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Review #1, by dumbledorelives Red And Pink Don't Match

2nd August 2007:
absolutely hilarious!! how creative too.

Author's Response: teeheehee, thank you! :D

xo Flissy

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Review #2, by JustSuper Red And Pink Don't Match

23rd May 2007:
I Love this is so funny... really well written love it

Author's Response: thank you very much! i must say it's one of my favorite pieces. i usually do angst and a little humor here and there just lightens things up. thanks for the review!

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Review #3, by MarieC Red And Pink Don't Match

20th May 2006:
rofl that was so funny lol. Kilts!!! That's so not surprising of you :P Though I would like to see all those guys in kilt, quite interesting, isn't it? ^^ Omg Flissie I love this story too! lol Red kilts and fluffy pink decoration... rofl Marie -xxx-

Author's Response: he, I LOVE MEN IN KILTS! ^^ i saw all these Fleur/bill/wedding fics around after hbp came out and so i thought, heck, let's write one too.... it's one of my few attempts on humor and so i am very glad you enjoyed it! yay! thanks so much for the review!

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Review #4, by tiffanylovesdan Red And Pink Don't Match

26th December 2005:
this story is <<tag not allowed="red">tag not allowed="red">censoreding hillarious i'm still laughing my ass off

Author's Response: ooohh... wow... ^^ glad you liked it and thanks for telling me ^^ !

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Review #5, by star_zb Red And Pink Don't Match

16th October 2005:
It was really funny. I'm laughing now although I was crying before. Thank you. If mom would see me crying probably I was killed by now.

Author's Response: hmmm, seems i safed your life, then! ^^ i'm glad you liked it and i was able to brighten your mood a little!!

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Review #6, by doll_revolution Red And Pink Don't Match

16th October 2005:
Hi! Here is a banner! It's simple, if you like it say here and i'll send you the code, if you would rarther have something different, tell me what you would like and i'll see what i can do! XXXX

Author's Response: i like it, it's great, thank you! yay for you!

Author's Response: the only thing that could be different is maybe that the tartan comes in a little farther, the way it is now the pink takes up almost the whole picture BUT IT'S GREAT ANYWAYS, we could leave it that way and i'd still love it! ^^

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Review #7, by doll_revolution Red And Pink Don't Match

16th October 2005:
Hahahaha.. this story is so funny! I love it! And i would love to make you a banner if you want... Well done! XXX

Author's Response: yes, please, thank you! i'd be very happy if you would make one ^^ i'm glad you liked it that much! thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by Princess_2289 Red And Pink Don't Match

14th October 2005:
haha i loved this story. Reading this totally made my day. p.s. i have chapter 4 of mine up...or it should be soon if you'd like to read?

Author's Response: i will see to it when i have time.... god, ya, this is definitely my most successful one-shot yet... it's the first people still read after it has gone from the recently added page.... great! yoohoo! i had just watched "judging amy" and she was going to get married to a guy who wanted her family to wear kilts, so that's where i came up with this ^^

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Review #9, by E.p Red And Pink Don't Match

12th October 2005:
That story Rocked my socks!!

Author's Response: well, tank you Ep! lol i'm glad you liked it that much!!!

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Review #10, by Jenny (KS) Red And Pink Don't Match

29th September 2005:
HAHA! That was awesome! Poor Weasleys and Harry..I agree totally with you on that topic! Red and pink..siriously? o.Ô baaah... =_= I think you did a great job with this one here! :thumbs up: Keep up the good work! See ya next Thursday! ;D Jenny

Author's Response: yay jenny! you reviewed me! good girl now i won't have to get angry with you! lmao... i'm happy you liked it, this is my newest one shot and my shortest, so i wasn't very sure about it yet ^^ yes, we shall meet again on thursday! KS! yohoo

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Review #11, by scarletredroses Red And Pink Don't Match

28th September 2005:
hehe, that was cute. looking forward to reading more of your stuff.

Author's Response: oh please do that i'd appreciate it SO MUCH!!! ^^ thanks for reviewing you made me a really happy person!

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Review #12, by mooooooooooo Red And Pink Don't Match

27th September 2005:
it's cool.shame it's so short

Author's Response: lol ^^ ya... normally my one shots have like 3000 words... but this one just didn't want to be any longe. i'm really glad you liked it!

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Review #13, by padfoot and prongs foreva Red And Pink Don't Match

22nd September 2005:
lol dat is one wedding i def wanna see!! lol cute and adorable!! nice job!! lyl lyl

Author's Response: lo... i know! i was thinking about doing a sequel but i don't know yet... i'm afraid it's not gonna be able to keep up the "charm" of this story or something...^^ thanks a lot for the ncie review!!

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Review #14, by ronxdraco Red And Pink Don't Match

21st September 2005:
If I said Voldie rox but I want him to die what would you say? cuz it seems like you keep aggreeeing with me....

Author's Response: well i meant that ron definitely deserves being slapped, in general, but that i still don't like fleur... sorry if that came over the wrong way ^^ hmm. voldie does rock somehow, i mean, no voldie, no books, right? ^^

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Review #15, by ronxdraco Red And Pink Don't Match

18th September 2005:
i personally dont like fleur very much...i like ronny more......

Author's Response: fleur sucks, how could billy fall in love with her? stinking veela blood... ^^

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Review #16, by ronxdraco Red And Pink Don't Match

18th September 2005:
i personally dont like fleur very much...i like ronny more......

Author's Response: ^^ DEATH TO ALL VEELA!

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Review #17, by ronxdraco Red And Pink Don't Match

18th September 2005:
he he he he Ronny got slapped he he he......

Author's Response: ya, GO FLEUR! ^^ thanks for your review!

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Review #18, by meee Red And Pink Don't Match

17th September 2005:
that was pretty funny

Author's Response: lol thank you ^^

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Review #19, by Meaghan Red And Pink Don't Match

17th September 2005:
I think you should make a sequal

Author's Response: why thank you... hmmm... a sequel... let me think... ^^ if i find the time and muse maybe... it really depends more on coincidence than on what i plan to do how my stories come to be. But yeah, i guess it would be kinda funny to see what the actual wedding would look like. all those poor kilted weasleys ^^ thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #20, by flames_of_fawkes Red And Pink Don't Match

16th September 2005:
Hey! Sorry, I only just checked for a reply to my reviews for 'Diary of an older sister' which I posted ages ago and found that you asked me to review your other stories! I am! I like this story, but it's a bit repetitive somehow. Maybe you could have them looking round the rest of the house, or Fleur coming in and the Weasley men having an argument with her or something....anyway, it's your story, it's completely up to you! I was imagining the bright red heads of the Weasleys complete with tartan kilts and they would look so funny! Harry wouldn't look bad, though! Great story, I love it!

Author's Response: well, i learned in a writer's class that a sign for a short story traditionally is, for one, repetition. so i used it to point out how they all feel the same way about the same stuff and that they don't like it ^^ YAY FOR YOU FOR REVIEWING ALL OF MY WEIRD BRAIN WAVES!!! *laola wave*

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