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Review #1, by sammalfoy Lies...

2nd February 2008:
what the hell happened to harry

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Review #2, by Harrys_BabyGirl The Accident

10th February 2007:
Why do all my favorite stories NEVER update fast enough?!?!?!?! *Falls on floor, throwing temper tantrum*

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Review #3, by Harrys_BabyGirl Lies...

19th November 2006:
I read your first story and it blew my mind. I'm so happy your writing a sequel. Keep it up!!!

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Review #4, by Nessann Lies...

15th November 2006:
Great fic cannot wait to read more.

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Review #5, by iguanahugger352 Lies...

21st August 2006:
as good as the first, this story just keeps getting better, keep up the awesome work

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Review #6, by iguanahugger352 The Accident

21st August 2006:
awesome, luv it u rock!!!

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Review #7, by fire_sprite_demon Lies...

26th October 2005:
Omg! How evil! And I demand that you don't make dumbley die! It's all an evil ploy by JK to confuse us! Cause everyone knows snape aint evil... in the ima-evil-death eater-basterd type.. Dumbley so aint dead! ok lmao just had to make that heard! gtg now... Toodles, Lexi

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Review #8, by skunk Lies...

24th October 2005:
whens the next chapter email me at cheers, oh and i just finished ur other story i hope this one is half as good

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Review #9, by kickingsomeonesbutt78 Lies...

3rd October 2005:
that ROX!!!! keep going!! DAMN DURSLEYS!!

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Review #10, by jab The Accident

28th September 2005:
oh wow you have to update!i read the 1st one,it was like so good.

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Review #11, by courtney The Accident

24th September 2005:
hurry with the next chapter plz!

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