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Review #1, by crystal allan The inner struggle.

8th December 2005:
Perhaps you should take a look around the forum. There are places there where you can ask for reviews. Getting involved in the fanfiction community would help your stories get more readers and reviewers ^_^

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Review #2, by Isabella_delacour The inner struggle.

9th November 2005:
It's bad when I review my own story. It's corny, I know. But cute.

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Review #3, by crystal allan The inner struggle.

18th September 2005:
I hate to be the first person to review this story, mostly because even though I enjoyed it this may seem a bit critical. I liked the story, I really did, but there are a few things I think needed to be addressed.

You’ve started the story at the end of the sixth year, which leaves us at the end of HBP – what happened to Ginny? Harry broke off his relationship with her because he didn’t want her to get hurt… why is he suddenly “infatuated” with Luna Lovegood? I have no problem with brushing Ginny off to the side, I’ve done the same thing in my stories, but there’s no explanation. Perhaps I’m just one of those terribly anal people but I think a story that makes such a big leap needs some type of clarification. What happened to change his mind with both Ginny and the situation with any female? I can’t see Harry wanting to bring another girl into his love life when he’s leaving soon to go on his Horcrux quest. Even if he doesn’t feel for Ginny anymore, he still wouldn’t want to put the life of anther person in harm by becoming involved in another relationship.

The story was cute, but there was something missing there. And, like I said, maybe I’m just anal about these things but I think some kind of explanation was in order. I really hope you don’t take this review harshly, because I honestly enjoyed the piece.

Author's Response: Hey, I'm sorry. When I actually wrote this fic, the sixth book hadn't come out yet, therefore I didn't know of Harry and Ginny's romance. Sorry for the confusion! This is an old fic, and I now just submitted it.

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