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Reading Reviews for Quills
10 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Wierd_Sisters The Duel

15th November 2005:
"Very. Good."


And how, dear Soorrrcchhhiiiie, did I miss the "dedicated to Wierd_Sisters" at the end of this wonderful summary? O_O

*gets down on knees and praises*

AND HOW, exactly, tell me this, did I miss all of these obviously brilliant stories? x_X I always knew I was blind - let's face it - but I didnt know I could miss out on the obvious profounds of undenying brilliance, hence forth known as your writing. And that right there that I just said popped out in some sort of weird 18th century form or another, so if it didnt make any sense, I'm sorry. Refrasing: You are a genius.

Very. Good.

Author's Response: You wouldn't be able to write such awesome stories is you were blind, dudette!.

It's just... impossible! I think... yeah..

Anwho, you can keep denying that your the best writer on the planet... fine. I'll keep argueing the point until I wither away and die..

Thanxies. ^_______^.

<3, Sorcha (Sorchie, Sorchita, Sori... take your pick. I've got more :P)

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Review #2, by witch-a The Duel

10th November 2005:
duuude! That sounds just like my teacher... poor Imani. *hands her a Kleenex* And your new banner are coming. Bear with me here...

Author's Response: well, dudette, the banner came out awesome. Thanxies... the actual story it comes with is coming soon. ;)

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Review #3, by daringdistortia The Scarlet Feather

21st October 2005:
You're writing is amazingly written and is simply stunning. It's really beautiful. Keep up the fantastic work.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review ^_^ I shall update soon mon-ami.

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Review #4, by Wierd_Sisters The Scarlet Feather

11th October 2005:
Sorcha! Over-sizing my ego to that of a melon is one thing, but refering me to someone? Naughty, naughty *wags finger*

Author's Response: heheh. How typical of evil little me...;)

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Review #5, by Wierd_Sisters The Crossing Between the Norm and Unnatural

6th October 2005:
Ooooo. 'Ickle Tommy! I was begining to wonder what Era this was in...fiorst I thought it was Golden Trio Era...but then the Slughorn deal and such and the school would most likely be shut down or someting...so Marauder's era and then POOFBOOM. PIMP!Tom comes uu ^.^ Update le soon. I have a Tom Riddle story coming myself, ;)

Author's Response: Really? OMG, I'll HAVE to read that one. I'm... what do ya call it... obssessive over Tom Riddle? Neh... more like "idolize" or "adore". Typical Death Eater sentiment right there... heh. whatever... <3, Sorcha.

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Review #6, by Witch-a The Crossing Between the Norm and Unnatural

6th October 2005:
aaaaah! Riddle has reared his ugle head! O_o.... actually, I've always considered him a hottie, so Imani's not that bad off *imagines self with Riddle* Le sigh. well, update soon. I'M HOLDING YOU TO IT SORCHA BANNSHEE!!!!!!

Author's Response: Hottie? ARE YOU INSANE!!! O_o. I'd swim across a sea of needles to meet this meltworthy punk who becomes the darkest wizard on earth... he's AWESOME! <3 , Sorcha.

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Review #7, by Witch-a The Scarlet Feather

2nd October 2005:
Update Sorcha!!!!!! AGH!

Author's Response: Pfft. I HAVE updated, dearest Esme, it still hasn't been validated. Chillax O_o. It'll be out soon. ;)

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Review #8, by Wierd_Sisters The Scarlet Feather

1st October 2005:
BRILLIANT! Aye, I love your writing style my friend! It's bloody brilliant. I love your use of words and your vocabulary is wondermous - i had to look up one word just to figure out what it meant - *claps* bravo! I suspect another chapter will be coming soon, eh? *adds to favs* ~WS~

Author's Response: Awww c'mon! You are complimenting lil 'ol me? Well, I have a "thing" with using words that no one from this century uses on a regular basis. The next level would be to have my charries talking a-la-Shakespear: *clear throat* "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" *shudders* Hopefully I won't go THAT far. Well, muchos thanxies for the review. <3 ya! The next chappie will go into limbo soon.

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Review #9, by Fenella The Scarlet Feather

27th September 2005:
I like the way it sounds. Keep it up.

Author's Response: Thank you oh-so-much for the kind review. The lack of input I've been getting it kinda... unnerving. But thanks, and the next chappie is comng up.... eh... soon.

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Review #10, by Witch-a The Scarlet Feather

27th September 2005:
zat was wonderful! I'm assuming you're going to explain Imani's history a bit more in later chapters right? Too much info in one sitting gives me a stomachache anyways... Update soon mez-ami ;)

Author's Response: Hey! It's my Favorite Frenchie!!! <3 Well, you're right about the gradual increase background information. It's not like I'm writing a biography or something O_o. Thank ya for the lubly review! ;)

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