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Review #1, by dim at best Chapter 1

22nd January 2006:
So tragic, but I'm still in love with the Lily/James's the way things were meant to be! However, this was really well written and I enjoyed it a lot =)

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Review #2, by angel13 Chapter 1

18th April 2005:
wicked faith, you should give up reviewing. good start! i've never been fond of Lily/James/Sirius, and this is no exception. but its still a good story!

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Review #3, by wickedfaith Chapter 1

16th April 2005:
you make me sick, its a stupid story take my advice forget about it

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Review #4, by Rhia Chapter 1

21st December 2004:
It was good, tad short but good. I noticed few others were daring enough to do a lily/sirius story. Bravo!

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Review #5, by lilbrat Chapter 1

25th September 2004:
This was interesting. Your right, if this did happen then Lily and James wouldn't have gotten married. It was a good idea though. -lilbrat-

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Review #6, by fishyfan Chapter 1

31st August 2004:
it was a very well writen story. it may not of been possible for it to happen but it was still a good story and well thought. Bye:)

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Review #7, by Topaz Chapter 1

24th October 2003:
I always love reading fanfiction about Lily/James and Sirius. Good story but you're right, it couldn't have happened like that.

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Review #8, by *_WolfGurl_* Chapter 1

10th October 2003:

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Review #9, by Arwen Chapter 1

21st September 2003:
THATS SO SWEET!!! I'm crying. By The Way: Lily is spelt with one 'l' not two, its Lily, not Lilly!! P.s, can u read and review @harry Potter and the heart of the stag'?? Thanks, Carry on soon, Arwen

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