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Review #1, by Anony-Mouse Just Friends

29th September 2006:
Actually, I really liked this one! Harry really is a hard character to write, so don't worry about those OOC reviews...not that I've really tried....anyway, I really did enjoy it! I love dramatics too....haha. I love reading your work!

Author's Response: Yeah well, I couldnt make Harry fit into the scene believably as himself... so I think I may have mixed a little James and Draco in there somewhere... makes him more romantic/riske :-p

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Review #2, by Blue Flame Just Friends

29th July 2006:
aww..poor ron...i liked it! great job! 10/10

Author's Response: Yes... poor Ron! I'm glad you're enjoying it tho-- hear from you again soon in another review, right? :-p See you on another story!

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Review #3, by olivie Just Friends

20th July 2006:
What!? I'm like really confused,(chuckle):) It was good writing though, I really like all of the stories you write too! I think you are officially my favorite author.:) I officially cristen you olivia's favorite author! (OOOO!)
postscript:good job!

Author's Response: Yay! LoL... thats great news! :-D Maybe i will update something soon... lol.. im always so busy tho :-S

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Review #4, by TheOneAndOnLy Just Friends

17th July 2006:
That was good, i've never heard the song, but it seems to fit perfectly. I actually might go listen to it.... lol. Poor Ron! Dont worry i will still love him!!! lol. Heeey earlier i noticed that you were the person who gave me all those wonderful reviews for my fanfiction The Day the Music Died, took me forever to notice did you know theres a sequel out?

Author's Response: What? There is? I will definitely have to check that out when i have time! Thanks for another great review yourself! I love the support... everyone has really been so helpful :-)

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Review #5, by HermioneG Just Friends

18th June 2006:
The ending is a bit sudden. It seems unfinished. Harry was probably a little OoC, but I shouldn't be the one to complain; I always make him OoC. I admire the ones who manage to have him in character. I'll be honest with you; this wasn't nearly as good as Puppy Love. I hope you aren't insulted. :) Because it was still pretty good.

Author's Response: LoL... nah.. I'm not insulted. I actually pretty much hated this fic... I know thats a strong word...but its just because I'm not really that talented at songfics period and the story just wasnt what i wanted it to be. I ended it when the song ended lol. Harry was OoC and its really just a cliffy... like a bit of a bigger story snatched out and put on its own-- because you know how I write.. I set stuff up for bigger plots without meaning to. But I have no desire to continue this really. I only wrote it because I was bored and posted it because my beta suggested it :-p I can't say it has a particularly special place in my heart

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Review #6, by babyacidpops Just Friends

8th June 2006:
I cannot get enough of your stories, this one's just fantastic, he punched Harry, HE ACTUALLY PUNCHED HARRY, I'd run away from that freak too! 10/10!

Author's Response: LoL... thanks babyacidpops... you're great! Keep reading my stories!! I swear... i have so many cumulative chapters your head would spin :-p you wont get bored... i promise!

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Review #7, by Jessamina Just Friends

8th June 2006:
It was nice, this story. I use song lyrics as headings for the chapters of my stories, I just get inspired sometimes you know? :) This feels unfinished though, there should be one more chapter, the one where everything works out. :) In any case, this was very good all by itself. :)

Author's Response: Yeah... i was actually going to go there.... but then I just decided I liked it by itself... not many ppl read songfics tho... so that one never got as popular as my other stories... so I suppose I should just stick with non-song-related work lol

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Review #8, by Kyla Just Friends

8th June 2006:
*Coughs* Umm... now that Puppy Love is coming to an end, do you think you'll be able to make a sequel for this? Pretty pretty please?

Author's Response: Hahaha... I knew it! I told my one of my betas yesterday afternoon when i submitted Voldemort's Spy that as soon as the story was over there would be a rush of demands for a sequel :-p you're a little early!! lol.. the last chpt isnt even up yet! I would.. but the only problem is the story line has really run its course... ya know? I do have one idea for a sequel... but it might not be as good-- just a warning. I will think about it.... :-p

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Review #9, by sugarhighz Just Friends

12th May 2006:
Aww, I'm not gonna lie, I really liked this one-shot. But that's possibly because I'm one of those people that can't stand happy endings. The song fits in perfectly with what's going on and the trio's actions are definately believable. Props!


Author's Response: LoL.. thanks sugarhighz... I usually have a halfway alright ending... someone told me this wasn't finished... but to me... a one shot is a one shot-- one chapter and just a little slice from the real story... I have been considering adding chapters with alternate endings tho....

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Review #10, by Kyla Just Friends

8th May 2006:
Now I feel bad becuase it seems like I'm, pressuring you...

Okay, I'll stop reviewing now.

Author's Response: HAHAHAHAHA... nah.. thats funny... thanks.. it made me smile :-) I'll really try tho... that's not pressuring me... I like being rooted on... its more of a cheering act than a forceful one ;-) Keep it up!

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Review #11, by Kyla Just Friends

8th May 2006:
Okay, I've checked. You need to write a sequel! I mean really, leaving people hanging like that... great story though, even if it is a bit frustrating becuase we don;t know how it turned out... Once again, SEQUEL!!!!

Author's Response: LoL... ok Kyla... I'll see what I can do for you... I can't promise much since I'm still working on Puppy Love... but I'll try... thanks to your persistance :-p

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Review #12, by Kyla Just Friends

8th May 2006:
Arggh!!! Please, please, please tell me you wrote a sequel... I'll just go and check...

Author's Response: LoL.. no sorry... just a spur of the moment fic... I have been thinking about doing one tho... someone told me maybe I should and I think maybe its not such a bad idea... keep an eye out!

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Review #13, by HarryPotter is my LIFE Just Friends

6th May 2006:
Oh gosh, Ron really is that thick. Well I really hope Hermione forgives him...eventually. I think it would be a great idea to write a sequel for this, kind of like an alernate ending one. You could have a few different reactions from Hermione, i think it would be interesting.

Author's Response: Hmmm... I haven't really thought of that.. thats not a bad idea... I'll consider that ;-) Thanks! And glad to see the same reader trying my other stories :-D

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Review #14, by padfoot and prongs foreva Just Friends

31st December 2005:
awwww...poor all three of them...this was diff too!!! nice job!! lyl lyl

Author's Response: thanks! glad u liked it.. i dont like it as much myself.. but ya kno.. *shrugs*

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Review #15, by elfbwillow Just Friends

16th November 2005:
That was brilliant and the song words worked so well. Great writing!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it! My first songfic and one-shot.. so it was a lil weird for me...

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Review #16, by mrshermioneweasly Just Friends

6th October 2005:
very very cute

Author's Response: lol thanks.. song-fics and one-shots arent as i'd anticipated... i thought i would have trouble with it since im more of a build-up-the-story-in-lengthy-fashion kinda gal.. but i thought it wasn't bad for my first

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Review #17, by musicsetsmefree Just Friends

21st September 2005:
hmmm.... I could totally see Ron doing something like this, but Harry seems a bit OOC... where is the sequel? :)

Author's Response: Yea.. i always do Harry OOC.. idk why :-p.. maybe ive just always viewed him as a diff personality than what JK conveys... lets just call it a writing pattern in my stories lol

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Review #18, by Death2Mudbloods Just Friends

19th September 2005:
Markedly better than most songfics. Cheers, and upda... wait. I can't use that one on a one-shot can I?

Author's Response: Upda is a cool word... lol.. u know how chpt 22 is comin on the other story.. *whisper* more rabbits... and you get to find out WHAT the deal is with em.. muahahaha... and the locket comes back into play-- ive decided it DOES have an additional power.. muahahaha

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Review #19, by SHALAN!!!!! Just Friends

18th September 2005:
wow hehe I actually read that one it was sooo good!!!! I'm really confused tho lol.. it's jut me tho don't worry!!! it was greAT!!!! ok well ttyl gurl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lylas buh bye

Author's Response: So u read the short one i wrote in 5 mins but u wont read the lengthy one ive been simmerin fer a year now? this is fair... :-p thanx fer readin neways shalan!

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Review #20, by hermioneatheart Just Friends

18th September 2005:
That's so sad, Sara! You made me a bit teary eyed there.

Author's Response: I hope ur kidding... (u are, right?) But I mean dang.. its a sad song when you think about it.. the guy is singing about when he finds his gf with another guy :-p It ain't exactly color-me-happy lyrics...

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Review #21, by CourtneyFaith Just Friends

18th September 2005:
~WOW. Really Really Great. I dont see how you can do it. But everything you write is gold.~

Author's Response: Just call me Queen Midas.. im still working on updates fer my other story... i hope everyone keeps reading!!!

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Review #22, by lalala Just Friends

18th September 2005:

Author's Response: Thanks :-p lol.. glad everyone's liking it-- i didn't know how it would turn out :-D

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Review #23, by gabzi27 Just Friends

17th September 2005:
is that the end??????

Author's Response: Idk if this is a good review or a bad one... but umm. Yes, gabzi, its the end, sorry.. :-p One-shot songfic that is completely separate from my other stories.. i was just listenin to some music and got the idea to write that so i did.. in like 5 mins.. so, ya kno... im still workin on my other stories, if u've read em...

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Review #24, by Tigerlily Just Friends

17th September 2005:

Author's Response: LoL! First review on my new story! Thanks so much! Glad you liked it!

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