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Review #1, by theblacksisters Seduction

5th November 2013:
One of the best takes on evil Hermione. Enjoyed it, keep writing. :)

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Review #2, by CocoaMocoa Seduction

7th April 2012:
Oh my God. that was brutal, disturbing, nasty. But that was one of the most amazing, detailed, well written stories ive ever had the pleasure of reading! Bravo bravo well done!!

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Review #3, by aishwarya Seduction

29th May 2010:
wat was dat? u know wat.d best thing abt about ur writing is dat all of it is possible... specially in dis one...rain rain n why do d way..i've yet to read d auror seies so i cannoy comment on dat in these three.widout changing d story to much.u'r able to make me fantasize abt fantasy lolzzz

Author's Response: Well I'm glad you enjoy the reading on here :)

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Review #4, by Jessie C. Seduction

20th December 2009:
Omigosh! This is kind of a weird story, but it twists your mind! At first it was kind of confusing, but it cleared up! You should think about making a squel! Great story!

Author's Response: Lol a sequel would be interesting... perhaps how Hermione goes with the Dark Lord to continue taking over the world, revealing her true self to everyone else? Interesting... We shall see.

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Review #5, by amandaallenn Seduction

7th October 2009:
I absolutely loved it. You did a good job making her sound evil thats for sure. =]

Author's Response: well thank you :) shes the hardest because shes the constant in JKR's stories, the one thats always on harry's side

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Review #6, by Onna_Elwood Seduction

9th August 2009:
O I've read this before, but everytime i read it i love it more. so deliciously evil!

P.S.New chapter up on Next Generation

Author's Response: Lol thanks!! And hey I'll run over and take a look.

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Review #7, by Karkaroff Seduction

19th March 2009:
Scary but well written idea and I liked how you wrote a Hermione that had been spying on Ron, Harry. Thanks for writing.

Author's Response: No problemo. I really wanted to think outside the box, and throughout all JKR's stories, Hermione is the constant, the one that is always good and sticks up for Harry...

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Review #8, by babygurl1012 Seduction

13th February 2008:
AH! HOW DARE SHE! i better niow. i love it. i would have never thought of her like that

Author's Response: i dont think anyone has. Hermione really is the constant.

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Review #9, by Islander Seduction

24th January 2008:
Hmmm... it was okay. Not as good as your other one-shot ("P(i)unk")that I read. This story was pretty stock in places. With Harry being the Horcrux and one of the trio being a bad guy and killing another one of the trio. The plot was too convoluted for a short story; you should have simplified it or else made the story longer. Oh, and "Avada Kedavra" was spelled incorrectly.

Not bad, though. Good try, but I still enjoyed the other one-shot better.

Author's Response: noooooo offense but...

i normally dont list things people did wrong when i review. a simple "could have been better" will suffice.

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Review #10, by Cfm887 Seduction

9th November 2007:
Wow. What an interesting twist!! I really liked that Hermione was evil and in on everything from the beginning. Great story

Author's Response: Ja ive never seen a story where she's the evil one.

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Review #11, by electricalcutie Seduction

4th September 2007:
twisted! it was awesome! it is nice to see something different aside the usual fluffy stuff!
12 out of 10 for sure

Author's Response: That's what I like to think. I was so excited to post it just because it is so different...
Awww! thank you!

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Review #12, by falling_from_grace Seduction

18th July 2007:
O. M. G. that was the best story ive read so far on this site!!! i absolutly love the different hermione so much! absolutly 1000/10!!

Author's Response: AW thank you!! A lot of people like this one just for that reason.

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Review #13, by Clowee_tee Seduction

17th July 2007:
Really really enjoyed it, stupidly i never thought Harry could be the last horcrux, but thats something to bare in mind :)

Author's Response: Yuppers. Glad you liked!

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Review #14, by inabena57 Seduction

9th July 2007:
Wow... ummm... wow. this story is great. i love how hermione's evil. It's such a great and unexpected twist, that's why i love it so much. this was very very well written and i loved the flow of it.
i especially loved the last two lines:

She smirked. “Funny. Ronald said those same words.”

“Aveda Kedavera!”/

definitely my favorite. it was kind of sad and a little bit sick (meaning my stomach was a little unsettled when she cut him) but still an awesome story that deserves applause. *claps hands like mad* :)
loved the twist! great idea for a story.
angelina [IB57]

Author's Response: Thank you. I really adore this story as well for the same reason- you never really see stories where Hermione goes evil. You see stories where pretty much everyone else does, you know, sometimes I even see stories where Harry turns to the Dark Side, but I'd never seen one for Hermione... It's really an intriguing idea.
The last two lines, I also love, because I think that it makes it more ironic, and more realistic to tie the two ideas together....
Thank you!

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Review #15, by firefawn Seduction

11th June 2007:
*claps enthusiastically while whistling loudly* Fabulous job! This story was fantastic! Of course, that may be due to my penchance for positively adoring when good guys go bad. Great work on this, and the whole betrayal thing was definitely something that Voldemort might have done. However, I do have one lingering question. If Harry was the last Horcrux, then Voldemort should have wanted him to still live, so why was he killed at the end? I'm still a bit fuzzy on that, but then again, my brain is absolutely fried due to having spent the past 8 hours studying for my midterm tonight. *sighs* Ah well, at least that shall be over soon. Anyways, your one shots have all be amazing and fabulous, which is not surprising given how excellent of a writer that you are. Anyways, great work. I also loved the last two lines:

She smirked. “Funny. Ronald said those same words.”

“Aveda Kedavera!”

Those lines tied the beginning to the end of the story marvelously. (*raises glass* Heres to creating new words in reviews!) You don't often see a lot of symmetry in stories, but you created that with this one-shot, so good work. 10/10

Author's Response: I'm actually going to go back and re-read this story, just because I ALWAYS loved it, before I read your review...

Alright! My god that was a thrill ride.... Yes of course who DOESN'T love watching the good ones go bad- it's so alien, so unexpected... As for the horcrux thing, Hermione cut the horcrux from Harry. He, himself, wasn't the horcrux, his scar was. Far be it from Voldemort to destroy his own horcrux (the scar), but it would be just like him to keep a bit of flesh in his dwelling, don't you think? Anyways, yes, my god I love those lines myself... Thank you for noticing them!!! Thank you in general!!! *raises glass as well*

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Review #16, by lolly_luna98 Seduction

23rd May 2007:
woah god this is i feel like this story is amazing and i hate it cuz harry died but whatever i still love it

Author's Response: Yeah.... it's a spin on the normal stories you see, you know??

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Review #17, by DeeDeeVee Seduction

18th February 2007:
Woah! That was definitely a chilling, different and scarey Hermione! I kinda liked it tho. Good job.

Author's Response: I hoped that it would end up like so. I always wanted her to be creepy in one of my stories, to be the evil one that no one suspected.

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Review #18, by JamesandLilly4ever Seduction

30th January 2007:

Author's Response: Thanks.

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Review #19, by Danz_Girl_4eva Seduction

26th January 2007:
OMG!!! luved it! U never c Hermione being evil in fanfics..there should b so many more! um...if you aren't 2 busy writing or something could u please make me a banner? you can check out my story to read first if u like ... it's called "my own worst enemy" and of course u already have my penname... plz and thank u... once again... LOVED UR STORIE

Author's Response: Thanks! And, actually, that is exactly what inspired me to make it, you know? Hermione is always the good one, never the double-crosser. But yes, please, just go ahead and email me and I'll actually see about that as soon as I can....

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Review #20, by Snitchsista Seduction

21st January 2007:
Well I think this is amazing and I reviewed saying so. You truly are a FAB writer. x :) x

Author's Response: Le awwwww, thank you!!! ^.^

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Review #21, by ... Seduction

12th January 2007:
your sick... just sick.

Author's Response: ....It's a story?

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Review #22, by ... Seduction

12th January 2007:
your sick... just sick.

Author's Response: DUDE! WTF!!! It'S JUST A STORY!

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Review #23, by Snitchsista Seduction

3rd January 2007:
Hee hee. I liked your response there. 'It was just like BANG BANG BANG or something!' xx Happy new year by the way! Hope you had a good one.

Author's Response: It was!!!! LOL... What don't make fun of my English. I'm a comedist for CHRIST'S sake!!!! :P Thankers, hope yours was good as well, and remember- REBELLLLLLLLLLS ARE WEEE!!!

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Review #24, by Unicorn Girl Seduction

27th December 2006:
erm.interesting idea, but it was too fast. I liked it, though

Author's Response: Yeah.... well I think I had it fast so that you didn't really have time to breath, it was just like BANG BANG BANG!!! or something...

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Review #25, by Dracana Seduction

21st December 2006:
Wow, this was great. A few minor spelling mistakes, but really great indeed. Wel done!!

Author's Response: Btw you misspelled "well" :P

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