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Review #1, by Wierd_Sisters The Duel

15th November 2005:
"Very. Good."


And how, dear Soorrrcchhhiiiie, did I miss the "dedicated to Wierd_Sisters" at the end of this wonderful summary? O_O

*gets down on knees and praises*

AND HOW, exactly, tell me this, did I miss all of these obviously brilliant stories? x_X I always knew I was blind - let's face it - but I didnt know I could miss out on the obvious profounds of undenying brilliance, hence forth known as your writing. And that right there that I just said popped out in some sort of weird 18th century form or another, so if it didnt make any sense, I'm sorry. Refrasing: You are a genius.

Very. Good.

Author's Response: You wouldn't be able to write such awesome stories is you were blind, dudette!.

It's just... impossible! I think... yeah..

Anwho, you can keep denying that your the best writer on the planet... fine. I'll keep argueing the point until I wither away and die..

Thanxies. ^_______^.

<3, Sorcha (Sorchie, Sorchita, Sori... take your pick. I've got more :P)

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Review #2, by witch-a The Duel

10th November 2005:
duuude! That sounds just like my teacher... poor Imani. *hands her a Kleenex* And your new banner are coming. Bear with me here...

Author's Response: well, dudette, the banner came out awesome. Thanxies... the actual story it comes with is coming soon. ;)

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Review #3, by daringdistortia The Scarlet Feather

21st October 2005:
You're writing is amazingly written and is simply stunning. It's really beautiful. Keep up the fantastic work.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review ^_^ I shall update soon mon-ami.

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Review #4, by Wierd_Sisters The Scarlet Feather

11th October 2005:
Sorcha! Over-sizing my ego to that of a melon is one thing, but refering me to someone? Naughty, naughty *wags finger*

Author's Response: heheh. How typical of evil little me...;)

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Review #5, by Wierd_Sisters The Crossing Between the Norm and Unnatural

6th October 2005:
Ooooo. 'Ickle Tommy! I was begining to wonder what Era this was in...fiorst I thought it was Golden Trio Era...but then the Slughorn deal and such and the school would most likely be shut down or Marauder's era and then POOFBOOM. PIMP!Tom comes uu ^.^ Update le soon. I have a Tom Riddle story coming myself, ;)

Author's Response: Really? OMG, I'll HAVE to read that one. I'm... what do ya call it... obssessive over Tom Riddle? Neh... more like "idolize" or "adore". Typical Death Eater sentiment right there... heh. whatever... <3, Sorcha.

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Review #6, by Witch-a The Crossing Between the Norm and Unnatural

6th October 2005:
aaaaah! Riddle has reared his ugle head! O_o.... actually, I've always considered him a hottie, so Imani's not that bad off *imagines self with Riddle* Le sigh. well, update soon. I'M HOLDING YOU TO IT SORCHA BANNSHEE!!!!!!

Author's Response: Hottie? ARE YOU INSANE!!! O_o. I'd swim across a sea of needles to meet this meltworthy punk who becomes the darkest wizard on earth... he's AWESOME! <3 , Sorcha.

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Review #7, by Witch-a The Scarlet Feather

2nd October 2005:
Update Sorcha!!!!!! AGH!

Author's Response: Pfft. I HAVE updated, dearest Esme, it still hasn't been validated. Chillax O_o. It'll be out soon. ;)

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Review #8, by Wierd_Sisters The Scarlet Feather

1st October 2005:
BRILLIANT! Aye, I love your writing style my friend! It's bloody brilliant. I love your use of words and your vocabulary is wondermous - i had to look up one word just to figure out what it meant - *claps* bravo! I suspect another chapter will be coming soon, eh? *adds to favs* ~WS~

Author's Response: Awww c'mon! You are complimenting lil 'ol me? Well, I have a "thing" with using words that no one from this century uses on a regular basis. The next level would be to have my charries talking a-la-Shakespear: *clear throat* "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" *shudders* Hopefully I won't go THAT far. Well, muchos thanxies for the review. <3 ya! The next chappie will go into limbo soon.

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Review #9, by Fenella The Scarlet Feather

27th September 2005:
I like the way it sounds. Keep it up.

Author's Response: Thank you oh-so-much for the kind review. The lack of input I've been getting it kinda... unnerving. But thanks, and the next chappie is comng up.... eh... soon.

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Review #10, by Witch-a The Scarlet Feather

27th September 2005:
zat was wonderful! I'm assuming you're going to explain Imani's history a bit more in later chapters right? Too much info in one sitting gives me a stomachache anyways... Update soon mez-ami ;)

Author's Response: Hey! It's my Favorite Frenchie!!! <3 Well, you're right about the gradual increase background information. It's not like I'm writing a biography or something O_o. Thank ya for the lubly review! ;)

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