
YESH WRITE A SEQUEL IF YOU HAVENT ALREADY PLEASE! I love it (if my excitement didnt give it away)

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Review #2, by Babycakes12241990 Dishonesty or Truthfulness?

17th November 2009:
definatly needs a sequal...its great.

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Review #3, by stranger_than_fiction Dishonesty or Truthfulness?

4th February 2007:
Well, it was pretty good for a G/D AND H/H. Those are some of my least favorite ships, but anyways, this was a good one-shot! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: for a while my favorite ship was G/ yeah, I was like yay for a while! Now I'm all...Dramione will win! HAHAHA. ok. I'm going to shut up before I go a little wonky. (and h/H is okk)

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Review #4, by starcatcher54 Dishonesty or Truthfulness?

28th August 2006:
hehe very nice! *adds to favorites*

Author's Response: haha, thanks ^_^

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Review #5, by mbstargirl123 Dishonesty or Truthfulness?

11th February 2006:
I liked this story! But I do wish you had not made the sequal "mature"!

Author's Response: its only for violence. nothing sexual happens in it

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Review #6, by ginevra_m_r_green Dishonesty or Truthfulness?

9th February 2006:
only 2 words r necessary in such a tongue-tying situation, when i am utterly speechless(grins*): loved it.

Author's Response: haha, thanks ^_^ I'm glad you liked it. There's a sequal out too!

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Review #7, by Christina Dumbledore Dishonesty or Truthfulness?

3rd February 2006:
Hey, that was a really sweet fic! You probably could have elaborated more on Ginny'd thoughts, but like you said, you wrote it in roughly a half hour. Well done anyway!

Author's Response: hehe, thank you! yeah, I probably should of

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Review #8, by fanfic Dishonesty or Truthfulness?

17th January 2006:
it was very good! you should write a sequal i like where this is going.

Author's Response: hyaha, thanks. There's already a sequal out ^_^ its betrayed love

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Review #9, by fgbjrl;hk srlh Dishonesty or Truthfulness?

11th December 2005:
pretty good but im kinda confused

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #10, by fgbjrl;hk srlh Dishonesty or Truthfulness?

11th December 2005:
pretty good but im kinda confused

Author's Response: about what? I'll try to clear it up

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Review #11, by blacksouledbutterfly Dishonesty or Truthfulness?

30th November 2005:
LOL...well apparently my last comment had to be sensored...oopsie...

Author's Response: lol. I think I can imagine what choice of word you used. and I would have to agree

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Review #12, by blacksouledbutterfly Dishonesty or Truthfulness?

30th November 2005:
Oh, Hermione is a <<tag not allowed="red">tag not allowed="red">censored in this one. Dang, who would have thought?

Author's Response: twisting stories is so much fun

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Review #13, by Life after death Dishonesty or Truthfulness?

27th November 2005:
Its good, but I don't think that Harry and Hermionie would ever do that. But apart from that the writings good.

Author's Response: I kow they would never do that, but I wanted something different, and felt like making them the bad people....

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Review #14, by krista Dishonesty or Truthfulness?

18th November 2005:
ok so this story is really well writen, but i really didnt like that ginny ended up with malfoy and that harry and hermionie are all bad, and they are outcasts, the reson i dont like it is becouse it dosennt make since that this would happen, but this story is still really good, the main reson i didnt like it was becouse i dont like ginny and draco together.

Author's Response: um, thanks for iti being well written. I try to write to all audiences, and I'm writing a Hermione and Ron fic. I'm personally more of a fan of Dramione, but yeah...

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Review #15, by Dishonesty or Truthfulness?

29th October 2005:
yeah I love those ginny and draco stories. I want more

Author's Response: the sequal is out, its the Betrayed Love

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Review #16, by dracolover4ever Dishonesty or Truthfulness?

25th October 2005:
oh it was amazing! I'm going to read the sequal next.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it, and I guess you like the other one too :)

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Review #17, by Caitlin & Furry Jenn Dishonesty or Truthfulness?

15th October 2005:
Amazing!!! I loved it! (I mean WE). Write a sequeal says I and We! If you don't it won't just be your friend your in danger of ...

Author's Response: I'm glad you both liked it? but you kinda lost me except for I'm in danger if I don't make a sequal

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Review #18, by katieweasley Dishonesty or Truthfulness?

13th October 2005:
i would LOVE to read a a sequal

Author's Response: yay! I'm really wanting to write one...when I Get time

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Review #19, by xolilyox Dishonesty or Truthfulness?

9th October 2005:
please please please write i sequel i love it...espcially for 30 mins. and love how it's in present tense, something i could never do :)

Author's Response: yay! I'm glad my banner maker loved it. I have a sequal in mind, and I want to start it today...if I finish this civics project and language homeowkr in time

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Review #20, by kay Dishonesty or Truthfulness?

2nd October 2005:
omg fantabulous! Cookies for you! I know the phrase is really "Kudos for you," but cookies are better! Anyways, you should definately write a sequal, or, maybe you could just kind of extend this. YOu know, like with more details so it's not all just crammed into one chapter. Do what you want though, it's great anyways!

Author's Response: thank you! I think I might just write a sequal...maybe make something happen that twists the plot more..muahahha

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Review #21, by Norah Dishonesty or Truthfulness?

1st October 2005:
I thought the story was good it could use just a little more detail (why were they plotting against Ginny? for starters) but other wise it was very good.

Author's Response: thanks. I really have no clue why they did...I just wrote it...

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Review #22, by MZ-clare Dishonesty or Truthfulness?

29th September 2005:
This story is amazing! i really liked it. definatly on the sequal!

Author's Response: thank you, I'll work on one :) I have to edit something first

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Review #23, by Snake Dishonesty or Truthfulness?

29th September 2005:
yes write more its so good!

Author's Response: thank you :)

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Review #24, by Georgia Taylor Dishonesty or Truthfulness?

29th September 2005:
It's good, but unbeleivable that everyone would suddenly hate the boy who saved the world, because well, he saved the world.

Author's Response: thats why its fanfic though...and he did something unacceptebel(sp?) to his best friends little sister...

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Review #25, by SilverShadow04 Dishonesty or Truthfulness?

29th September 2005:
Very well written I liked it even though I am a big Ron/Hemrione Shipper I still like it and you should do a sequeal!

Author's Response: yay! thank you :) I'll try

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