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Review #1, by summer Schoof Um...I need to do the deed...

23rd July 2009:
hilarious! most entertaining fan fiction I have read so far...!

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Review #2, by Paloma Patil Um...I need to do the deed...

9th August 2007:
LOL! You know, I've never really thought about that one! Good point! P

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Review #3, by xxPhoenixTearsxx Um...I need to do the deed...

8th April 2007:
hahahahaha omg that was great! you should write more stories like that!

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Review #4, by Herculeha Um...I need to do the deed...

23rd November 2004:
Herculeha has laughed herself into a coma and is unavailable for comment. *looks at the form lying on the ground* I would take that as a sign.

She liked it.

A lot.

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Review #5, by Shiseidox Um...I need to do the deed...

3rd April 2004:
ROFLMAO!!!!!!! This is great. I'm still laughing, and laughing so hard, I can barely type. I love this. 10 all the way, higher if possible. I love this.

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Review #6, by ~c.evans~ Um...I need to do the deed...

8th January 2004:
"For God's sake man !! I NEED TO PEEEEE YOU CRAZY KID !!!! " I love that part . That was very FUNNY !!!!!

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Review #7, by dare_devil120 Um...I need to do the deed...

16th November 2003:
That was bloody fantastic! I always wondered whether I should ask why the stories never contain something as usual as brushing one's teeth or taking a piss. Maybe I should write a story on Harry Potter and the Deadly Toothbrush. Hmm, incredibly funny, laughed all the way through. Especially the part about ' *those* trees'! 10/10, brilliant!

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Review #8, by Boe Um...I need to do the deed...

7th November 2003:
AAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAH! This is the most absolutely fantastically brilliant idea ever! And it's true! No one EVER used the bathroom for any logical purpose in the books!!!!

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Review #9, by Kristen Um...I need to do the deed...

11th September 2003:
Hilarious! I loved it!

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Review #10, by anon Um...I need to do the deed...

6th September 2003:
HA HA! *wipes a tear*

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Review #11, by Forgotten Um...I need to do the deed...

22nd August 2003:
**Grins** I can just picture the scene too! Excellent! I have to admit, I\'m suprised Moaning Mrytle didn\'t hang around, she seems the type for a peep show :-p As always your writing ability and your descriptions blow me away.

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Review #12, by ZeeMarie Um...I need to do the deed...

21st August 2003:
Erm, somebody has a warped sense of humor, and it isn\'t me. Funky story, I enjoyed it :)

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Review #13, by kant Um...I need to do the deed...

4th August 2003:
\"great googly moogly\", that was a great fic! No bathrooms needed at Hogwarts--its like magic!

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Review #14, by B Um...I need to do the deed...

18th May 2003:
OMG! This is HILARIOUS!!! I\'ve always wondered how the students at Hogwarts would react to something as mugglish as that....please continue!!! PLEASSEEEE!!!

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Review #15, by greenjean Um...I need to do the deed...

7th April 2003:
Beautiful! Truly original and very funny! Even if the subject was a bit \"earthy\", I really enjoyed this.

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Review #16, by Magnolia Um...I need to do the deed...

1st April 2003:
Hey! OMG!! That was SO funny! VERY VERY good! Would you mind reading one of my fics? I\'d really like your input on one of them! Thanks! Great job! ~Magnolia

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Review #17, by Anon Um...I need to do the deed...

4th March 2003:
pure funny

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Review #18, by Nelly da elephanty Um...I need to do the deed...

4th March 2003:
it should be called the mad muggle who needs da bathroom

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Review #19, by Peppercat Um...I need to do the deed...

16th February 2003:
HAHAHA! that made me laugh SO hard! I was almost crying! Honestly! :D -Z>Peppercat

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Review #20, by IrisLaRue Um...I need to do the deed...

4th February 2003:
I know that Hogwarts is disguised as a ruin to muggles, but I imagine that if anyone gets close enough to it, it wouldn\'t look so ruin-like. Besides, maybe he is magic, eh?

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Review #21, by StephanieJ Um...I need to do the deed...

3rd February 2003:
What and excellent and funny story! I love it! Very cute, though I do believe Hogwarts is \"magiced\" so muggles only see it as a ruin, but that\'s just the Hermione in me speaking. I still thought it was fun!

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Review #22, by sarak Um...I need to do the deed...

1st February 2003:
HAHAHAHHA PLEASE CONTINUE!!!!!!! p.s . could u please read and review my story secret love!! I would really appreciate it!!!

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Review #23, by Alythia Um...I need to do the deed...

11th January 2003:
OMG>>>>THAT was so extremely funny! u should rite more fics. I hope yah dunt mind but i emailed it to like two of muh friends hoo both thought it was extremely awsum. C-YA Alythia

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Review #24, by Grumblehump Um...I need to do the deed...

9th January 2003:
Hee hee hee! Well, I was talking to Dumbledore and HE said there's a spell put over all of the grounds to prevent, er, excretion. But then I caught a secret door in his office saying, and smelling otherwise. I always knew that old pout was a liar. But then again, who am I to judge a man by his missiles? Well, keep writing! ~Steve

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Review #25, by lolololololol Um...I need to do the deed...

1st January 2003:

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