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Review #1, by Vatina Andromeda: The Woman Chained

4th March 2007:
Oh, this story is amazing! It really shows her emotions after being betrayed bu her own family.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you.

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Review #2, by LongbottomsLady Andromeda: The Woman Chained

28th January 2006:
I really really like this story! The emotional impact and everything was perfect1 It was a great idea and well done. The only thing is Ted Tonks was a Muggleborn, not a Muggle. Besides that, I love this new take on Andromeda. Andromeda is my favorite fanfic character, and you portrayed her well. Great job!

Author's Response: *sigh of relief* I'm so glad you like by protrayal of Andromeda. I tend to stick to humor (as you can probably tell) and I'm never really very sure of my other fics... But reviews like these make me feel loads better. And thanks for telling me about that Ted Tonks and his muggleborn-ness. *goes and changes it*

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Review #3, by Bookangel Andromeda: The Woman Chained

3rd January 2006:
I love the story of Andromeda! One of my stories revolves around her and Ted as well. You wrote a really interesting story, I loved it!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you think so! And maybe if I have time soon, I'll check out your Andromeda fic :)

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Review #4, by LunaB1134 Andromeda: The Woman Chained

29th November 2005:
This is SOOOOO great. I've never read an Andromeda fic, before, but this is PERFECT!!! What house was she in? I love how one chain smothers, and the other chain releases. SO SWEET!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Yay for my second reviewer on this one! And I'm so glad you liked the part with the chain.

And about what house she was in, I've heard a lot of people that think she was probably in Ravenclaw, but I like to think she was in Slytherin. That way, her decision to marry Ted Tonks would have been even harder to make. Not that I'd want things to be harder for her, but it makes everything all the more interesting.

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Review #5, by sauerkraut_poet Andromeda: The Woman Chained

17th September 2005:
great job! i love all your stories!

Author's Response: Wow, thanx so much!

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