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Review #1, by strange_magick The Consequences

4th February 2007:
this was absolutely amazing. It was very well written and your characters are very close to cannon.

Wow, it brought me to tears though! -sniffle-
you're a remarkable writer, keep up the good work!

Author's Response: awe thanks!

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Review #2, by hawaiianchic16 The Consequences

27th January 2006:
that was really good! you shouldn't say your stories are bad.. LIAR!! hehe.. just playing.. but really that was great! i hope you write more for it..

Author's Response: it was horrible...

Author's Response: >.< thanks for being so sweet *blushes* its always nice to be proven wrong...

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Review #3, by Dracos_Hottest_GIrl The Consequences

14th January 2006:
Its good...

Author's Response: thanks...

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Review #4, by Reka Mina Kintar The Consequences

26th December 2005:
Ani you are my only hope i even tried getting an admin to try banning me from the chat... anyways i cant get back in because of error P783 TomFoolery said you went through this too and i'm hoping you know a way to fix it, considering i'm down to my last hope here, please tell me if you know anyway because i'm about to need to go to an insaneatarium if there is a such thing.... Please please please im on bended knee if you know anyway to help please tell me

Author's Response: yes... check ur email... I got ya covered. lol

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Review #5, by stargazer The Consequences

5th December 2005:
Okay first off let me start with a little CC. Okay where Harry begins talking to Ginny, that should be spaced out and the quotes should be in italics. This line here, 'Hermione urgent..' there should be a comma b/t Hermione and urgent. The sentence thats by itself that starts with no should be capitolized. And make sure to put comas at the end of dialogue if your going to say something afterwords. Here's an example:“No,” he paused for breath and continued, “it was my fault she was even dragged into this war. I can't take it any longer.” Okay now then I'll tell you what I liked about it. I liked how it sort of seems like a poem. It was quite sad, but I love sad stories. I like how you made Harry in love with Luna and then lost her, that was great, and how Hermione told him she loved him. I wish it could have been a bit longer and a bit more detailed of what happened, maybe even Harry and Hermione contemplating on the things that just happened. But it was good non-less. Well I'm glad you decied to make another chapter for this and I will be looking for it. Always, Stargazer.

Author's Response: I love it when readers are picky... I made it so that Harry is to preocupied with the deaths to think about what had happened. the sequel is being looked over by my beta-er. it will be up soon

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Review #6, by DarkDesires The Consequences

22nd October 2005:
Yes, this actually me, the computer I'm on just won't let me log in. This has a good plotline, leaves you wondering. Definately edit this, the mistakes and all. Creepy, my english teacher used the exact same quote 'Cowards die many times....' today in class when we were talking about Julius Caesar. Omen? Haha, but it's a good start, I await the next chapter.

Author's Response: eh heh... I am not wanting to continue it right now, fore writing is has made me kinda depressed. ha ha omen, could perhaps happen.

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Review #7, by crystal allan The Consequences

19th October 2005:
Goodness. That was terribly derpressing (in a good way). It took me a while to get used to your voice here - it's different from your nomal writing, but not in a bad way. I noticed that someone mentioned that the story seemed rushed - I'm not sure if it was 'rushed' per say. It seems more like a different writing style. Now, this was really a touching piece - and I will try not to nag you into getting the next chapter out... but it will be very hard :)

Author's Response: ha ha.... yeah, part of it was really rushed, but I am going to work on the ending of it before I post the sequal.

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Review #8, by nicespice The Consequences

16th October 2005:
*sniff* So sad, I've never read Shakepeare, only seen Hamlet and a little bit of Romeo and Juliet as a movie, but that's it. Some of the spelling mistakes and grammer mistakes detracted from the story a little, but that's okay, I'm guilty of that as well. I would like to see the next chapter, despite that I never or hardly read H/Hr. (I hope I don't get brutally murdered for that comment.) xoxo -Me.

Author's Response: I dont think the sequal will turn out to be a h/hr fic since I despise them. I would never brually murder anyone *twiddles thumbs and whistles innocently*

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Review #9, by Raslygri The Consequences

9th October 2005:
That is so sad! I actually really enjoyed it, although I was skeptical at first, especially after the placement of your Shakespeare. Overall, it was wonderful... but I would recommend going through it on a word processor to catch some of the errors. Also, some things were a bit sudden and rushed. If you take the time to edit this after you've been able to step back for a while, I know that it'll end up a masterpiece! :)

Author's Response: lol thanks. Yes I did rush it alot, and I am surprised ur the first one to notice it.

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Review #10, by Jack The Consequences

3rd October 2005:
I am sorry I didn't read and review sooner, and I am sorry for are fight before. anyways great job, and I look forward to u updating when u get better.

Author's Response: *pouts* I am still not talking to u ya kno...

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Review #11, by moochie The Consequences

3rd October 2005:
w00t!!! I liked this. I am glad u finally told me about it, after weeks of keeping it from me lol and remember sacre bleu!! love ya Dana, moochie

Author's Response: yeah, I finally told u. I gotta tell u this not good at all. and sacre bleu right back at u... thanks moochie

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Review #12, by Krissy The Consequences

3rd October 2005:
hey Dana, great fic u got here. I also like how you wove in the words of shakespeare, it was very good. Sept the shakespear geek in you came out lol. update soon, Krissy

Author's Response: yeah :p thanks Krissy, loser I am a shakespeare geek lol... stupid Krissy *shakes head with dismay*

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Review #13, by MuggleArchmage The Consequences

3rd October 2005:
I only came to this story 'cause you quoted Tre Cool in the forums. Greenday *sigh*. But, if I didn't hate angst then i would call this very good!

Author's Response: lol tre cool has some really weird quotes eh?? well angst is not for everyone.

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Review #14, by to lazy to sign in The Consequences

3rd October 2005:
cool... nice fic, I really like it. so sad though. and the quotes were magnificent. update soon

Author's Response: yeah, it is a little sad. And yes the quotes are nice, but add to the misery of Hary's character. thanks for the review, Ani

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Review #15, by Shrimp The Consequences

3rd October 2005:
Wewt! Go Cassie! xD

Author's Response: uhhhh okay *backs away* I told u to read and review, I didn't mean just say w00t lol.... did u even read it?? *sigh* loser

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Review #16, by dreamsnz The Consequences

2nd October 2005:
i liked your story a lot, write more! also, that quote about cowards dying many times before their death is from "Julius Caesar," yay honours lit.

Author's Response: yup I thought someone would guess that. I knew it was but great job. I was actually in Julius Ceaser as Cassius lol. thanks, 1 more part to come.

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Review #17, by LostMaeblleshire The Consequences

29th September 2005:
Wow, Dana, I didn't know you had it in you, lol. The way you described Harry's angst was great, as well as the way you wove the language of Shakespeare into it. I agree with firefawn though, about how it was a bit confusing when Luna's body appeared twice. Anyways... really great job, I can't wait to read the next chapter! (Harry/Hermy? 0_o)

Author's Response: nope, no pairing, just death, Harry is in for a horrible afternoon... now get ur ass to the forums before I kill ya... nope, this is a horrible fic and it is not my best. just wait till u read of gits, pricks, and quick wit, now thats crazy.

Author's Response: only one more part....... *sigh* cause I need to get writing my one shot for Linda's (timeturner) out of ur realm challenge...

Author's Response: one more thing: I might not update right away due to my sprained wrist.

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Review #18, by firefawn The Consequences

29th September 2005:
Hey Animagus girl this was fabulous so far. The only constructive thing I can think of to offer is that Luna's body seems to have appeared twice. Hermione spots her body while they are in the street, and then Harry sets off into the story still looking for Luna's body, and finds it in there. I wasnt sure if that was an accidental mistake, or if you were just trying to show how dellusional he was growing from the whole ordeal. Good work nonetheless, but just perhaps clarify that a little bit more. :)

Author's Response: glad u caught the whole delusional thing. *sigh* I am not used to writing this kinda fic so I hope my reputation is okay, lol... thanks, Ani

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