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Review #1, by Belinda Chapter Seven

19th October 2007:
Ah, another great story. :D
One thing-- "So we dressed in our light green dresses, our hair pulled back in braids, like perfect little robots," I doubt they knew about robots then ;) Otherwise the analogy works.
How do you manage the historical accuracy?

Author's Response: yeah, i should change it to "puppets" shouldn't i? thanks for checking that for me. hmmm, historical accuracy...i think i'm pretty good at picking up bits and pieces of info about stuff as i go along. so i just put it all together here. thanks for reading and reviewing!!!

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Review #2, by Fire Maiden Chapter Two

7th March 2007:
whoa. he's nice!

Author's Response: isn't he??

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Review #3, by siriushpfan Chapter One

5th March 2007:
wtf is going on

Author's Response: not sure. read on?

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Review #4, by emotion: *sniff* Chapter Eleven

10th November 2006:
wow thats so sad... wonderful story

Author's Response: aw, thank you so much!! 'ppreciate it!

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Review #5, by Amberflames1 Chapter Two

5th August 2006:
Wait, so James is Draco?

Author's Response: yes, sorry bout that! thanks for reading and reviewing!!!

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Review #6, by x_Krystina Chapter Two

15th July 2006:
lol. i was about to comment on not understanding who James was but I read your A/N note. Lol great story! It really is good. =D

Author's Response: waHOO!!! yeah, i am working on fixing that whole James/Draco thing. thanks for reading and reviewing!!!!

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Review #7, by SlytherinGirl93 Chapter Two

12th July 2006:
k yea i was like who is this James....mhhhhhhhhhhh...........but now i get it

Author's Response: glad you figured it out!! sorry that confusion!! for reading and reviewing!!!!!

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Review #8, by Pipperstorms Chapter Two

11th July 2006:
Okkkaaayyy. Yeah, you might just want to go back and fix the whole james/draco thing instead of crawling on the floor. Cute story so far ;-)

Author's Response: crawling on the floor? ok, i am waiting for another chapter to be validated on a completely different story, so sorry, but the draco/james thing isn't going to tbe fixed anytime soon. thanks for reading and reviewing, though!!!!

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Review #9, by Italia Moonlight Breeze Chapter Two

19th May 2006:
The prince's name is James? I thought it would be Draco.

Author's Response: (there should be an author's note explaining this...)

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Review #10, by Thisbe Gwydion Chapter One

3rd December 2005:
hey i liked your story, i was hoping you'd check my d/g out :)

Author's Response: thanks! i will check it out right now! thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #11, by michelle Chapter Two

5th November 2005:
Alright I know who Ginny is and who Draco is but who is James?you're doing very good though

Author's Response: see authors note thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #12, by louise Chapter Two

23rd October 2005:
I don't get it why is his name james and not draco?

Author's Response: authors the bottom....thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #13, by Irisheyes Chapter One

22nd October 2005:
Oooo just the introduction alone captivated me!

Author's Response: awesome!!!!!! i'm warning you tho::: it gets a little confussing, i say "james" a couple times instead of draco. thank you for reading and reviewing!!!!!

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Review #14, by libby Chapter Two

20th October 2005:
gr8 story! it's such a cute idea! just one question, why is draco called james?

Author's Response: thanks! the whole james thing was a mistake...just ignore it, but thank you for feading and revieing!!!

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Review #15, by  Chapter Two

4th October 2005:

Author's Response: ....

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Review #16, by shannon Chapter Two

26th September 2005:
if this was a Ginny and an OC i would still read it and i dont read stories with the main people as OC - but this is really good ^_^:

Author's Response: awesome! thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #17, by Snake Chapter Two

25th September 2005:
um yueah his nmae is draco i dont think its james luv

Author's Response: yeah, it is, i kno---thanks!

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Review #18, by drinkinchocmilk Chapter Two

24th September 2005:
huz james

Author's Response: yeah, srry about that- james is draco. this was a script i wrote and james was draco...sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #19, by firegirl Chapter Two

22nd September 2005:
awesome cant wait for more

Author's Response: thanks! btw- i like your name

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Review #20, by jess Chapter Two

22nd September 2005:
i really like it so far keep it up

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #21, by harrypotterwriter Chapter Two

22nd September 2005:
It was good but a bit too confusing. Make it more clear next time. Can't wait to read the next chapter. Update soon

Author's Response: thanks! what is it you want me to make more clear?

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Review #22, by belle Chapter Two

22nd September 2005:
ok, cool! i have one question, why is draco's name James???but anyway that was a really really good chapter and i can't wait to read the rest!!! keep it up!

Author's Response: yes, i had this as another scrpit with "James" instead of Draco, so my apologies and i won't do that again! thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #23, by gale Chapter Two

22nd September 2005:
=] tres bien

Author's Response: merci beaucoup! so didn't spell that right, did i?

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Review #24, by ginweasley Chapter Two

22nd September 2005:
Is James the same person as Draco?

Author's Response: Oh, yes, he is! sorry about that, i origonally wrote this as a script for a play, and i thougt it would make a cool fic, so james was the origoanl character for draco. sorry about that and thanks for pointing it out! thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #25, by belle Chapter One

20th September 2005:
Hey, that was a great chapter! I really liked it, though I have to ammit that it is a bit confusing about Rily and Ginny, but I think i know whats going on...I won't say incase I'm wrong....well keep it up, cause i really wanna keep reading it (you got me hooked, and only 2 chapters!! bravo! *claps*) :D

Author's Response: yeah, see below

Author's Response: yeah, see below

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