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Review #1, by Iced_Cherriez a lock of hair

4th January 2006:
this was a good chapter, but ther characters seemed to trust her too much for it to seem real... especially at the end, i dont think sonya would have agree to tell harry everything straight away without a bit of though... good though, maybe a bit fast at points, but good! -iced

Author's Response: Well, I guess I wanted to show there was something about her that made him want to trust her... The weird reactions show that she's not an ordinary girl. Thanks for the review!

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Review #2, by Mona Corpus The funeral

17th December 2005:
That's awesome! Awesome I tell you! Next: Auror's ball or Mona's birthday?

Author's Response: GEEZ MONA! I can't answer that here, smart one. I'll email u. *sigh* Oh fine. Thanks for reviewing... even tho I should be grateful according to you.

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Review #3, by Pluto The funeral

14th December 2005:
nice. still confusing but good. like the whole inuyasha thing... i didnt get it. haha and the The future Mona talked to the past Mona and the past Mona agreed so the past Mona told the past Monique and the past Mona killed herself making the future Mona dissolve into thin air. Just as the past Mona died, Sonya told the future Mona, got me a little confused, too! XD but good i like it :D

Author's Response: I know, but that's how I am: confusing. Don't worry, most of my friends don't get it either! Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #4, by Pluto Notes

13th December 2005:
um why did Sirius come out of nowhere? lol I still ilke it but it can get confusing like I said :)

Author's Response: He flooed into the common room. I think he wanted to talk to Sonya, but I don't remember... :P Thanks for reviewing and check out my other stories!

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Review #5, by Pluto The 6th summer

13th December 2005:
she used the healing thing before she learned about it? haha i thought she figured it out later... and how old is she? haha... I'm so confused... lol... well I like it but it seems a little disconnected at some parts if youkonw what I mean... like the part where sthe boggart suddenly appeared... oh, confusion. buti like it :P

Author's Response: She's sixteen, but if it's because she is using magic, it's because the thing where she went into the past made the Ministry think she was seventeen. So she can use magic even if she is underage. I know, confused, ain'tcha?

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Review #6, by ouh a lock of hair

11th December 2005:
wow. this is even worse than i thought it would be

Author's Response: Hmmm. You know, I think that it's ironic that the people who flame about stuff can't type or don't know proper grammer. Anyway, if you're afraid of a fight, I can see why you morons didn't log in. But if you want to flame, why don't you do it constructively? I mean, why not tell me if the plot is bad or something? Also, the first few chapters are bad but I hope it improves for you later on, loser.

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Review #7, by HJP_is_awesome a lock of hair

8th December 2005:
*sniffs* i may not have read this story, but some of my late readers do and i would appreciate if i could use this story to post a notice saying: I HAVE FINALLY UPDATED!!!!!!!! PLEASE RETURN!!! *sighs* but lillys_best_pal, i will read your story i have already started of these, so i did know who you were!!!

Author's Response: *hysterical* I'm SOO SORRY! I didn't mean to steal away your readers! *calms down* But thank you for reading my stories! And please do review!

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Review #8, by Mona Corpus Preparations

1st December 2005:
To all you confused people, Monique's name was changed to Mona (her mom's name) just to make things easier.

Author's Response: Yeah, Mona. I'M the one who answers that, smartie.

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Review #9, by Mona Corpus Quidditch, a Ball and Firewhiskey

30th November 2005:
Just rereading a few chappies....the whole love triangle is a bit...askew when Mona I was thinkin that we could do Mona's birthday! It'll be really funny! (It comes every Friday the 13th since no one knows her real birthday) And someone gets her a very un-Mona-ish gift...*evil grin* More about that later....Okay, bye!

Author's Response: Yep! And I'm sorry to all of you devoted readers *looks out at an empty hall* but I have to stop 3+1 for a while to update my other stories.

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Review #10, by Mona Corpus Preparations

29th November 2005:
That's so good! THIS IS TOTALLY AWESOME!! Yay! Okay, in the next chappie, Sonya does you-know-what and everyone is happy again. Then, we should totally start the Auror's Ball. Yay for not being able to express emotion!

Author's Response: MONA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP IT! Sorry... She's the one I got the idea of Mona from... but she's too cheerful. *raspberry war between me and Mona*

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Review #11, by Mona Corpus Death and cookie dough ice cream

19th November 2005:
Are you gonna update or not? *serious vein popping* Hwoever, the story still retains its superiority.

Author's Response: You're the one who made me go back and work on another chapter so you'll be getting two. So quit complaining!

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Review #12, by holly Death and cookie dough ice cream

12th November 2005:
fabu sorry havent updated in awhile busy i fond out im allergic to my kitty i love her my mommy says we might have to put her down SOB

Author's Response: Awww! Sorry about your kitty! I hope if u have to get rid of her you can just give her away. And thanx for getting a review in!

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Review #13, by "Mona Corpus" a.k.a girl next to you in Spanish Death and cookie dough ice cream

8th November 2005:
AWESOME!!! This totally rocks!

Author's Response: I know. See? I can write well. And the next one's coming late because I did fracture my wrist playing soccer. It just had to be my right hand...

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Review #14, by holly Cookies! Yum...

5th November 2005:
no all the cookies are gone!!!!

Author's Response: They were chocolate chip too...

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Review #15, by Walking_By_Moonlight Notes

26th October 2005:
i especially enjoyed that last part!! I hope that you keep on writing stories, because you are a great writer!! well, off to the next chappy, yay!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! You are also another favorite reviewer to add to the list!

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Review #16, by Walking_By_Moonlight Quidditch, a Ball and Firewhiskey

23rd October 2005:
Again, this is very sweet!! Keep up the good work! I really enjoy this story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! You are really too kind. And I've decided I won't update until I have 6 more reviews.

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Review #17, by Walking_By_Moonlight Ginny, The Mauraders and a spiked butterbeer

23rd October 2005:
Ahhhh, that's so sweet! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: I'm trying although I have been out of ideas lately... this is supposed to be a humorous story isn't it?

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Review #18, by Walking_By_Moonlight A cobra, a fluke and tears

23rd October 2005:
I like it!!!! I am off to read another chappy!! I really enjoy the imagination!!

Author's Response: Yay! You are so nice! Have you written any stories? just wondering...

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Review #19, by Walking_By_Moonlight a lock of hair

23rd October 2005:
Hmmmmmm..., sounds interesting!!! Well, i am off to read the rest!!

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope it's interesting enough for you and keep checking for updates!

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Review #20, by mudbloodgirl123 Cookies! Yum...

22nd October 2005:

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Oh and I need to do it for my other one...

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Review #21, by lillys_best_pal Cookies! Yum...

22nd October 2005:
Bwahahaha! Like the evil laugh? But I just updated so the rest isn't going to be too cliffy-ish.

Author's Response: I'm sooo bored... I wish peoples would review.

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Review #22, by mudbloodgirl123 Cookies! Yum...

22nd October 2005:
what bloody he double hocky sticks!!!!! you go from a good joke to a out-of-the-blue action scean?! w/e just hurry and post more!

Author's Response: Well don't make flame me! This leads up to another joke which is why it's in the humor section! You'll see. Anyway, FINALLY! Contact from the HP loving world!

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Review #23, by mudbloodgirl123 Potions isn't so boring anymore

18th October 2005:
only one?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Author's Response: I've got two ideas for chapters in my head so don't get angry, just read once they are validated.

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Review #24, by holly Notes

9th October 2005:
huh the end confused me

Author's Response: That's kind of a side story, just something stupid/ funny that happened... That isn't really part of the plot. Don't worry. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #25, by holly The 6th summer

9th October 2005:
it is wonderfull i love it

Author's Response: YAY! I usually suck at writing... thanks for your review!

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