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Review #1, by Marlene McKinnon Good Morning, Stranger

13th August 2007:
AHHH! So did not see that coming! I don't even know what to say. That was so sad =( Geez I'm going to go look for something fluffy to read now haha...

Author's Response: Haha, sorry! I hope you enjoyed it though. =]

Thank you.

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Review #2, by Fragile_Heartz Good Morning, Stranger

19th December 2006:
poor Ginny died thinking Harry killed her?
nd poor Draco, in love with Ginny who thought he was Harry
but why did he have to kill her? was it because it was too painful for him to watch Ginny with Harry?
anyway, i loved the twist

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I realize now that I never added an author's note at the end to clear that up so, I'll go put one in now. I didn't really want to explain it because I really liked how it ended and it was sort of mysterious and whatnot but, I'll add one. Thanks again!

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Review #3, by lalala Good Morning, Stranger

12th February 2006:
WOW...thats a twist if i've ever read one!! awesome work

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad I surprised you!

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Review #4, by Paloma Patil Good Morning, Stranger

14th January 2006:
Oh god...she died thinking Harry killed her??? My heart is just breaking. Incredible...Well done.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I know, it's sad but... it had to be done :[

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Review #5, by malfoy_meltdown Good Morning, Stranger

24th December 2005:
so sad, but nonetheless beautifully written.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

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Review #6, by Allie_Malfoy Good Morning, Stranger

18th December 2005:
interesting but good i liked it. So draco was in love with ginny and transformed itno harry so he could kill her, but fo rwhat reason. Still great story !

Author's Response: I actually just wrote a sequel that... indirectly gives a reason for it. I'll try to get it up as quick as I can!

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Review #7, by Aelan Greenleaf (Not signed in) Good Morning, Stranger

14th December 2005:
That was absolutely breathtaking! You had me in such suspense, I read it so quickly that I had to go back and re-read it! Beautiful work!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad you appreciated it!

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Review #8, by ravenclawprincess Good Morning, Stranger

12th November 2005:
it was great. best fanfic ive read in a long time. keep writing for me!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #9, by moomoo_withmoremoo Good Morning, Stranger

1st November 2005:
Oh!!!!! So sad!! What happened to Harry????

Author's Response: I don't know! What did happen to Harry? =o

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Review #10, by BelleAme Good Morning, Stranger

31st October 2005:
this is the second story of yours i have read and i must say that they just keep getting better! great job!

Author's Response: Thanks!!

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Review #11, by Jiffrey the Odd Good Morning, Stranger

28th October 2005:
Awesome story - v honest, moving description followed by a couple of killer twists. Me likes. +with good spelling+punctuation+ everything. Nice one. U written anything else?

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I've written a couple of other fics actually. "Simply Unexpected", "Stride", "Missing Her", "Lovers Park", "Never Flicker", and I have one that I'm waiting for it to validate, "The Very Last Time". Thanks again! =)

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Review #12, by Gelatoisyummy Good Morning, Stranger

25th October 2005:
omg. noooo. I am so confused. Why did he have to do that???? thats so sad. Why? you should write a sequil or something. or even just an authors note. ANYTHING!!!! It was really fantastic writing though!!

Author's Response: Sorry I made it so confusing, I'll be sure to add an author's note to clear things up. And thanks!

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Review #13, by hannah Good Morning, Stranger

24th October 2005:
awesomeness! lol, i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks!!

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Review #14, by RubySlippers Good Morning, Stranger

15th October 2005:
Yet another grreat story! You have a true talent! Didnt expect that at all.. very sad :( Why did Draco have to do it?

Author's Response: Thank you! I should probably add a litte author's note at the end to explain what happened. I was kind of hesitant about that though because I really liked how I ended it. Thanks again! =)

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Review #15, by Abhorsen Good Morning, Stranger

14th October 2005:
WHAT THE HELL? That was...interesting....I didn't see that coming....totally.....

Author's Response: Um... thanks? =)

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Review #16, by in awe... Good Morning, Stranger

13th October 2005:
WHOA!! I never saw that coming!!! AWESOME!

Author's Response: Thanks!!

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Review #17, by Siriuslylovedit Good Morning, Stranger

7th October 2005:
whoa, that was cool, just really weird.

Author's Response: Thanks?

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Review #18, by pearluna Good Morning, Stranger

4th October 2005:
shoot, u made me cry~ i was set 4 a good night, now i'll hav nightmares.. good job tho.

Author's Response: Sorry =( But thanks! =)

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Review #19, by pearluna Good Morning, Stranger

4th October 2005:

Author's Response: He felt like it.

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Review #20, by christine Good Morning, Stranger

3rd October 2005:
wowow.. that was really good! i thought draco and ginny were together and ginny was cheating on him with harry and that's why he was upset. but i guess your clarification answers my questions :D GREAT JOB! i was thoroughly shocked!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad I shocked you! =)

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Review #21, by OMG!! Good Morning, Stranger

2nd October 2005:
Wow, that was soo good, such beautiful language and a shocking ending!! Great Job!!

Author's Response: Thank you! =)

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Review #22, by Spirited_wings Good Morning, Stranger

2nd October 2005:
found this other story of yours....its really good...LOl, and I know you love end with a twist

Author's Response: Thanks =) Lol, it must be getting pretty old since like, every fic I write has a twist. Well, thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #23, by strass Good Morning, Stranger

1st October 2005:
we can guess from the start that it is Draco, but for the girl...i had no idea of who it could be. I loved

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! =)

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Review #24, by chris Good Morning, Stranger

30th September 2005:
wow. very unexpected, but well done!

Author's Response: Thanks =)

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Review #25, by RMT Good Morning, Stranger

28th September 2005:
love it. wow. this is a really good story! make a sequel/another chapter!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I don't plan on making another chapter but I do have another story similar to this called "Simply Unexpected" and I'm waiting for another one to validate. That one is called "Stride". Thanks again!

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