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Review #1, by luvinpadfoot Shopping

14th July 2013:
Aw this really was one of the sweetest one shots I've read in a while! It's so nice to read fluffy moments about James and Lily, especially while she's pregnant.

They just seemed so real, their dialogue was great! And all of the jokes that James made about shrinking his own clothes, I could definitely see him planning to do that. I'm glad Lily wasn't going to let him dress Harry in an "I'm with stupid" t-shirt!

But mostly it was just so sweet and fluffy and well written. I want to hug you for putting such a big smile on my face and reminding me why James/Lily is one of the my favorite pairings.

You're a very talented writer and this is a lovely story. :)

Author's Response: Awww I'm glad you liked it! I can't really read it very well, I hate Jily, I can't BELIEVE I have a Jily story on my page, from 2005 no less! But I am so very pleased that you like the story and that you thought it was sweet!

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Review #2, by Jchrissy Shopping

17th January 2013:
This story is coming from the dear Ashely who kills off trio characters like they're nothing... the same girl who forces me to be scared with every person I love because I never know when she's going to take them away??? Actually, to be honest, It doesn't surprise me that you can do an amazing job writing something fluffy. You're a very talented story teller, and just because I've read more of your horror/angst doesn't mean I thought you wouldn't be just as good at writing fluff.

Honesty, when you mentioned you wrote it forever ago and I saw that it was from 2005-- I thought it would be like my first attempt at FF was. Which was disastrous. But this isn't! This is just freaking CUTE.

James really NOT wanting to spend hours shopping, but come on your pregnant wife is asking you, what are your other options? The two of them just doing something simple together, which they deserve considering what is in their near future ;(.

I love the way that James started getting into it as well... and of course it's a sign that the jammie has a lion on it! Hahaha.He's so cute. I just want to hug him.

When Lily told him that she'd go drop things off and then they could keep going, I absolutely wanted to laugh. I could just picture his face! Poor guy. I want to have a shopping part in Before They Fall now, hahahaha.

I got a bit feelsy when they were talking about all the things Harry could be. Why did you have to go and poke at my sad feels in such a happy story?? Oh, never mind. I temporarily forgot who I'm talking to.

I've decided one of these days I'm just going to go through your entire author page in one sitting and read everything. You're stories are always SO different from one another... it's so much fun.


Author's Response: Ugh I hate this story. :P

It's so fluffy and cute. I hate fluff I can't believe this came from me.

I've seen a lot of people saying you know, it's hard to read because everyone knows what happens to them in the end, and I can definitely see that. It's hard to write James and Lily fluff.

Yeah this story was terribly written but I guess the main idea is ok. I don't know, you can't convince me otherwise.

But I'm glad that you enjoyed it :) Thank you for reading this dusty old one shot. I think it was my first one shot to be honest.

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Review #3, by Levana Shopping

18th July 2012:
Hey Ash!

I love this story! It's so cute. It's a nice little break from reading the creepy Brain Activity. I'm actually a little surprised to see that you wrote this since it's james/Lily not Snape/Lily. I really liked it though. It's really well written and it has really good humor in it. I can imagine Lily wanting to go to a muggle baby shop to get cloths for Harry. My favorite part was the part with the little blue pajamas that James got in every size, it was so cute! Awesome job Ash!!

~Maggie *hug*

Author's Response: Oh no I can't believe you read this story! ahaha. You're right, I did go the James/Lily route here, which I blame on my misguided youth. I actually can't even read this story anymore, it's physically painful :P I'm so glad you liked it though, I'm glad it still makes someone smile!

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Review #4, by Giola Shopping

9th August 2011:
Hey :)

How could you hate this?? It's so sweet! And cute, and mushy, and fluffy, and absolutely NOTHING like most of the other things you write.

One thing, do British people say 'baby'? It seems like an American thing to me, but since I'm neither British or American, I'm not really in a position to judge. From my point of view, however, it seems like an odd nickname for James to use.

You said this was one of your first stories...that's very impressive. You actually write with proper grammar, it flows well, your have well developed and non-Mary Sue like characters, you have description...all the trademarks of a veteran HPFF writer :P This story isn't perfect, which I know you are aware of, but considering when you wrote it, I'm impressed. You should try your hand at humor/fluff fics again sometime, just for fun :P You might surprise yourself, and you've already successfully written one here. Who knows, you could do it again.

It's going to be so weird reading Centrifuge tomorrow (well, later today) after reading this. It's almost like reading a completely different author's work, your style has developed and changed so much. All good changes, mind you (Sev/Lily dominated stories, that's one of the good changes :P).

Back on track, you have some amazing one-liners here, I could quote a lot of it "You mean...we're not done? are we going to carry all this?"

Ah, the joys of shopping with men :P

Please never, ever, delete this story :) Ever.


Author's Response: You are so insane. Lol. As I told you before, British people DO say baby. Also, I don't do mushy or fluffy very well. I just don't. I'm a much better descriptive, dark writer. I don't even know what I would write fluff about.

And, for future reference, I was in my early 20's when I joined this site, a college student already, so if I couldn't write with good grammar, then shame on me. And this wasn't my first story it second I think. My first attempt at a one shot if I remember correctly. But I'd been writing BDS for a while at this point. Anyway, I'm glad you liked it, I'm glad you liked the one liners, which are my favorite part of this story. I think that I could never delete this story, even though I think it's awful and kinda embarassing. But it's my writing past, you know? It reminds me of where I came from, and how much better i've gotten.

And it's way way way way better than my Beatles and Hanson fanfics!

Thanks for stopping by to read and review though, I really do appreciate it even though this story is beyond ridiculous!


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Review #5, by Chuu Shopping

17th March 2011:
Ok I know this is gonna sounds weird but this story is making me cry !! All the future Lily and James have planned with their baby Harry just remind me of what his life should have been... and I end up crying T.T
That's a really cute story anyway and I like how you draw their character: James as a concerned husband yet childish from time to time and Lily a bit unstable because of a pregnancy. They're such a cute couple !
Guess all I have to do now is read the second part !


Author's Response: Aww I'm so glad that you liked this! I did work very hard to write it back in the day, but i promise I didn't mean to make you cry. It is kinda sad though, since you know what happens to James and Lily, but it's a nice glimpse into their life...into happier times.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by GinnyCullen Shopping

3rd June 2010:
I loved this, I almost cried!

Author's Response: Don't cry!! haha, but I'm glad you liked it!! :)

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Review #7, by DarkForebiddenMalfoy Shopping

16th July 2009:
aw, its so sad, cuz i noe they are going to die! plz, if you continue this story don't make them die. make it where he can actually have his parents.

Author's Response: Well, I think I'm done writing this particular series, and you're right, it is very sad tbecause you know they are going to die, but unfortunately I'm such a canon writer I don't know if I could make it that they didn't died!

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Review #8, by Megan and Charly love HP Shopping

21st December 2008:
This story is so adorable! I love it! Good job! *Claps and a cookie* -Charly


Author's Response: thank you! :)

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Review #9, by Luna Longbottom Shopping

12th January 2008:
Ah, this was so cute, I loved it.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you did! :)

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Review #10, by laela_perch rixon Shopping

13th November 2007:
Aah! That's so sweet! I absolutely adore baby stuff! And the story is sooo good!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I very much appreciate your review!

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Review #11, by icydreamer Shopping

4th July 2007:
AW!!! That's sooo cute! Tensysss!

Author's Response: I'm glad you think so!

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Review #12, by Dragonchaserchick Shopping

13th March 2007:
AW!! It's all fluffy. Sometimes there's nothing better to perk you up then a bit of fluff.

Author's Response: You're right, it is all fluffy. Sometimes I can't hardly read it. blech. haha. You're right though, sometimes it can be just the ticket! Thanks for reviewing!! :)

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Review #13, by draco_zelda Shopping

27th January 2007:
luved it like all of ur fanfics haha that was funny "what where not done yet" haha will they live to raise harry? that would be nice cause there always dead
rating: 10

Author's Response: Haha, thanks, well writing these stories was difficult because they are so cute and I hate that they died, but I guess that's the way J.K. wrote it, huh?

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Review #14, by MysticalE Shopping

25th January 2007:
Ah! The fluff! It's everywhere! :)
This was super cute, thanks for recommending it! Personally, I like Lily/James, but sometimes they make Lily a bit too. firey? I like how you made her very maternal and calm, but still emotional.
I love James's suggestion to just shrink his clothes. That's great - totally something a guy would think of and not see the problem in.
I also love how you explained where they got the name Harry. Such a girl thing to do, isn't it? I know - I've had my childrens names picked out for years, and I've still got a few years to go! :) I've also had the 'call them by their middle name' coversation, too.
The jammies sound super-cute, and perfect for a little Gryffindor.

I guess I don't have much else to say, except well done, and I'm off to the sequel! *too-da-loo!*

Author's Response: haha, well thanks, I thought you might like this one, seeing that it is a stark contrast to my usual stuff. It's so sticky sweet i get a sugar rush re-reading it. I remember those pajamas too...I mean, I wrote this over a year and a half ago, and I remember how cute they were. Funny how some things inspire us. haha. thank ya again, m'dear!

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Review #15, by Kerry Shopping

19th April 2006:
Awww.... that was so cute! That was a really awesome story. It had me laughing and aww-ing at the same time. I like the shrinking James' clothes idea. ;-) Great job!

Author's Response: haha, thanks for the kind review!

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Review #16, by lalala Shopping

19th February 2006:

Author's Response: Haha, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #17, by ivoryangel Shopping

19th February 2006:
this was beautiful and very sweet. thanks for the great read.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!! :)

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Review #18, by purple_peppermint_25 Shopping

17th February 2006:
Aww that was so cute and fluffy and nice. =' ( LILY! JAMES! Aww i love how happy they were, but yet it makes me really sad because I know that they won't be around long enough to see Harry do all of those things. Awwww but it was very good, I liked it alot. And it was well written, and James and Lily were very in character.....hehe and I love the I'm with stupid shirts that Sirius and James bought! Great job!

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I honestly can't believe I'm still getting reviews for this story!! I really like it, when the inspiration hit me it was very strong. I love the shirts they got eachother too...haha. I'm glad you thought they were in character, I struggled with that somewhat because I don't usually write maurader's so...yeah. Anyway, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #19, by amberg93 Shopping

9th February 2006:
awww its so cute

Author's Response: lol I know, so fluffy!! Thanks for the review!! Be sure to read the sequel!

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Review #20, by miss mischievous Shopping

13th January 2006:

Author's Response: hehe thanks for the review!

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Review #21, by FireLeopard Shopping

10th December 2005:

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #22, by ronxdraco Shopping

27th November 2005:
I <3 Muggle Jammies!!!! Theyre warm and Cuddley!!!! Just like Ron (NoT Rupert, ron!)!!!!

Author's Response: haha! thanks for the review again!

Author's Response: haha! thanks for the review again!

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Review #23, by jack23 Shopping

17th November 2005:
I have some fan fic but not Harry. I'm starting with other fics. Log onto and see my ffs on Jimmy Neutron, Avatar, and Drake & Josh. Thanx!

Author's Response: ok awesome!

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Review #24, by jack23 Shopping

31st October 2005:
Just a few more things. I have been looking for this story. I even searched for it! What happened? Also I am going to write some stories, but don't expect to see them soon. I'm still thinking about a few. Could you please review my stories? Also, I just want to say that this is probably the best fic on the whole site! I'll check out your stories. What are they called, by the way? Best wishes, jack23 :)

Author's Response: Wow...thank you so much for your kindness. I didn't even realize that my story was so good, but you have really encouraged me!! I've started work on the next chapter of Muggle Jammies, it should be up very soon. I couldn't decide if I wanted to just make a sequel to Muggle Jammies, or keep it a chapter fic. I decided to keep it a chapter fic, so look for an update soon!! here it is the link to my author page in case you ever want to find it again. All of my fics are different I don't write in one genre or style. This is my only Lily James fic. Thank you so much, and of course I'll read and review your stories whenever you put them up, keep me posted!

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Review #25, by x0xhoney69 Shopping

1st October 2005:
That was adorable!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!

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