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Reading Reviews for The Truth Spell
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Review #1, by DanRsWife ( another side of my review) The Truth Spell

5th June 2006:
Excuse me but, I think your story is mean . I also think that you and this Erika person are very mean people. If I ever write a fic do not flame it because of this review. I'm just trying to tell you that people might be a bit nicer in their reviews to your story if your'e nice to them.

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Review #2, by DanRsWife The Truth Spell

5th June 2006:
Ouch............. very mean. Was that supposed to be a shot at Hilary Duff too? anyway that was good.

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Review #3, by SadForSirius The Truth Spell

25th January 2006:
Ha! I loved it!!! Hilarious. Especally the Hillary Duff part. I totally agree!

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Review #4, by ivoryangel The Truth Spell

26th September 2005:
it was good, but what were all the slash marks for?

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Review #5, by DeadUnicorn The Truth Spell

23rd August 2005:
that was good.. need more funnies!!!

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Review #6, by RebornPhoenixAJ The Truth Spell

21st August 2005:
dude that was hillarious!!

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Review #7, by ...O.O The Truth Spell

10th April 2005:
well, I think you've reached the record of worst story ever. What were you thinking?!? This doesn't have anything to do with Harry Potter! I'm just lost at all the pop references..??

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Review #8, by me The Truth Spell

30th March 2005:
well that was stupid

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Review #9, by prongs The Truth Spell

25th July 2003:
it was so cool i hope you wright more

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Review #10, by prettywitch The Truth Spell

24th June 2003:
Okay. Well. I think that wasn\'t a really good story. Well. U need to add more onto it to make it better. No \'fense.

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Review #11, by mkwebb The Truth Spell

16th June 2003:
That was sooooooooo funny! I was laughing my head off! I\'ll have to agree w/you about the cheerleaders and Britney Spear. It\'s so true! Write more, please, it\'s hilarious!!!

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Review #12, by evilcourtney The Truth Spell

29th May 2003:
Insane!!!! I love that a spell finally backfired on her, and a funny one too! Go insane stories! (I have an insane story, its called \'Reece in Hogwarts\', look it up in Humor, I\'m evilcourtney, like my name says you know...)

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Review #13, by your bestest friend erika The Truth Spell

28th May 2003:
OMG HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL THATS HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best diss is the lesbo cheerleader one, altho i think mr smith heard that LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #14, by someone who is reviewing your story The Truth Spell

28th May 2003:
dude, that like totally inspired me to tell the truth to all my friends. now they all hate me, thanks a lot. on the other hand, it totally kicked ass and was hilarious

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Review #15, by Chris The Truth Spell

27th May 2003:
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... not funny

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