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Review #1, by Midnightwitch12 Disastrous Comebacks

3rd July 2007:
how was that dramione?

Author's Response: It wasn't "/...

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Review #2, by liandhate Caught in the Rain

16th January 2007:
Loved It!!! great job, u've got a lot of talent! keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Not too many people read this one, unfortunately, and it's one of my personal favorites. I appreciated you reading and reviewing and thanks so much for the great rating!

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Review #3, by Evil Topaz Disastrous Comebacks

1st November 2006:
hey great story! i loved the message! just be ur self! 10! and 10! deffinatly!

Author's Response: Thanks sooo much =D. Wow hardly anyone reads this story and I'm glad that you, one of the few that did, liked it. Thanks a lot, I appreciate the read/review.

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Review #4, by indigo_ice Disastrous Comebacks

1st June 2006:
10, 9

I loved your story, I can totally connect with Hermione I love music she sounds EXACTLLY like me. Scary. Please don't take the nine personally, I didn't read the lyrics because I put in my own music, the nine is because I was miffed you didn't use MY favorite song. So... don't take it personally

Author's Response: Lol, not taken personally. Sorry I didn't use your lyrics, but that song just fit with the story for me.

WELL I'm glad you liked my story! I can really related to it as well because I'm a crazed music fanatic too :).

Thanks for the review and rating my story!! -Dana

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Review #5, by hermione chick Disastrous Comebacks

12th March 2006:
ok, well, i'm using 1-10, 10 being the best cause i wasn't sure about that. 98!!! Bravo!! Keep Writing! =) ~KK~

Author's Response: Thanks! And yeah, what you said is what I meant! Ten being the best! Sorry if that confused you! Thanks very very very much! This is actually my favorite story that I've written yet, and barely anyone has even read it :(. It's a bit disappointing. BUT it's people like you that I absolutely LOVE! Hah, thanks sooo much! You made my night! -Dana

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Review #6, by Griffindor_girl102891 Disastrous Comebacks

24th February 2006:
Ok Im soooo not just sayin this cuz ur my friend BUT THAT ROCKED MY PIGGY TOED SOX!!!!! I swear it was so deep and awsome! Here is my rating which you totally diserve. 8:8.5!!!! yay!

Author's Response: AWW thanks!! Mucho Appriciation! Lol!

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Review #7, by Griffindor_girl102891 Caught in the Rain

24th February 2006:
Hey Love it so far.....Good Lyrics! Luv em.....They show the deeper side of Hermione showing the more care free nature(lol I sound so....critical....and almost sound smart!!! OMFG!!!)

Author's Response: Lol! Thanks so much! I'm glad you like the lyrics! I made them, so that's quite a compliment to me! Thanks again!

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Review #8, by Jellyman Disastrous Comebacks

16th January 2006:
9,10! I loved the ending!Well done, on a lovely story :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it... but it's not over yet... lol.

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Review #9, by Jellyman Caught in the Rain

16th January 2006:
I liked it but that didn't sound very much like Hermione...Oh well, it was brilliant anyway :)

Author's Response: Thanks! Um... what do you mean? Well, she's different because of what happened... she'll go back to normal... eventually.

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Review #10, by gemini69 Disastrous Comebacks

29th December 2005:
This was amazing. My brother is a musician and has taught me ever since I was little to appreciate music. When he found out that I could sing he was just as shocked as everyone in your story, but now music is my escape so it created a bond between the two of us. This story really hit a cord with me because of that. I loved it. By the way I'd say it was a 99 all in all. Loved it. Really. Bria

Author's Response: Finally! Someone who understands it! I'm very glad you liked it and that you can relate to it. So you sing too? I'd like to hear your voice! Lol, if that were possible haha. I sing too, not that many people know though, I'm pretty shy about it. I'm very grateful that you reviewed as well and that you gave me, yet again, high scores. You're like... a writer's dream-reviewer. Thanks again!!

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Review #11, by gemini69 Caught in the Rain

29th December 2005:
I love music so this really hit a spot. I think that you're a brilliant writer and I love this story so far. Bria

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm really glad you like it! I barely have any reviews too :(...

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Review #12, by Breakaway615 Caught in the Rain

23rd December 2005:
I really liked the lyrics you wrote, they're really good. And the fanfiction itself? Awesome so far!

Author's Response: Wow! Thanks so much! You must really like my writing because no one has ever reviewed that story of mine! I'm glad you liked my lyrics and the first half of the fic. Thanks for the review!! xmuahhx

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