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Review #1, by MsNoOne Harry Potter and the Shovel of Logic

16th January 2013:
hehehe amazing man keep going i love your writing style :) your an amazing author keep going and keep it up :) gd luck out there

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Review #2, by starryskies55 Harry Potter and the Shovel of Logic

11th September 2012:

I don't care that people don't like Bonnie Wright, I love Ginny and I think that you've done an amazingly fantastic job portraying her here :) Harry is one massive 'thickhead' (my new favourite insult, thanks :P) and it was nice to see you develop the parallels between Lupin/Tonks and Ginny/Harry. I liked the humour even in the midst of a funeral, and you wrote Tonks so brilliantly canon, I applaud you. Tonks is HARD, but this: "Here I think your foot is my pocket, I've no idea how that happened..." it's brilliant. :D

I really really liked this short fic, and I wholeheartedly agree that men are idiots.

PS. your subtitle is genius, I love it :)

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Review #3, by lilyfire Harry Potter and the Shovel of Logic

26th February 2012:
This was good. I really like Tonks and Ginnys talk, and the way you handled Ginnys feelings was brilliant too. And the ending was great, with Ginny seeing the 'real' Harry.

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Review #4, by soniccyanide Harry Potter and the Shovel of Logic

10th September 2011:
Creative way on imagining how Harry and Ginny had to put a hold on their relationship. J.K. Rowling made Ginny seem strong and understandable about why they had to stop, but you made Ginny have more of something realistic. She's dying to be with Harry. I read this along with the Podcast, so that was fun!

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Review #5, by soliloquy Harry Potter and the Shovel of Logic

20th September 2009:
I was lurking the podcasts and stumbled upon a reading of this fic! I have to say, even though I'm not a huge Harry/Ginny fan - this is an amazing story. I love the way you portrayed Tonks - beaming, happy, wonderful Tonks and her relationship with Lupin. I laughed when she turned her face into his - how did you come up with that? ^_^

Just, this entire one-shot is so moving, so beautiful in a simplistic sort of way. I feel peace..after reading it. I don't know if that makes sense - but that's how I feel. I feel at ease, relaxed. It's a good feeling and this one shot is absolutely phenomenal! :D

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Review #6, by Laugharama_llama Harry Potter and the Shovel of Logic

7th September 2009:
Aw, this was so adorable, yet sad at the same time!! If I didn't know they ended up together, I'd cry.
Love it!!

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Review #7, by TheDirigiblePlum Harry Potter and the Shovel of Logic

5th September 2009:
Such a gorgeous missing moment! Tonks and Remus were very true to form, particulary Tonks, and Ginny was also very recognisable.

I love Harry and Ginny together, and I hated this moment in the book, even though I understood why Harry did it! I just wanted them to be together!! At least they ended up that way. :)

Id do a Disentanglement Charm, but Ive been a bit under the weather lately, we might both end up naked.
That was a very Tonks-ish thing to say, and it also made me laugh! :D


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Review #8, by Moondanser83 Harry Potter and the Shovel of Logic

25th May 2009:
this story was amazing and a perfect missing moment, nearly had me in tears :)
Great job darlin!

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Review #9, by rosie13 Harry Potter and the Shovel of Logic

6th June 2008:
That was the best story i've read yet. i love it so much! 20 out of 10 i give it!!

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Review #10, by canadian_wolf Harry Potter and the Shovel of Logic

25th April 2008:
Love it!!!

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Review #11, by Clarebear*random chick* Harry Potter and the Shovel of Logic

20th April 2008:
this is a cool story I frist heard it on the podcasts and loved it you have to rite more!!! (do you belive in the sugar Queen?)

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Review #12, by Sundevil6 Harry Potter and the Shovel of Logic

30th January 2008:
incredile and i love the banner

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Review #13, by Sarah MacKay Harry Potter and the Shovel of Logic

15th January 2008:
Relationships are such complicated things aren't they? :) I really liked this story. I think you characterized Ginny, Tonks, and Lupin very well.

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Review #14, by rgs4713 Harry Potter and the Shovel of Logic

13th January 2008:
this would actually be a good start to a longer story. hope you think about expanding it at some point

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Review #15, by CharmedOne Harry Potter and the Shovel of Logic

30th December 2007:
Wow, that is an incrediable story! The imagery and the dialouge is superb - wow! I really love this, and it turns out that I'm a member on an HP fansite called Final Prophecy and we have our own version of the Daily Propet that comes out once a month. I'm a fic niffler for our fanfiction section; this means I find fics that are really good and write up a little piece about them so our readers will have some good stories to read. I was wondering if I could feature your story in our next issue? No personal info will be listed, just your penname and the story name and specifices (genre, etc.) So please let me know if I could feature your story, I have an account here, but you can email me at If not it's perfectly ok and feel free to ask if you have any questions!

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Review #16, by GSUCEXCOP Harry Potter and the Shovel of Logic

23rd December 2007:

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Review #17, by James_Girl_Lily Harry Potter and the Shovel of Logic

4th December 2007:
It was great! I really liked it! 10/10 =)

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Review #18, by windchaser Harry Potter and the Shovel of Logic

26th November 2007:
very good. i love how she didnt take another step, today. genius. i also loved that end descirption of harry at the end. grisled and desperate, confused and deafeated. yay! kudos to you! oh, and how tonks turns to lupin and then he says she looks daft, hahaha! anyway... just plain fabu, and cant wait to read more from you.

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Review #19, by xXmalfoysgirl4everXx Harry Potter and the Shovel of Logic

5th November 2007:
I like this chapter =] I dowloaded it onto my mp3 player...I'm waiting for some more!! update asap!

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Review #20, by quidditch77 Harry Potter and the Shovel of Logic

4th November 2007:
Wow..the last few lines were beyond amazing...this is a really great one-shot..I'm glad I found it and got the chance to read it :)

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Review #21, by iloveseverus Harry Potter and the Shovel of Logic

17th October 2007:
this is brilliant! you captured all the characters really well. good work

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Review #22, by lyla_bell Harry Potter and the Shovel of Logic

9th October 2007:
I really loved this story. 10/10 for excellent writing. But aw, man, I was hoping you'd reconcile Harry and Ginny at the end! But I guess we can't all hold hands around the campfire everyday.This story is great. Good job!

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Review #23, by LupinFan45 Harry Potter and the Shovel of Logic

6th October 2007:
It's good!!! keep writing and i'll keep reading!


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Review #24, by littleginnyiscool Harry Potter and the Shovel of Logic

1st September 2007:
m two favorite couples!! amazing job!

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Review #25, by Bears Kitty Harry Potter and the Shovel of Logic

19th August 2007:
my only problem is it wasnt long enough

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