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Review #1, by AndrewL Hell's Fire

1st July 2011:
Its bad that I remember you writing this and taking notes on what the tornado sounded like isn't it? Asides from being somewhat disturbed (yet entirely unsurprised) at your ability to describe chaos this well (and with a renewed decision to never tick you off because of it!) I think that this was a great story, fiction fanfiction (I haven't figured out what linguo all of you fanfiction writers use yet). Thanks for relenting and telling me where your stories were finally. Great one man.

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Review #2, by beating_faster Hell's Fire

9th December 2007:
It was a sight too demoralizing for any human to behold, yet not a soul closed their eyes when it was their last right.

For God could plaster skin artfully upon bone, and he could peel it away in fleshy, disintegrating layers.

*shudders* It was almost too vivid, like watching it happen. Or a scene in a movie that's captured a moment in every angle possible. Your work did its job.

Author's Response: I probably shouldn't be grinning at the notion that this caused shudders, but that was the idea so thank you for relaying that it worked. ^^ It's been so long since I've read this that I actually forgot I wrote that part! :)

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Review #3, by full_moon Ten Feet to Freedom

4th November 2007:
Wow. Great story and with amazing detail!!! I hope other people live too. Update soon!! =0P megan

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Review #4, by ruin_paradise Ten Feet to Freedom

4th September 2007:
its not lke reading...more like watching a movie...its so real...great job...its fantastic...

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Review #5, by ruin_paradise Hell's Fire

4th September 2007:
ah...this is so heart feels so raw, the way you've real...

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Review #6, by GryffindorGirl29 Ten Feet to Freedom

4th May 2007:
I cried, I just cried. That was one of the best things I have ever read. I wanted to now where you learned all those...big words, for lack of anything better to say. I am just so amazed. 10/10

Author's Response: Oh wow...I'm so glad you liked it! I didn't mean to make you cry though! I'm sorry about that! I'm also sorry about not having updated this in forever. It was a plot bunny of mine that I intend to focus on once I finish Welcome to My Litter Box!

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Review #7, by Ydnas Odell Ten Feet to Freedom

15th February 2007:
I thought I had reviewed this once, but I guess not.

This is amazing. As timeturner once said there are very few writers, fan fiction or otherwise that have such a gift for descriptive writing.

Where others (like me) use words like clumsy hammers to bludgeon description into place, your words are like those of a skilled surgeon using sculptors tools to carve a fine marble bust. Your writing is smooth, well-formed and and darkly beautiful.

Even in your darkest depiction of hell on earth, beauty shines through. In short your words make even hell seem a heavenly horror.

Only question? So where did Voldemort get the nuclear bomb?

Author's Response: Hey again Ydnas! lol Clumsy hammers? Somehow I doubt you use hammers to bludgen description into place! *chuckles* But I appreciate the amusing analogies a lot! :) And hell is a heavenly horror eh? *looks around hell* "Oye! Satan! It's time to do some redecorating!"

As for Voldemort, he doesn't set off a nuclear bomb, but basically just sends a wave of fire at Hogwarts. It's unprecedented magic so no one was expecting him, nor anyone, to be capable of doing that. I've been away from this story for awhiiiile and really must finish up with it, but I keep getting distracted by Eclipse. This story won't be too long, about 10 chapters once it's all said and done, but it'll become very clear about what happened to the other members of the initial group leading the attack. ^^

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Review #8, by noone Hell's Fire

8th July 2006:
powerful...wait a second--I need to recover...Okay I'm good. That was really fantastic. No...Wait, that's not the word. It's the best I can do. Dear firefawn, when I first encountered this website your Eclipse of the Sky was the very first thing I saw. Whenever I go on the web--an oppurtunity only available 4 or five times a month for me, I always diligently print out the latest and most magnificent chapter yet. I really admire your work which always seems truly...well heartfelt. (Oh and I love the quotes--I also do a lot of them in my works.) I believe that you should start writing your own stories. Not fanfiction. I find it strange that I have never left a review before...

All night the cocks crew, under a moon like day,
And I, in the cage of sleep, on a stranger's breast,
Shed tears, like a task not to be put away---
In the false light, false grief in my happy bed,
A labor of tears, set against joy's undoing.
I would not wake at your word, I had tears to say.
I clung to the bars of the dream and they were said,
And pain's derisive hand had given me rest
From the night giving off flames, and the dark renewing.

P.S. sorry about Lexi

Author's Response: Oh my goodness! Noone I am SO sorry that I have taken so long to respond to this review! Since I had put this story onthe backburner I had not checked in awhile! But nevertheless, I truly appreciate your feedback on this! :) As for the chapter, I am really glad that you found it powerful. I must admit that I started this story as a result of a challenge posted on the forums, and it was rather difficult for me to formulate a plot around the challenge. I have chapters 3 and 4 written, and plan to post them as soon as I get 5 and 6 done. I want to post them all at once since it has been so long since I have updated this story. *grins guiltily*
Secondly, I am really glad that you gave me some feedback about the quotes! I love that you have enjoyed them. :) I've always loved when people used relevant quotes to whatever it is that they are writing in chapters, and thank you so much for the confidence in my writing! I plan on finishing the novel that I am working on once I am done with Eclipse of the Sky. Frankly I really need to prove to myself that I can finish a novel length story despite my hectic schedule. Once I am done with that I'll get to work on finishing up my first book though. :) I am just trying to figure out how to let the readers from her read it for free. :) After all, everyone here helped me to improve my writing. :) And no worries about not having reviewed before! :) I appreciate the feedback you have given me now immensely, and thank you for it so much. :) As for that poem, did you write it y ourself or is it from somewhere? It's quite appropriate! :) And thank you so much for your kind words about Lexi. It was really shocking for us because she was so young, but she's in a better place for fuzzies now. ;)

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Review #9, by ChildOfDarkness Ten Feet to Freedom

20th May 2006:
this is amazing.

Author's Response: Hey I'm so glad you think so! I'm trying to re-work the other chapters for it now. I think I may just post them all together since it's been so long since I've updated!

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Review #10, by Sandra Ten Feet to Freedom

24th March 2006:
Once again this was powerful chapter :) It was incrediably well written and makes me quite sad because it reminds me of what happened with Hurricane Katrina and the 7/7 bombings. The part with George trapped in the rubble made me shiver, as I believe that it is everone's fear. I have two stories out if you're intrested :) Can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response: Hey there Sandra! I am thrilled that this story has brought those events to mind because I must admit that while writing those events came to my mind as well. And writing George's POV there was realllllly difficult for me since I'm an oddball who does not (fortunately) suffer from claustraphobia! And I will definitely check out your stories, thanks for telling me about them!

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Review #11, by Sandra Hell's Fire

24th March 2006:
Wow this was a great chapter :) It's very powerful and well written.

Author's Response: Thank you so much Sandra! :)

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Review #12, by femme mysterieux Hell's Fire

27th January 2006: this is so...i would say amazing but it almost sounds mocking. it's too cheery. this is captures the emotion of terror and heartbreak so well that this could be described as a good way. it's really difficult to explain. great job, really. and yes, "May you all find those you are looking for."

Author's Response: I am thrilled in a way to hear that the emotion comes through a bit on this one. :) I had a bit of a hard time writing the prologue, I must admit, and when I re-read it I almost felt like it sounded forced. Obviously that is not conducive to emotion coming through so I am reallllllly happy to hear that it did for you. :) And yes, I am definitely hoping that things in New Orleans are improving steadily. I cannot imagine what it is like for them in the aftermath, let alone months later when the many have nearly forgotten.

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Review #13, by yearbookie101 Ten Feet to Freedom

26th January 2006:
Thats so incredibly sad. . . I loved it!

Author's Response: Thanks yearbookie! I'm currently re-writing the next 3 chapters. They had been lost when a computer virus wiped out my hard-drive and the disk that had the SoF files on it.

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Review #14, by Sabrina Black Ten Feet to Freedom

22nd November 2005:
WOW...hits near home but its amazing all the same. The way you write brings me into the story like none other.

Author's Response: I'm thrilled that the story brings you into the characters minds a bit Sabrina! I must admit it's a bit hard to write this one! :)

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Review #15, by Iris Ten Feet to Freedom

5th November 2005:
Wow, I can't believe I forgot to review this one.
I really am a stalker, aren't I? I seeeeee yooouuuuuu... Ok, not really, but whatever.
You really have a very active imagination, don't you? You are SO good at this! You need to publish a book or something! Not to make money, but so that everyone can have the opportunity to read it!
*Sits patiently, waiting and reading "Perfume" in the mean time or whatever that time thing is...*

Author's Response: Hey there Iris! lol I'm actually extremely flattered that you are able to enjoy all of the different ones up on here. I would imagine that the writing style would get repetitive after awhile! Speaking of writing styles do you have anything on here? (E-mail me if you do so I dont get in trouble for reveiw spamming! lol If you do though I'd love to read it. :) And thanks for the confidence in the book publishing thing! I'm actually writing one and I did submit the sample chapters to a publisher awhile ago (Before it was done, it's still not done, I knew zilch about the publishing process so I asked them and they were kind enough to explain it to me) and they asked to read the whole story (You just send in sample chapters you see.). Boy was I embarassed at explaining that it wasnt' finished but they asked me to send it all in once it was done. :) So *crosses fingers* when I am done with it hopefully something will come out of it. :) And whats Perfume? I have not read it yet, any good?

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Review #16, by Blinking_Emeralds Ten Feet to Freedom

27th October 2005:
cool fic

Author's Response: Thank you! It's funny but I'm quite proud of this fiction because it is my first challenge response ever. :)

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Review #17, by Iris Hell's Fire

21st October 2005:
... Whoa... Wait... Was this Fred's point of veiw? I don't know...
This was... amazing... Amazing, I say! I don't know what else to say... You seem to be meant for writing...
... I wish I could write like you... Well, not like you. Then I would have no originality... I just wish I wrote as well. There. That's what I meant.
Keep writing! You rock!

Author's Response: Hey there Iris! Yikes! I am sorry about the confusion there, and you are ABSOLUTELY correct in being confused. I have hardly mentioned whose viewpoint that the story is in at all! But the story is actually in George's viewpoint. Fred is MIA at the moment. ^^ And thank you so much for the compliment about the writing though, I truly appreciate it, but I must disagree on one point. You DO have originality and I am POSITIVE that you can write much better than I can. Fanfiction is not something I devote a lot of time to when it comes to the actual writing part (in fact I spend more time reading and responding to reviews), however all it takes, to be a good writer, I think, is to actually take your time on trying to write something. Just relax, try it, and with time you'll be more and more pleased with the results! :)

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Review #18, by Meganelf (not logged in) Ten Feet to Freedom

5th October 2005:
OMG! How sad... I hope they all get out ok, from the story and the hurricane. May god bless you, girl. God bless.

Author's Response: May God bless you as well and thank you sincerely for that. :) And I truly hope that the hurricane survivors are doing a bit better now that there has been some time to rebuild and salvage things. I still can't imagine what it must be like there...

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Review #19, by likedylan_inthemovies Hell's Fire

29th September 2005:
i can help you with book names! i can relate to the illness thing, i was off sick yesterday and i'm still feeling pretty bad with cramps etc. for some reason i always get ill before i go away. eerrgh i have to get up at 3am tomorrow morning to go to berlin.

I hope you feel better soon! and i am looking forward to the next eots installment, i've developed my ron theories a little... However for all my theories on eots i havent a clue where this will go. though i suppose that's part of the brilliance: after all, you really don't know what will happen next after natural disasters (well, after any disaster really).

i'm terrible at remembering science, although i prefer chemistry to the others. i make up chemical names, makes the whole thing more fun lol. meh, i've resigned myself to having no scientific motivation whatsoever! oh yeah, how did your mid terms go?

Author's Response: Oh goodness are you feeling any better now? It's been about a week since you left this review so I certainly hope so! And how was Berlin? :) Hearing about that city makes the movie "Eurotrip" pop into my head. *chuckles* And making up chemical names can be quite fun, however MIXING them is not! Lets just say there is a nice hole in one of the lab benches at my old highschool, courtesy of my lab partner and I's curiosity as to what the professor meant when they said "Do NOT mix these things together..." ^^ And my mid-terms are EVIL! I aced my advanced genetics one and frog husbandry however I do have three more to take. I was supposed to take them last week (the date today is 10-6) but I had an 103 degree fever so was excused. I'm taking most of the make-up ones tomorrow! *cries* And dude, you probably know exactly what will happen with ECOTS, your guesses are honestly normally pretty dead on.

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Review #20, by likedylan_inthemovies Hell's Fire

27th September 2005:
completely unrelated subject: I noticed on your website that you list C.S. Lewis in your recommended authors. However you only mention the Narnia books (favourites of mine from when i was very very small...) and i wondered if you had read any of his adult books? He is one of my favourite authors so when i saw his name i wondered if you were familiar with them. okay... those last two sentences were pretty much exactly the same. i'm hungry, i think i'll go eat something now.

when do you think you'll next update this? I'll confess: i'm more eager to read the next chapter of this than of EotS. how are your wrists?

Author's Response: Hey likedylan! lol I am definitely familiar with his adult books, however I udated the recommended section very quickly and could not for the life of me remember the exact names of the books. I'm horid with remembering names properly (of people, books, movies, but not of chemicals... Go figure). And definitely get something to eat! Food is something I miss greatly right now b/c I've come down with the flu again. (*darns prolonged illnesses to Hades for compromising immune system thereafter*) Yeah, I can't wait to be fully recovered so stuff doesn't hit me so hard, b/c this fever has GOT to go. That being said I have two more essays to write by the end of the week, and two more exams (Another one down this week!) and then I will be able to write more. Sadly I think my wrists are a bit worse from all of the essay writing. But thanks for asking! And I'm so glad you are enjoying this more than Eclipse! I'm going to update Eclipse first since I have about 3500 words for that chapter done, and then I'll be updating this one. Fortunately I actually know where this one is going! Not that readres will like where that is though, I think it may get me in more trouble than the Eclipse cliffhangers! *hides*

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Review #21, by alexbtj Ten Feet to Freedom

23rd September 2005:
Remarkably startling, how good this was. It truly captured several human emotions that are hard to pinpoint, yet are currently being felt by millions of people in the South. It never really sinks in, how devastating things like that are, until it happens to you. I say this because my life, pretty much, is in Houston. It's strange to be in Atlanta in college while my family and pets and things are in the line of fire. I know, though, that regardless of what happens, nothing will ever compare to damage of New Orleans. As much as I've put into relief efforts for Katrina, it just never seems enough. The things people lost were simply irreplaceable; no amount of money donated can give them back what they've lost. Well, not all of them anyway. But back to the point, this story really conveys the feelings and emotions that follow such a tempestuous occurrance very accurately. Your work is commendable. Great job! :) -Alex

Author's Response: First of all, how is your family and family pets? I sincerely hope that they are well, and that everything escaped unscathed. Let us know about that and you and they have been in my prayers. Secondly, I know exactly how you feel in terms of the donations. My husband and I sent down a lot of contact solution, contact cases, and eye-related care stuff because as someone who is legally blind without my contacts, I really sympathize with those who, as a result of the hurricane, may have to be going without their sight due to a lack of the basic care supplies. I just feel that it is not adequate though, even though I know that it was probably all my poor college self could send down! Lastly, I am glad that this conveyed some emotion similiar to what they may be going through. It's always hard to write about somethign that one has not experienced.

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Review #22, by likedylan_inthemovies Ten Feet to Freedom

22nd September 2005:
so are you going to work in Rita? (the hurricaine, not the journalist)

Author's Response: Hrm... Well I had been planning on having a type of aftermath, like an aftershock with earthquakes, but I won't say exactly what that is yet. ;) However that would be a good point, working in Rita... I'll have to figure out how to do that.

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Review #23, by likedylan_inthemovies Hell's Fire

22nd September 2005:
*reads the double negative in the last line* o_O I HAVE FAITH THAT REMUS WILL DESTROY THE DEATH STAR! *waves laser gun around* wooooooo pretty lights!

Author's Response: *falls over and dies of laughte* Death Star!??! My how we have strayed from the realm of fantasy and good fun in Harry Potter to...To...*continues laughing* One day you really will have to explain to me how we got from Remus saving everyone in Shadow of Fear to this! *laughs some more*

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Review #24, by likedylan_inthemovies Ten Feet to Freedom

21st September 2005:
This time i felt hope rather than shock, which i imagine is what you were going for. I liked the determination shown by trevor (nice touch!) and george amidst the devastation. The description of the grounds was especially effective, i could feel the baked rubble beneath my feet. However during george's attack of claustrophobia i felt the sentences could've been shorter. Like each sentence, each thought, was a gasp of air closer to conquering his fear. The repetition of 'trapped' illustrated the swell of terror in him.

You've mentioned that you found it hard to imagine what people are going through in the wake of Katrina, and i know exactly what you mean. A couple of friends and I were talking about it during class (the work was boring!), how hard it is to empathise with people in situations that are on the other side of the world. It's also sort of difficult to react when it's a natural disaster, there's no one to blame directly. Even in the aftermath of 9/11 it was hard for me, over here in england, to fully realise what had happened. It took the four bomb attacks in london, one of which happened near my home, for me to fully realise the sheer scale of things like this. By writing about a disaster in this way - a different scenario, characters that many readers have grown up with - it is easier to realise what is happening. While the characters in HP may not be our family or friends, readers know them well enough for their deaths to affect us. Several reviewers have said (at least i think they did...) that this fic has helped them to understand the suffering of those in Katrina. So well done for writing this and thanks to the person who set the challenge.

you just wait, remus will turn up and burn little holes in voldy with a laser gun! then harry can hang him up and shine a light through him, Voldemort the disco ball!

Author's Response: Thats actually a really helpful suggestion! Thank you so much! Having the shorter sentences could sort of mirror his feeling of being constricted and it would be very effective. When I get a chance I'm going to play around with that and see how it goes! :)

I'm also glad you felt the hope here. It's a bit hard to show hope as the destruction is occuring, and a lot easier to do so afterwards. And I know what you mean about how empathizing can be difficult. As far as imagining destruction, the best I can do is to 'try' and imagine it, which I know will undoubtedly always be inadequate to the real thing. But then again, perhaps it is impossible to ever truly capture the essense of such events. The tornado I was in was miniscule in comparison to 9-11 and the destruction wrought by Katrina, but I find describing even that, something I was in, heard, felt, and witnessed the aftermath of, to be hard to describe. I am glad that this is helping people to get a better idea of what is going on with Katrina victims though, I just wish I could do them a better justice with words.

*re-reads bottom note*

Eh...Put. Down. The. Laser. Gun. ***whispers "Voldemort doesnt not 'really' exist"*****

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Review #25, by Pila Ten Feet to Freedom

21st September 2005:
Ok. That's it. Your my bloody idol. You're so brillaint with your words it leaves me gasping for breath. You really need to begin thinking about writing and publishing a novel, if you're not already, because your amazing.

Author's Response: lol I'm really glad that your enjoying this story! :) However I really need to improve in a lot of writing areas. :) And thanks for the confidence in my writing though! I actually am working on a novel, a trilogy is what it is probably going to wind up as. I just wont have a chance to finish that until college is over after this year! :)

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