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Review #1, by ivoryangel Someone different.

17th October 2005:
beautifully done! and a great start, update soon!

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Review #2, by timeturner Someone different.

13th September 2005:
Very, very creative idea. The blending of genres here is a welcome change from normal fanfic. You seem to be very heavy on dialogue and a bit short on descriptions. I'd like to see you flesh out some of the surroundings and settings of the characters a bit more. The only other suggestion I have is for a bit of variance in your structure. If you take a look at your story almost every line begins with a bit of dialogue. By changing this up a bit (for example, Taking a chocolate frog, she murmured, "Thanks") will help keep the readers attention and not be considered monotonous. It's not a problem in this story but it will be in longer fics when you need to hold the readers attention for a great length of time...I just noticed it and thought I might should point it out. Anyway, my rambling is done. You've got a great start here and I, like everyone else, am dissapointed that you don't intend on continuing this. Happy writing!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review and advice. Now, about continuing or not continuing. I am going to continue this one day. I just have to write loads of past events before for it to make sense. I wrote this.. beginning because i felt i needed something to aim at. In this case, my aim is to write everything i've planned until i reach this. And believe me. These reviews make me want to write like a mad person :P

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Review #3, by aquamarine_angel Someone different.

12th September 2005:
Hey! A really good beginning! I thought this was going to be an AU story so it was a lovely twist. I would take care with some spellings though and read over your chapter because i spotted a few sp errors. other than that, the fic was fantastic! The Fair Folk sounded fascinating and I loved Nature and Sky. I should turn this into a chaptered fic because it has a LOT of potential. Great job! Keep it up!

Author's Response: Sp errors? Naugthy of them... I'll have to round them up then. As soon as I get cured from my laziness desease!

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Review #4, by vikehi Someone different.

11th September 2005:
Hey, Just realized that you have this listed as a One-Shot! Please continue the story. I mean what exactly is Ander's mother? What is his and Anna's destiny? Are they going to fall in love? Maybe you could fast forward a few years. But please continue the story. There are to many questions. DId Harry marry Ginny? Where are Ron and Hermione? Are their grandkids there too? Aaauugh! If you don't finish it, I might have to finish it for you, lol! Pleeeaaasse!

Author's Response: I think it's a matter of time until i write some more stuff about this. I'm currently working on Harry's 7th year, which is already related to this one. And i intend to write about his son's school days. If i started telling all that happened before Anders it would be quite of a spoiler. Oh, (now trying to get people to read the other fic), about Anders mother. Her kind will defenitively be mentioned in The Soul Eater.

Author's Response: P.S Thank's for that review. It made me really want to write everything i've got planned. P.P.S If you want you can try and write the rest. It's always nice to see others' interpretation of what we write

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Review #5, by vikehi Someone different.

11th September 2005:
Really cool. Brining traditional fantasy into Harr Potter without making it too Harry Potter or too Lord of the Rings. Love it!

Author's Response: Well, i did have some help from Juliet Marillier's books because they include loads of stuff on celtic mythology (from which the fair folk come). Thanks for the review!

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