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Review #1, by RachulExzix Making Decisions

11th December 2005:
This is so sad Dro. Poor Peter.... I think you really did well, capturing Peters moods and feelings. To often, Peter is played out to be some evil, backstabbing jerk. I think you really caught something here.

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Review #2, by Lucid Making Decisions

15th November 2005:
I really liked this. I've always liked to read Peter Fics where people try to do something different with his characterisation, which I think you have done here. I liked the language you have used as well as the description. Hes lies to Lily's face seem to have so much more potency when we read the last lines on the one-shot. I think you underline the depth of what he has done there, and strike the hammer home for the reader, despite the fact in the end he was choosing to remain loyal. A really excellent one shot :)

Author's Response: Thanks Lucid! You're review just made my day =)

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Review #3, by sauerkraut_poet Making Decisions

27th September 2005:
That was wonderful. It's so nice to find a story that brings out the good in Peter for a change. Very well-written and insightful.

Author's Response: Flatter... you just never get tired of it! Thank's for the review!

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Review #4, by hermie_rules Making Decisions

26th September 2005:
thats fantastic u should keep going and like say how lily saved harrys life or TOTALLY change the story!!!!! have fun experiment with the story line!!!! u ROX!!

Author's Response: Totally change the story? Maybe, but then it wouldn't have anything to do with this story line, would it?

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Review #5, by LostMaeblleshire Making Decisions

25th September 2005:
Ah, thank goodness for the forums, right? I saw the link there and decided to check it out because it looked interesting... and it was! I loved your take on this part of the story, and especially from Peter's view. I think that so many people are upset with him that they don't dare to even attempt anything with his character. But you... you're not afraid of Peter. (Am I sounding a bit odd?) It was so sad to hear about Faith, and the conversation between him and Lily was very touching. I also like how you mentioned Peter's feelings at being made the Potter's Secret Keeper. The only thing was that Faith's death was a bit rushed... but I can sort of understand why it was. I'm sure he didn't want to linger too much upon that fact. So, anyways, really great story, I enjoyed it a lot. ^_^

Author's Response: Um... Yeah! Of course! I love the forums! =P Me not fear rat man! (Just felt like playing Tarzan). But seriously, I surprised myself for writing that Peter was somehow kind of inocent. Deep inside I want JKR to make him burn in hell for killing poor Lily. (Yeah, James too, but I like Lily more.) About Faith... I know it was rushed, but I didn't want to go on and forget about the main plot. Thanks for the review!

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Review #6, by timeturner Making Decisions

25th September 2005:
I've never quite seen this story from Peter's point of view and you did a good job with it. It's very tragic and the idea that he didn't want to give the Potters up is an unusual one. I didn't like the Sirius you portrayed (I'm such a Sirius nut that even a hint of cowardice from him gives me chills) but other than that this is a well written and very one-of-a-kind story from Peter's view. Its nice to see someone taking a new route and I applaud you for it.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! But it's not cowardice! It's facing reality. Everybody eventually cracks. No one can resist torture for ever. He thought it was better to avoid that the Secret Keeper was ever caught.

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Review #7, by Rebekka Making Decisions

25th September 2005:
I truly loved this. My favourite line was this: "It was the love she felt for James and their son Harry that was breaking her will. She feared their deaths much more than her own." You described his feelings so very well through out the fic and I loved the conversation he had with Lily. I liked the way you portrayed him. It was so humane and real, very compassionate. My only critique is that the way you explained Faith's death was a bit too rushed. Otherwise, excellent work. :)

Author's Response: Great review! =) We all like to feel appreciated from time to time. Faith... oh well, maybe some other time, because I thought it would distract the reader from the main plot.

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Review #8, by strength Making Decisions

24th September 2005:
Wow. How...touching, heartbreaking. I love.. his pain, sorrow, anguish seemed so real and I really hope you continue to write stories like this!!!

Author's Response: If you liked it that much.... so do I hope to write stories like this!

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