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Review #1, by MarieC Footprints in the Snow

16th May 2006:
Sharon... that was simply amazing... you always go so deep in your story, which make them so real and so good. I guess that's being an author ;) MarieC -xxx-

Author's Response: thank you so much Marie - it means a lot that you liked it ;-)

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Review #2, by polly Footprints in the Snow

19th March 2006:
hi elfie got this link from ur site this story sounds good im gonna read the next one now.

Author's Response: aww thank you polly ;-)

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Review #3, by JamesandLily4ever Footprints in the Snow

5th February 2006: did past, present, and future, but in a different order! I'm off to read the rest of the 'snow series'... ~Meli~

Author's Response: thanx! I am glad you enjoyed it!

Author's Response: thanx! I am glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #4, by running_swift Footprints in the Snow

26th January 2006:
awwwwwww........ I really want to know the little girl's name! lol! It's just a feeling I had whilst I was reading it... I luv that final quote *points* You really do bring out the best of your mind, willow. *sigh* You. Are. Amazing. swifty xx

Author's Response: awww swifty - thank you again - your reviews are so so kind ;-)

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Review #5, by LunaB1134 Footprints in the Snow

13th January 2006: sad. Makes me sad. i likey! good job, well written! gah, hermione/harry gah though. still good! Luna

Author's Response: lol thanx - i am glad you liked it!

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Review #6, by })I({FlutterBye-Kisses})I({ Footprints in the Snow

12th January 2006:
That was amazing! It was beautifully written. It just flowed so perfectly and your writing style is very serene and elegant if it may be described so. It seems so sad yet sweet. Though I can't really say the way you wrote Harry is IC as we haven't seen Harry become a great-great grandfather (and I doubt we ever will!), he is written brilliantly. The small touches of age that you added here and there were excellent in developing the full picture and atmosphere of the scene. He seems wise and reminds me greatly of Dumbledore in that sense *tear* I thought the idea of adding quotes was an excellent one. It really added a nice touch to the fanfiction over-all. I also like the way you've used the granddaughter as a tool and purpose of the fanfiction. Brilliant job!

Author's Response: wow! what a review. Your kind words have touched my heart immensly. Thank you so so much ;-)

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Review #7, by SummerFrost Footprints in the Snow

31st December 2005:
That was beautiful! You use extremely good descriptive words and this left me tilting my head in its depth! You did a wonderful job with this and I don't even know what to say except that I hope to read the other two parts in you in the snow series! Very well done! :D

Author's Response: Thank you for such a lovely review. I am so glad that you enjoyed it and hope you enoy the other two as much ;-)

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Review #8, by Sophia Montgomery Footprints in the Snow

29th December 2005:
That is really sad but pretty. You picked really nice quotes. I like the first one the most.

Author's Response: Thank you again! I am glad that you enjoyed reading all of the first three of my in the snow series. Hopefully more should come in the new year ;-)

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Review #9, by bobby Footprints in the Snow

12th December 2005:
ouch. my brain hurts. lol. That was really confusing to read, but of course I'm in a hurry so you might not want to consider my review. But I will continue, just in case. You used wonderful, descriptive words that makes the reader feel like their in Harry and his granddaughter's world, listening to their every word. It was very sweet and innocent and moving. I'm sure I would have liked it a whole lot more if I actually took a good 10-15 minutes to comprehend each and every word, and I'm sorry that I couldn't give you a true, honest review. Keep writing, I love ur stories very much. xoxo

Author's Response: Of course I consider your review and it is a lovely review. I think it has been said that this one can be quite confusing when read quickly, though I was trying to leave a lot to the readers imagination. I am so glad that you liked it though - your reviews have really put a smile on my face tonight! thanx

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Review #10, by darthvengeful Footprints in the Snow

1st December 2005:
Well as usual this is of the highest standard posible!! Brilliantly written again so wonderfully emotional and very interesting. This was a novel idea which I loved. Again You are amazing or brilliant or whatever you prefer!!!!

Author's Response: Again - your kind words reach right to my heart. Thank you thank you thank you (I cant say thank you enough!) thank you!

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Review #11, by Shayla Footprints in the Snow

26th November 2005:
That was beautiful. I added you to my favourites because you're such a talented writer. Please keep writing.

Author's Response: Thank you - and adding me to your favourites - I am honoured - you have made me so happy!

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Review #12, by andharrywokeup Footprints in the Snow

18th October 2005:
thats funny - i reviewed this one too, but it didn't show with the rest! Oh wel I said: this story scared me - i dont know why! Tres bien!

Author's Response: Scared you?? Well that was certainly an emotion that I did not consider with this story - I hope you liked it though lol Thanx for your review!

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Review #13, by eternalarmageddon Footprints in the Snow

13th October 2005:
*moment of silence* You really do have a gift for tear-jerkers. To have so many of your loved ones to go before you, to have your heart shatter again and again. Merlin, that's the saddest thing.

Author's Response: again *bows to eternalarmegedon* lol - your reviews are so uplifting - thank you

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Review #14, by ivoryangel Footprints in the Snow

27th September 2005:
i liked the quotes throughout the story! very original, i don't think i have seen anybody do that! this was fact, that is the only word i can think of to describe it. very well done.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I try to chose quotes to reflect the story as best I can so it always makes me feel good when someone likes them. Thank you for your kind review.

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Review #15, by Alene Footprints in the Snow

23rd September 2005:
different and good! I really enjoyed the quotes.

Author's Response: Thanxs so much! I try to add quotes into my one-shots now because I feel that the right ones can help bring the story to life - so I am glad that you liked them.

Author's Response: Thanxs so much! I try to add quotes into my one-shots now because I feel that the right ones can help bring the story to life - so I am glad that you liked them.

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Review #16, by Blink182 Footprints in the Snow

21st September 2005:
Really powerful - you write really well

Author's Response: Thank you so much - that means a lot to me!

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Review #17, by jtsoccer Footprints in the Snow

18th September 2005:
Wow... really powerful, and excellently written! Good job on this :-)

Author's Response: Thank you very much - I really appriciate your review!

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Review #18, by Hell Hath No Fury Footprints in the Snow

18th September 2005:
I loved it... it's beautiful. That's the only way I can describe it. Beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you so much - your review means alot!

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Review #19, by DarklordMichael Footprints in the Snow

18th September 2005:
Tearful story. Hard to follow at times. Third time thru made more sense. makes one wonder what he in going to do in the forest with that sword. Being immortal he can do himself no harm. He's too old to chop firewood. Maybe just wander and get lost. poor granddaughter...........

Author's Response: Thank you for your lovely respose. I will go through it again to see if I can make it easier to follow. With reguards to his immortality - it is more very long life: think horcrux revelation and your own conclusions for the ending will be right: it is left open in a way...

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