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Review #1, by Rylin the Ravenclaw View From Heaven

30th May 2008:
Wow.. I'd have to say this is a pretty good songfic. I'm not much of a fan for songfics, but your songfic turned out to be beautiful yet grieving in every way. It made me think about the loved ones that I lost in my past childhood years.

Cho is a one of those characters who seem to be static throughout the entire Harry Potter series, but I like how you brought her character to become more real and so different. It definitely showed her perspective about Cedric's death along with her confusion for liking Harry. Although, I wouldn't blame Cho for mourning in such a hard way because different people do grieve in other ways. When I read the books, I never had anything against Cho, I mean yeah sure she seemed a bit of the "crying" type of a girl, but it was understandable for her to act the the way she did because J.K. Rowling made her that way.

Anyway, I think I'm ranting a bit too much here, great way to bring Cho up and I was immersed in your songfic from the beginning to end.

Thanks for reviewing my story! =] I'm trying my best to fix all those errors and bring out the Cho Chang people never saw before. Of course there is the whole Anti-Cho Club thing, but I'm determined to show Cho is a good person for her sake. lol.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Rylin! I’m glad that you liked it. ^_^ Yes, a lot of people hate her, but I agree with you, different people grieve in different ways. I couldn’t hate her, because I might have acted the same way if I were her. =P Lol, anyway, thanks again for the lengthy review, and good luck with your story!

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Review #2, by Indiia View From Heaven

12th January 2008:
Awww, that's very sad. But it was a great story and you're a great writer.

Author's Response: Thank you! ^_^

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Review #3, by Girldetective85 View From Heaven

16th October 2007:
Beautiful writing - I really like this one-shot. It's so bittersweet and I've always felt so badly for Cho - she fell in love, lost her guy, fell in love again, and lost him too. The song works perfectly with your story and adds so much depth and emotion. Very very sad and really nicely written. Great job 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you! I’m so glad you like it. I feel the same way for Cho, though most people see her as a cry-baby and all that. I wanted to write something that would put her in a different light, and this comes along. ^_^ Thanks again for the review!

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Review #4, by Pingo View From Heaven

16th September 2007:
Wauw ! It was beautiful.. My eyes got teary in the end.. It was very beautiful.. Great work..

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much!

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Review #5, by the nutty imp View From Heaven

22nd June 2007:
With all the Anti-Cho fanfics going around I'm glad I read this. You've really painted her be more human (I mean that we can relate better with her), thus made us understand her more. She's been given plenty of stick for crying a lot ... but losing someone dear can get one to be more emotional that is usual.

I really haven't thought about it much but Cedric did die on the Quidditch pitch that could be seen as the reason as to why she's playing badly in HBP and her being upset about it ...

It's sad but the ending is sweet in a way. You've brought out details about their relationship and made me see it in a deeper light.

Author's Response: Thank you! When I wrote this story, the fifth book weren’t out yet and Cho wasn’t painted as a crybaby and the villain in Harry/Ginny fanfics, but I’m glad I have this around when the Anti-Cho started. ^_^

Yeah, I never thought about that either, but it seems like a good reason. She probably thought of him as she played and couldn’t concentrate.

I’m so glad that you can relate to her. That’s one of the things I’d love to hear about my characters, OC and canon both. ^_^ Thanks again!

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Review #6, by Elf_ears13 View From Heaven

20th June 2007:
Aww, that was sweet! There were a few places where you switched tenses, and it kind of broke the flow of your writing, but it's nothing a beta couldn't catch. I understand going along with the song, but it's kind of weird to imagine Cho driving - maybe you could explain why her father knew how to drive (as it's not necessary for wizards) or how she remembered how to get to the cemetery. I know when I drive, even if I've been somewhere fifty times before when someone else was driving, I like to be reminded where to turn.

Anyway, it's very cute (I like the ending, but it's slightly cliche-sounding) and I'm glad I got the time to read this. Goodness knows I, and I imagine most other people, don't get enough Cedric/Cho!

Author's Response: Elfy! *huggles* Thank you! I’m glad you like this. Tenses definitely need to be edited, and I’m going to do so asap. The driving, well, at the time I just thought her father was a muggle-born and I didn’t know how to drive(I’ve just started to learn yesterday. =p). Dear me, this needs a lot of editing, doesn’t it? Thanks again, girl!

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Review #7, by Moldu View From Heaven

8th May 2007:
Oooh,, *sniffles a little* SOOO sad!! Omg, it's really FEEL with Cho through your story! You HAVE to keep on writing, okay? It's sooo good!

Author's Response: Thank you! *hands a tissue*. Don’t worry, I’m not going to stop writing. ;)

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Review #8, by SiriuslyCrack View From Heaven

26th January 2007:
Again, really good work, Pris. I have to tell you, you are a really good writer. I don't like Cho, but fics like these make me reconsider. You portrayed her real nice. Great job, dear Pris :) I'll give you an 8.5!

Author's Response: So this was the story you were reading. Thanks Tahi! *huggles* I’m really flattered. ^_^ This fic is one of the reasons why I can’t hate Cho, not even after OotP. I’ve looked into her character too long for this story that I just can’t think of her as a villain. =D Thank you again, dear!

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Review #9, by Anony_Mouse View From Heaven

24th January 2007:
It's a funny thing about this story. Not in a bad way or anything, but...well, most of us wanted Harry to win the Triwizard Tournament and then here we are, looking at it from Cho's perspective, who is cheering for Cedric. Though I can't blame her, it's different from how most of us feel. This was good fic. I really enjoyed it. There aren't a lot of Cho fics that do her character justice (and I admit, I like some of the ones that don't-*guilty grin*). But I enjoyed this.

Author's Response: Hi Mara! I know what you’re saying. I kinda felt that way too when I wrote this. ^_^ I’m glad you think I wrote her well. She’s been labeled as the cry-baby and I don’t agree with that at all. She does appear as clingy, but the circumstance made her so (I believe the Anti-Cho Club would have a lot of argument for this =P). I never thought about writing this, but my best friend gave me the lyrics and was like ‘You have to write a story with this song!’ and Cho/Cedric was the first thing that came to mind. Anyway, glad you enjoyed it and thank you for the review, Mara! *huggles*

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Review #10, by moii View From Heaven

6th January 2007:
aw thats so cute:)

Author's Response: Thanks! :)

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Review #11, by St Jade View From Heaven

26th October 2006:
That was beautiful, Priss! Your personification of Cho was so fitting with the character in the books. She's exactly how I would have imagined her to be regarding Cedric's death.
What really scared her were the hollow eyes of the statues. She hated those statues of angels who smiled and opened their arms, but their eyes were blank and cold. It reminded her a lot of Cedric’s eyes when she last saw him.
That's a really good comparison. It ties in with everything.
There were one or two typos, but other than that this was really well-written. Great job!

Author's Response: Thanks Jade! *huggles* I’m really thrilled that you like it. I really like Cho, and the fact that some people just cast her as a cry-baby annoys me. That’s why I wrote this one-shot. Thanks again for the review!

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Review #12, by Arya_Padfoot View From Heaven

20th July 2006:
that was depressing and well writttn!
Cho is such a depressed person and Cedric he was such a good boy *sniffle* i cant beli\eive he died!!
that was awesome and soooooo detailed and i just luved it!!!!!!
Rock On!!!!!!

Author's Response: I’m so happy you like it! ^_^ I wanted to write Cho differently than what I see in most fanficton. There’s a reason she cries all the time. :P Thank you again for the review!!

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Review #13, by SmexyVampire View From Heaven

6th July 2006:
This was really good. You almost never find something about Cho. Nice song choice, too.

Author's Response: I know! She’s almost always written as the villain or the cry baby. That’s why I wanted to write about her. And my best friend chose the song for me. I didn’t even like Yellowcard. :) Anyway, thanks for the review!!

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Review #14, by Emma_Star View From Heaven

27th June 2006:
Awwwww, that made me soooo sad, I cried!! Sniff, really is so sad! I enjoyed it though, it was very well written. 10/10
Great work!!~


Author's Response: Awww, sorry I made you cry! But if that means I did it right, then yay! Lol, thanks for the review!

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Review #15, by Belle Etoile View From Heaven

8th May 2006:
I liked it. It's nice to finally find a story that shows Cho did indeed greive for Cedric.

Author's Response: Thanks! This story is kinda different from what I usually write. My best friend actually forced me to write this, lol. So I’m glad to hear you like it.

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Review #16, by asianvoice View From Heaven

1st February 2006:
well-written story :]

Author's Response: Thank you! :-)

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Review #17, by beautiful_exit View From Heaven

19th December 2005:
but sad in a good way. i loved it. so... erm... two reviews for you

Author's Response: Thanks, I know it's sad but I'm glad you like it

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Review #18, by beautiful_exit View From Heaven

19th December 2005:
aww... that was sad.

Author's Response: I know...

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Review #19, by bethan View From Heaven

26th November 2005:
I liked it alot! I was trying to think what the song was and then when i saw it was Yellowcard, I realised i had the song and played it. I had to laugh (which was a good thing as i was feeling really upset by ur fic-its very good btw :)) because the words fit PERFECTLY but the music is so up-beat! Keep writing! p.s. loving your other fics aswell

Author's Response: Thank you! Yeah, when I listened to the song for the first time I thought it was a happy-happy song, but it wasn't.

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Review #20, by Magic Cat View From Heaven

18th October 2005:
Amazing story, I loved the bit in the cemetry it's so heart touching. Keep on writing your stories are great.

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

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Review #21, by StrawberryluphHarry View From Heaven

10th October 2005:
this is great! hope you make another great story!

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #22, by lillys_best_pal View From Heaven

27th September 2005:
This is such a nice story! You are awesome! Keep it up and if you haven't try writing a humorous fic. If you have then i will try to find it.

Author's Response: Thank you! Well, humorous fic isn't really my thing. So, I don't have any. Sorry.

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Review #23, by RunawayKid View From Heaven

21st September 2005:
Story rules \m/ !

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #24, by Fall Out Girl View From Heaven

21st September 2005:
Doood your story effing rockkk!! <33333333333

Author's Response: Okay, thanks anyway!

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