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Review #1, by Sam Full Moon: Part Two

11th March 2009:
I was really looking forward to Remus and Jesse getting together, you should continue it! I really liked the bit with the confusion of Jesse as Lily.

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Review #2, by Evil One Full Moon: Part Two

30th January 2009:
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! write more. I know you abandoned it but you can't leave it this way- it's just too awesome!

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Review #3, by harry_fan__potter__rocks Full Moon, Pt. One

17th April 2008:
ya know after reading the 2nd part i noticed that you made it seem like it was their first time to go to the shrieking shack togeter, but they had already had the 6th year together

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Review #4, by harry_fan__potter__rocks Full Moon: Part Two

16th April 2008:
it was good write more!

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Review #5, by sugar_highalways Full Moon: Part Two

22nd March 2007:
hmmm, mischief managed i see, good story so far

Author's Response: Why thank you! Unfortunately, as of now, that is it for Black Roses... we shall see what the future holds...

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Review #6, by MoonlitTwilight Full Moon: Part Two

28th February 2007:
Wow...interesting!!! I read in your other story that this is on hiatus but please update as soon as you can!!! I love this story!!


Author's Response: I'll try my best, and we shall see... this may be indefinate, but we shall see... it all depends, first and foremost, is if this writer's block goes away! Thanks for the review!

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Review #7, by blimblam120 Full Moon: Part Two

20th February 2007:
ahhh!forget the other storys for awhile + update on this!!!
I know, i am a very demanding person

Author's Response: Haha, yes... and we shall see...

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Review #8, by Paisley120 Full Moon: Part Two

17th February 2007:

Author's Response: Thanks alot... and we shall see...

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Review #9, by Kaley Black Full Moon: Part Two

27th January 2007:
finally I got around to read your update... I've been kind of busy lately... anyways mate? hahaha... can you say in denial? she totally likes him... heheh... I hope she didn't attack James. but I know he isn't going to die yet... but still I'm a little worried... pliz update soon=)

Author's Response: Haha, well, you'll see! Thanks for the review!

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Review #10, by fredfanlol Full Moon: Part Two

20th January 2007:
lalalalala, waiting for the next chappie now... i know im very demanding but i cant help it! i love this story!

Author's Response: Well, soon! First I have to do 'B/c of you'... then this one! We shall see tho... thanks for the review!

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Review #11, by Always Dreaming Full Moon: Part Two

17th January 2007:
Take it off like you're home alone. Ya know dancin' in front of the mirror while you're on the phone. Shaking your relfection and tellin' your best friend "Girl I think my but gettin' big!"

Author's Response: I don't know what you're saying, but I love it! Haha, thanks for the review!

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Review #12, by Regulus_Black Full Moon: Part Two

16th January 2007:
dam dont stop there

Author's Response: You'll just have to wait :)

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Review #13, by Kainami Full Moon: Part Two

15th January 2007:
I LUV IT! Keep writing! It's awesome.

Author's Response: YAY! Thank you so much!

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Review #14, by gorillaman Full Moon: Part Two

15th January 2007:
this storys hilarious! keep writing!!!

Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad you think so! Thanks!

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Review #15, by chickan135 Full Moon: Part Two

15th January 2007:
keep writing i cant stand cliffys!

Author's Response: :) I'll try! Thanks!

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Review #16, by chickan135 Popcorn

15th January 2007:
acually i have never sang at the top of my lungs before. lol
i love your story

Author's Response: Ya sure? Haha, thanks!

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Review #17, by lala Full Moon: Part Two

14th January 2007:
YAY!!! you finally updated! i am soo happy!

Author's Response: Yay! Haha, thanks!!

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Review #18, by Mesphia Full Moon: Part Two

14th January 2007:
Yay! You updated! I really like this story so I hope you update again soon.

Author's Response: Well, I will try my best :) Thanks!

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Review #19, by Flower123 Full Moon: Part Two

14th January 2007:
this should be interesting are they going to try to get to each other?update soon

Author's Response: Well, they are going to try!! Thanks for the review!

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Review #20, by fredfanlol Full Moon: Part Two

14th January 2007:
THANK YOU! i missed this story so much! now go work on the worst kind of hufflepuff, go on, shoo!

Author's Response: I'm shoo'ed! :)

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Review #21, by lala Full Moon, Pt. One

13th January 2007:

Author's Response: It's coming! Hold on for a little longer :)

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Review #22, by fredfanlol Full Moon, Pt. One

7th January 2007:
wow. love. the. story. update son!!! im going to go crazy if you dont!!! i swear... authors these days... anywho, i dont think ill be able to wait much longer if you dont update.

Author's Response: Well... I haven't updated in awhile, but now I'm back! More soon! Thanks!

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Review #23, by O Crazy One Full Moon, Pt. One

29th August 2006:
I found this when I was looking through someone's favs. and I must say that I'm completely in love with it! You are awesome and I hope you update really soon because it's been nearly two months! I would review every chappy from now on if you update! Please!!!! *puppy dog pouts* You have to update soon! I'm getting desprite and having withdrawl already! Update asap! cheers! Kiss Kiss ^_^ EMBRACE THE FREAKDOM!!!

Author's Response: *Embrace*! haha, well, after the long delay, I'm back! Next one should be coming soon... thanks! :)

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Review #24, by Kaley Black Full Moon, Pt. One

11th August 2006:
I've read this ages ago.. but I've never reviewed..
I liked it cery much, and can't wait untill the next chappie! update asap!

Author's Response: Next one coming soon! Thanks!

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Review #25, by lightyearsaway Full Moon, Pt. One

21st July 2006:
great story, but just a quick question. does your AN mean that jesse started at hogwarts in her seventh year and this is her first full moon there? either way it doesn't really matter, cuz your story is fab so update soon

Author's Response: Yes, that's what it means... I didn't want to drag this on and not make it as strong as it deserves to be. And don't worry, I will! Thanks!

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